Contact: Visit to Zeta Reticuli

I must be well. I say that because my heart chakra is active again as is my third-eye and crown. The last two were somewhat active when I was sick, but I think it was healing energy mainly. This energy is pleasant. It comes with a very positive energy – an energy of anticipation and excitement. I welcome energy like that!

A new guide introduce himself to me. He did not give a name and his energy was not overpowering but more normal. I knew he would introduce himself because I felt him and the others with him. There are 9.

Since I could not see him, I am not sure what he looks like. However, I know he is of another world – E.T. or extradimensional, something like that.

While in the in-between I found myself inside a large, round room. The walls were smooth and cream colored and there were browns and other monochromatic accent colors. I saw no windows and the floors were of the same material as the walls. Toward the right of the room was a large structure that resembled a giant lampshade or maybe a mushroom cap. What I saw looked like a cone-shaped base that went halfway to the ceiling and was topped with a wide, brown, circular band. My first thought was that I was looking at an elaborate fireplace, but then I knew it wasn’t. I knew it was an energy source of some kind. This knowing in conjunction with the architecture and the strange smoothness and curve of surfaces around me signaled to me that I was not on Earth.

I felt a presence behind me and turned. I did not see who was there but I heard, “Welcome to Zeta Reticuli”.

Well, as you can imagine, I quickly came out of my reverie. LOL

He said quite a bit after that, but I cannot remember his exact words now. I wish I could as he spoke so clearly and precisely. It was as if he knew he needed to say things a certain way for me to understand. I also could hear echos of synonyms for words he used. I have experienced this before. Because one speaks for all of the group, I sometimes am able to hear the other group members at the same time as the one who is speaking.

He and the others are very interested in my transformation. Specifically, I was told that They had been on Earth for many thousands of years. They are here now, on Earth, and will be one of the 5 species who will make direct human contact at some point. Their main purpose is scientific – specifically genetics and hybridization of humans. He mentioned something about my chromosomes – getting rid of a faulty one so that the DNA sequence could be reformatted. Those were not his exact words but it was close. He used scientific terminology that I can’t recall now but I at least understood.

He confirmed that he is of the same species as the three Beings that visited me previously. They were not present. I have moved on to another panel or group or whatever you call it. He told me alterations to my path were being considered. I didn’t ask what that meant but I felt wonderful about it.

Although he took me to Zeta Reticuli, he was not of that species. Not exactly anyway. He explained that he could not reveal his particular species at this time. That that information must be withheld for the time being. He said that Zeta is a colony that serves as an intergalactic hub. I understood that they had physical bodies there and he questioned me about my own “body” when I asked if I was one of his kind. When I think of what I am, all I ever see is light. There is no body. So that is, I guess, what I am. lol I did, however, have a feeling that I have been in many different kinds of bodies. He was curious which physical body I liked most. I thought about it, but really I don’t recall thinking for very long. I told him I preferred the human body, all except the sexual organs and reproduction. LOL This reply was so automatic that I laugh at it now. I really do wish that sex was not part of being human. It would make things so much simpler!

He told me that I would no longer be utilizing OOB travel but would be transported in another, similar way. He said it would feel different but that it was safe and effective for our purposes. I thought of dematerialization, which I have experienced, but this was not confirmed.

He ended our communication by saying, “You’re alive”. lol I guess I am.




7 thoughts on “Contact: Visit to Zeta Reticuli

  1. Patrick. says:

    sounds like you were on a ship.

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  2. litebeing says:

    What an exciting ride you are on Dayna! 🙂

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