Prepare for Take-Off

It is funny how sometimes it takes a question to illicit an answer. That is how it works with my guidance anyway. I believe this is true in all cases of spiritual guidance. Am I wrong? Tell me if you have had experiences that say otherwise.

Anyway, a friend of mine on FB has been reeling from the intense energies.She asked me, “Why is this happening?” This is what I wrote in response:

Acceleration on all levels. We are being propelled in whatever direction we have set sail for. So if you are one who is moving into the next level (5D or whatever you want to call it) then it will propel you that direction. If you are wanting to stay in 3D then you will get more of that. The energies are especially heavy and meant to clear out old crap we won’t let go of.

She is one of many who are being floored by the energies coming in now. There is wide-spread concern, even in the 3D world. For example, my husband called me yesterday on the way home from work. His mom got in a car accident. A woman rear-ended her and she bumped her head. My husband sounded strange on the phone. He was unsettled by it and apparently other things. He flat out asked me, “Is there something going on with that astrological stuff you always talk about? Because it has been a weird day. Lots of things have gone wrong and people are not acting right.” Ahhh! He IS listening to me! I told him about the recent geomagnetic storms and the upcoming solar eclipse and alignment with Jupiter. I gave him the short version. When he came home he was on the phone with a coworker. It was on speaker and the coworker was giving him more specifics from the NASA website. LOL My husband is too funny!

The energies are not negatively affecting everyone, by the way. Some are shifting into higher vibrational states, experiencing heart chakra bliss, and connecting to Source. Their crown chakras are blazing wide open and they are more receptive the messages (channeling). They are shifting into an altogether different world. I call this La-La Land but then the reality is that they have shifted into 4D or 5D. Honestly, I think most are in 4D – the heart-centered, intuition-led space that brings with it a feeling of connectivity to ALL on all levels. 4D should be named Blissville really, not La-La Land. I only call it La-La Land because of the mental space-out that accompanies it.

These energies are the ignition of the ascension engine. Up until now, everything has been preparation for departure. Some were preparing to shift into 4D while others were still deciding which direction they wanted to head in. Many, many have chosen to remain in 3D. Their engines will not be igniting nor will they be going anywhere. They are grounded for the time being. Others will be taking off very soon, heading in the direction they have charted for themselves. This will not look the same for everyone. Some will be heading for further clearing of 3D energies – their heart centers still quite blocked. As you know, to shift into 4D your heart must be clear; open. The heart is where it is all at in 4D and you can’t get to 4D with a blocked heart chakra. It just won’t happen. So some will be heading for some intense clearing at that level. Others will be shifting into further communication in 4D; tweaking their heart-centered walkie-talkies so to speak. Tuning in, learning the different frequencies and finding their own, individual frequencies, which, by the way, connect them with their soul families who have similar if not identical frequencies.

It is all very beautiful to think that one day we will be so connected. BUT ignition does not mean we will necessarily be ready to take off. Some of us will flounder and require more preparation. That is just how it goes. Just remember we will all eventually get to our destinations and when we do, we will not be alone.

I’ll let you know whether my engines are ignited just as soon as I get over this stupid cold. Of course, I have no idea what that is suppose to feel/be like anyway. I suspect it will be like all of my experiences thus far – I won’t know I have arrived until I get there.

The countdown begins……………….

Edit: Guess when this song was released?? 1989. LOL



17 thoughts on “Prepare for Take-Off

  1. truthcodex says:

    It’s funny, I had the thought this morning that ‘the train is leaving the station!’ Same concept as starting the ignition in different words. Love the song btw! A classic. 😀

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  2. Yesterday was extremely weird for me too. I align with your guidance, we are all about to blast off into our own unique directions, whatever is right for each of us. I do feel it’s a shame so many are choosing to remain in 3D, because I think they’re missing out, but it’s all a part of the plan. I agree that sometimes we just have to ask the right questions and then it all comes spilling forth. It’s funny because I have these same experiences just talking with people, and then it becomes a channeled message.

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    • Dayna says:

      Thank you for that. I always loved it when a friend asked a question and out came a channeled answer. This doesn’t happen much now since I am so isolated, though.


  3. litebeing says:

    Many artistic types are more tuned into Source and can create art with a futuristic tone. This is why I used Pretty Things circa 1972 from Bowie on my ascension awakening piece. 1972 was even before the harmonic convergence circa 1987 ( a year I remember rather well).

    I think that I visit 4D a lot but do not stay there. My heart keeps opening. 5D, don’t know. i would have to have clear examples. Many say that most of us are the 1st wave, but honestly that is just words. I live for experience ( Venus in Sag, Sag MC, stellium in 9th house, jupiter trine pluto, and so on). Trying to assess current energies. My feet and legs hurt, Never sure what is ascension and plain old illness?

    feel better!

    peace and hugs,

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  4. An excellent description of how many are feeling and what is happening with our various energies right now… I have if I am honest given up trying to figure out how and who will enter these phases. And just allow myself to go with the flow..After peeling away a few more layers from the past..

    I hope you soon regain your health and balance Dayna xx
    Blessings Sue xxx

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  5. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Yes, it is intense.. me feet and legs also hurt, went to the mall and had a long foot and leg massage! My dreams are fantanstic these days and showing me what ahead… WOW!! Go for it! Thank you for this Dayna!

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  6. kittyasmith says:

    I have really struggled keeping my vibration up. My shoulder is hurting, I have no energy, I have money due, but no one paying, and now listening to this song has me in tears. They just start gushing when the word Home is sung. I feel SO disconnected right now. I have not felt my guides, I feel cut off and so alone.

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    • Dayna says:

      (((((hugs)))) I’m so sorry you are feeling this way and that the song I posted brought you to tears. 😦 For what it’s worth, my guides have been distant, too and I have not been feeling well for two weeks. I think some of us process these intense energies by getting sick and disconnected. Praying for you.


  7. I’m so glad I found this post! I’ve been having terrible anxiety lately, some of which was brought on by a car accident that happened last week and wondering what conclusion it will have as far as insurance. But I noticed that whenever I have ascension symptoms, I typically feel very panicked and have anxiety, no matter how much I try to calm down. My thoughts become like a hamster on a wheel. It occurred to me a few days ago that this is another ascension time. I’m not sure if the anxiety means I’m fighting it or if I’m feeling TOO much of it and my body can’t adjust as quickly as it’s coming. I notice my solar plex chakra becomes off very easily during these times and I need a lot of grounding. Listening to a chakra balancing binary beat has been helpful over the years. Thanks for posting!

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    • Dayna says:

      Hi Brandie! Thanks for following my blog!

      Yes, the ascension symptom of anxiety and panic attack are very common. We are moving into our heart center and so the closer you get to clearing the heart, the more panic you will feel. You are close! The solar plexus tends to go with the territory. Ground, ground, ground. 🙂

      Sorry about your car accident. My mother-in-law got in one, too. Last week hit everyone hard.

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      • It’s nice to know you’re not alone with the symptoms. It almost makes me feel like I’m losing control a little bit of my mind. It’s the craziest thing, and that part scares me more than anything. But I know that all is well, and I feel from my guides this morning, especially after reading your post, that it’s the ascension and helped heal some of the anxiety. Thank you for being a messenger!

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      • Dayna says:

        ❤ So happy to hear that! Thank you!


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