Chapter 3

I had a very odd day yesterday. Perhaps it was being so horribly sick or maybe it was the intense energies, or maybe both, but I was out of it most of the day. I didn’t feel like myself and my body felt weird, like there was this strange energy occupying it.

In the evening my husband arrived home earlier than is normal. He is also sick and so we were a lovely pair being sick together with three not-at-all-sick children with high levels of energy. Thankfully, I had gained back some energy and was feeling more like myself and was able to keep the kids occupied.

I worked with our two oldest on a  science project to give my husband a reprieve (they climb all over him when he comes home). My kids, anxious to get started, began to try and do the project on their own. I knew they needed my help so I told them, “You need a human to help.” I began to laugh at myself for what I just said because in my mind I was saying, “You need an adult (me) to help.” So why on Earth did I say, “human”? Then, I remembered my middle son’s argument that he wasn’t human. He would argue until he was blue in the face – “I’m not human. I’m a kid.” I burst out laughing even harder. Now here I was saying “human” rather than adult. My daughter caught on very quickly an began to laugh, too. She said to her brother, “Mommy is an alien, too.” LOL

Great end to an otherwise miserable day, don’t you think?

Chapter 3

When I awoke this morning, the three Light Beings (Yeshua) were nearby. I said to them, “I’m in Chapter 3 aren’t I?” They confirmed. Then They told me they would be leaving soon. Today. This made me sad. They found this interesting and said, “But We scare you.” I told them, “Only your energy scares me.”

They told me I would be receiving new guidance. Then showed me that they were part of the Council of 9 and I had been in “discussion” with them for some time now. They corrected me on my interpretation of what this Council does. They referred to it as a “round table discussion” giving participates equal say. This was an ah-ha moment for me as I have always consider the Council as being “over” me in some way. This is definitely NOT accurate. Perhaps I should not call them the “Council” at all then? But then what do I call them? Advisory board? lol

I was able to remember that part of this discussion was my agreement to allow these Beings through me in order to observer and experience. I realized that was probably what I accidentally intercepted yesterday morning when I got all kinds of weird messages. I had agreed to allow them access, so perhaps they did just that? Yet another odd experience to add to my long list. lol

So what exactly occurs in Chapter 3? I can’t remember. Sorry. lol I am just happy to have moved on. Remember there are 7 total. I’m not even half-way through yet. 😦





13 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. SKYLAR A says:

    Winged Collective of Nine?..Someone mentioned this during a recorded channeling I was listening to recently…

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  2. SKYLAR A says:

    Yes, me too;-) this is what Ijust found:

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  3. Interesting you say the council of nine, From my experience we all have this, it’s like 8 other energies and our higher self makes the ninth energy. I too used to think they were “above” me but the more I worked with them in my Arcturian Rainbow Healing Modality, I realized we are all equals. Thanks for the validation that others are also becoming aware of their councils. I feel most of the time when people channel, they are tapping into their council, I have heard many channeled material speaking of the 9 beings, always different names, but still 9 energies.

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  4. rios2995 says:

    Hey Dayna, how about the Panel…

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  5. herongrace says:

    OMG that is sooo funny you guys playing and laughing at having “to be human!” I would love to get a glimpse of what you all really look like!
    I have read about the Council of 9 in a few different books and their involvement with our planet.
    I remember 1 book that mentioned them a fair bit was Andrija Puharich’s book about Uri Geller which is extremely interesting and talks about Sirian contact. Not sure of the exact title of book, but I think it is just his name.

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