Recent Dreams

I am writing these dreams down to have an account of what is occurring in my sleep. These are the main ones I remember.

Dream: Missing the Bus

I am at my mom’s house. Things don’t look right. It is as if someone has moved in and changed everything. The land next door, the land I use to own, was purchased by a man who left an old, deteriorating school bus on the fence that divided the properties. I am angry at him. He has ruined the view with an old, abandoned school bus!

Then I am wandering around on my grandparent’s property near their front gate. I feel I am waiting on the school bus. I don’t know how I got there, though. I turn and walked up their driveway. I hear the bus pass by and I turn and watch as it heads down the road.

I missed the bus. This makes me feel very sad.

Dream: Loving Self

I am in a parking lot. A young, disheveled looking woman approaches me. Her hair is dark, short and messy and she is very petite. She appears to be homeless and seeing her makes me nervous. Will she try to attack or rob me?

She comes closer and I suddenly feel huge amounts of sympathy for her. I approach her and tell her it will be okay. I lean in and kiss her gently on the lips and tell her, “I love you”. She is still cautious but I am set on taking care of her. I offer her a small bottle of shampoo and say, “Here. You should wash your hair.” She takes it hesitantly and we go into the convenience store and to the bathroom which has showers.

Then I am in the shower washing my hair. It is as if I become the homeless girl. As I wash my hair I see her being approached by two men. They mean her harm and I am frozen with fear. I look in the shower stall for something I can attack the men with. I can’t find anything and feel helpless to help her. One of the men comes toward her. He is tall and thin but very alien looking, his legs and arms much longer than they should be. He is either naked or wearing a gray jumper. In fact, all of him is gray. He also has no sex organs. This shocks me into wakefulness.

Dream: Choice

I am inside a very brightly lit school building in the administration section. They have asked me to work there as a teacher teaching middle school Science. I know I can do it but I have no desire to do so. I tell them that I would likely start a fire with the students when we did a lab. They reassure me this would not happen. I don’t believe them.

I then remember I can take the job of counselor and speak to the principal about this. He is sitting behind a desk and looks me up and down. I feel judged and can hear others – teachers and staff – whispering behind my back. I think, “I don’t have to deal with this anymore.” I walk out of the office.

In the hall area is a man I am very drawn to. He is different, not like these people who judge me all the time. He is openly accepting. He is also very artistic and can spend hours creating works of art. I feel drawn to him. I just want to be around him. When I am with him I feel calm and at ease. It is as if he compliments me in every way.

He is carving a sculpture out of a head of cabbage. I look up at it. It it about the height of two people. Despite being light green in color, it looks nothing like the cabbage it is supposedly made out of. What is interesting is that it is composed of geometric shapes. So beautiful!

I stand very close to him. I can’t stay away from him. He has such a wonderful feeling and energy that radiates off of him.  I openly admire his artistic ability.

The people at the school make fun of us. I turn and look at them all with contempt. How could they be so cruel! I am prepared to defend him to my own detriment. I yell something at them but he redirects my attention away from them and I am completely calmed by him. I know they don’t matter. All that matters is us.

Eventually I get this feeling that I have to get out of there. I can’t stand to be around all these people and it is as if the man completely disappears. The urge to run is so intense that I begin to frantically search for the exit. I see it and run for it.

When I get outside there are lines of cars barely moving. I have to zigzag through them to reach my truck which is on the other side. When I try to find my truck, I can’t. I keep seeing it in my mind – black and shiny. Why isn’t it where it is suppose to be?


School bus –  an important life journey is needed for personal growth
Missed bus – indicates an aspect of one’s life is out of control
Passing bus – going against the crowd or on the wrong path

Shampoo – self-growth, presenting a new image of self to the world
Hair –  sexual virility, seduction, sensuality, vanity, and health
Shower – spiritual and/or physical renewal and forgiveness

Whispering – represents one’s own insecurities and anxieties
Line of cars/traffic – frustration that life is going too slowly or unsmoothly
Cabbage – reminds us not to waste time on petty things




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