DNA Alteration, Spiritual Acceleration and Plasma Radiation

The warning about the energies that I got from my Team a couple of days ago was not a joke. Woah. There is something moving through right now that I have no words for. It is subtle yet powerful at the same time. I see in my mind’s eye tendrils of light that move and connect to our energy. It reminds me of a plasma lamp but much more fantastically large in scope than a tiny lamp.

Perhaps I am drawn to the plasma lamp because this energy is in fact plasma? Now this intrigues me!

Shifting gears here for a bit to get my bearings….

I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person, one that questions everything, seeking Truth and Knowledge. It is only in the past week that I feel I have made major breakthrough; a quantum jump in spiritual evolution. I am not alone in this and grateful for that.

Part of this breakthrough has me thoroughly linked with a part of myself that was difficult, if sometimes impossible, to connect to. Now, though, it is as if I am constantly linked to this part and the information available to me is mind blowing. Yet, at the same time, I know the time is not yet to reveal this knowledge and so I partition it off, piece by piece, into other aspects of mySelf. It is like I have designated counterparts whose only purpose is to hold that knowledge until the specified time for its dissemination. I will call this the Great Cosmic Mind for lack of a better word for such an indescribable yet integral part of Source Self.

Even now I can feel this part of me and it urges me in a new direction, one that is away from my normal mode of thinking/speaking/doing. And I am not in resistance to this. When I completely allow this part to flow into/though me it pours from my heart space and my third-eye simultaneously and I feel powerful, but not in the negative sense of the word. Through allowance of complete Self there is a focusing of three points of light into a central zone. I am seeing as I type geometry and mathematics beyond my current ability to comprehend. I see two triangles, each holding the patterns of the universal galactic self. From each of these triangles a focused energy is generated and directed in the direction of the other. When in balance, meaning the triangles are equilateral, then these points converge and become One/Whole and a functional partnership results.

When I see this, there comes from within a thirst for knowledge, as if I am being guided to add to my current limited human experience in order to provide a foundation from which I can better function for the purpose of disseminating understanding.

And as I read what I just typed, what just flowed through me, I am in complete awe. That came out of me?? lol

I wish to explore more of this but I am being pulled back to the original topic of this post….

The pulsing of energies infiltrating the planet right now are effecting all of us, transforming each of us. Yet the energies perceived are inherently different than previous energies. The term plasma is best used here because of the origin of this energy but also because of its subatomic nature. As I type this I am being led to research this and it takes me to the realm of quantum physics. I have always avoided this topic because it was mind-boggling yet as I read about it I am more convinced that herein the answer lies. Fascinating.

In the midst of writing this I was interrupted by hungry children and had to make breakfast. Whilst doing so this topic of discussion continued to percolate and DNA/RNA became very much interwoven into it. The plasma pulses, which have always been there, are now interacting with our body – our cells, our blood, our DNA – everything. I see that the magnetic field of Earth, in it’s shifting and destabilization, somehow created the ideal conditions for this plasma  driven DNA alteration. Thus, some of us are perceiving the subtle changes and new receptivity to plasma radiation (yes this is actually something that exists!).

So YES what we are sensing is real, very real, and it’s effect and purpose very real. We are experiencing an alteration in our very DNA, in our core biological structure. At the same time we are spiritually accelerating and the two are intricately interconnected. One cannot occur without the other.

Complex, I know. I am far from understanding it. I hope my explanation helps you somewhat understand what is happening right now.

Sources: Plasma Radiation, Wikipedia , Plasma





13 thoughts on “DNA Alteration, Spiritual Acceleration and Plasma Radiation

  1. Laura Moore says:

    This is A LOT like what Richard Rudd discusses in his book, The Gene Keys! It is fascinating…

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  2. truthcodex says:

    I was also told February would be a big month, specifically with regards to the magnetic field and its shifting. I love this confirmation!

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  3. […] I believe this post from another blog answers some of these […]

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  4. rios2995 says:

    Wow, my crown chakra was buzzing as I was reading your post…sooo cool.

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  5. SKYLAR A says:

    The two triangles you describe remind me of the star tetrahedron, see page 51/52 in the following link to a book about the Flower of Life: http://www.themeasuringsystemofthegods.com/The%20Secret%20The%20Flower%20of%20Life%20(vol.1).pdf

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    • Dayna says:

      That is exactly what they are. I was shown what is in the picture of the book you linked. The two triangles’ points face one another – one from ‘above’ and the other from ‘below’ and then merge. Like the merkaba.

      When I was shown this I though of ascension and descension. One part moves up to the heart and the other moves down, meeting at the level of the 4th chakra.

      Thank you so much for providing a reference for this concept. I wish the book was not sideways, though! lol 🙂

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  6. SKYLAR A says:

    You may open the file (pdf) in another application (Preview for iMac) and then you can rotate the pages.
    This is part 2:
    (no need to twist your neck for this one;-)

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