I have been drawn to this website for some reason. I don’t normally watch videos that are as long as the one above, but I did. I feel thirsty for this type of knowledge. Sharing in case you are also interested.

HiPsiFi: The brain is affected by geomagnetic fields. Fluctuating geomagnetic effects can lead to increased liminality and anomalous experiences by perturbing the human mindbody. Liminality is a dissociative weakening of the threshold between our rational and irrational minds and is relevant to paranormal experience, both “life-potentiating” and “life depotentiating.”

Field effects include “creative” and “toxic” hallucinations and temporal lobe microseizures [Krippner and Persinger]. Liminality is mediated by the temporal lobes and modulated by fields. These experiences may changes one’s beliefs or worldview. Weird, strange, ambiguous or supernatural events are assigned a high reality value. This is not to say all strange events are reduced to field effects. Some things remain mysteries.

Transliminality is a consciousness variable. Regardless of their initiating source, transliminal excursions are like brief trips to the Land of Oz. Transliminality is related to ungated temporal lobe functioning which conditions mystical, religious and “high weirdness” events. Those with higher transliminality, an index of neurological interconnectedness, will experience more perceptual anomalies. (Thalbourne, 2002)

Tiny magnetic field fluctuations can have dramatic effects. Some fluctuations are sudden and unexpected. If the GMF should destabilize, scientists tell us magnetic fields of flux both entering and flowing from the Earth would become much more randomized. That is not to say it will happen in our lifetimes, but that it can happen and surely will at some point in the future.

As Earth’s local and global fields continue to weaken, can we expect more reports of strange psychophysical phenomena emerging at an increasing rate? Known effects of geomagnetic pulsation include synesthesia, anomalous cognition and [lucid] dreams, psi events, and paranormal phenomena as well as heart attack, depression and suicidal tendencies.

From Is Earth Driving us Crazy? Flipping Out Over Geomagnetism, by Iona Miller.

Link to full article (go to very bottom of the page).

Gamma Ray Burst  detected approximately 1 hour ago.



4 thoughts on “Geomagnetics

  1. herongrace says:

    Thanks I will check this out when i get a bit of time. It took me quite a long time to realise that I am sensitive to geomantics. If it’s not a word it should be Ha! I think the increase over the last few years in these events brought it more to the fore.
    I’ve got a feeling I am also picking up the upcoming March 8th. solar eclipse 18* Pisces in the Pacific over the top of New Guinea and the bottom of Indonesia.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this — makes sense and I’ve downloaded the video to watch later, and will revisit what you’ve shared here as well. It’s amazing, to me anyway, how much geomagnetics affect us even in our daily lives … with all of the EMFs and ‘tron pollution’ and so on. xo Jamie

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  3. rios2995 says:

    Great video😁 a must see…

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