Riding the Dragon

The Kundalini acceleration continues. I am definitely “riding the Dragon”.

I was awakened at 3am from a dream in which I was joining a new group. Prior to this I had visited a team I was overlooking and ran into a gentleman who was overly enamored of me. I was warned that my Light is amplified at this time and to expect more such encounters both in dreams/the astral and in the physical.

I was called to a meeting. I was late so it was embarrassing to be called in at the last minute. There was a special guest in front of the group. I felt out of place. Everyone was so much older than me it seemed. I was worried he would ask me to introduce myself. Thankfully he didn’t. Instead he began to read us all a story. All I recall of it now was that it was titled, “La Luna” and was about an ancient healing modality yet to be utilized on Earth. The healing was performed in conjunction with the phases of the moon.

I was awakened at this time and there was with me a young man who was very excited to meet me. He was not a guide but a member of the new group I had joined. His accent was odd and I could not place it. His energy was sky high and he was completely joyous. His name was Gerard and he told me he was from New Caledonia. I recognized the name but could not place it. He told me it was near Indonesia and French, which is why his accent was so strange. I looked it up this morning and sure enough this information is valid. So if you are Gerard – nice to meet you and I look forward to working with you.

Gerard had much to say. Thankfully, I now keep a notebook and pen beside my bed for times such as these. Here is what he told me:

Your Divine Fire has been lit. It will burn for the next 12-16 months. You are riding the Dragon. You are not doing this alone. Your counterpart is as well. There has been a Divine Union. You have a group of four; an inner circle. Like 2 split atoms; 2 became 4. 4 is a number you are familiar with. It repeats in your life. Your flame will burn uncontrollably until it reaches the 12th house (12th chakra? this is image I saw – chakras way up high over my head). This is complete embodiment. Whole. This process follows the cycles of the moon. La Luna. The magik of La Luna. Your fire will attract others. Be aware of your own energy. You are Brilliant and will be from now on. You are Awake. 

As he was talking to me there was a strange sensation in my root chakra. It felt like a hollow, glass tube was there. I could feel its expansiveness but the energy was normal.

I was able to return to sleep. I guess I am just too exhausted now after several days of interrupted sleep.

Root Chakra Explosion 

I found myself in a dream in which I was riding in a large SUV with family. We had been driving all night and stopped. That was when I saw the airbag had deployed but on the outside of the vehicle. It covered the entire hood.

As members of my group got out to deflate it, I saw a very tall individual wearing a blue jumpsuit. I identified the person as “she” and ran up to her calling her “sister”. She was strange looking – her face so dark I could not make out features. I remember her inviting me to join with her. I told her, “Not in this life, sister. Maybe in the next one.” I was so enthused at seeing her, though, that I gave her a hug. She was so tall that I had to jump into her arms to hug her. She had to be at least 8-9ft tall. She embraced me and kissed me. I held on to her and then realized she had initiated a kind of activation in my root chakra. Energy began to explode down toward my feet. It was a spectacular feeling and so intense that it woke me up. It continued for about 10 minutes afterward. The energy was so intense that it expanded down past my knees in a bubble. I could see it even – it was cherry red but not a solid color. It was more opalescent.

I have had root chakra activity in the past but nothing like this. It was pure ecstasy but also very sexual. I had no control over my body. It is embarrassing but at the same time I don’t really care. It was a spectacular experience.

After the energy abated my entire lower body up to my naval felt similar to how it felt after I had my babies. It is similar to intense menstrual cramping or back labor. I had a flash then of what had really happened. There had been some kind of spiritual surgery done and an intentional activation of the root chakra. It was explained that it was in preparation for the next step in the process coming on Tuesday.

I suspect that the tall, androgynous looking person wearing a blue jumper was likely an ET and one I am familiar with and not afraid of. This is likely why I could not see “her” face as well.


I was able to once again fall asleep (thank you!) but my sleep kept getting interrupted. I don’t know why They have to keep waking me up! I just wanted to sleep!

Anyway, I awoke this time around from a sign that was placed in front of my vision. I saw the message upon it written in cursive. It said, “Implants Placed.” Then below that was my real, legal name.

Of course this woke me with a start. This has not been the first time I have had a message about implants. I am not sure what they mean, but since my “other” name was used, I suspect these implants are being removed. Good.


6 thoughts on “Riding the Dragon

  1. Mayra, NYC says:

    They wake you up many times at night so that you integrate what has been shared into your waking memory…you don’t recall it all until you require the information…many times I wake up in the middle of the night just to go back to the same dream, it’s like a loop, over and over again…all I say is thank you, I don’t understand it but am grateful.

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  2. Dayna says:

    Thank you for explaining it. I am grateful for it as well. I am told over and over “You don’t need as much sleep as you use to.” Maybe so, but I LIKE my sleep.


  3. teleile says:

    Yes, I think you are woken up in order to ‘fix’ it in your memory.
    Five years ago, I couldn’t get to sleep one night. (No energy, no stress, no buzzing mind; I lay there, calm and relaxed, just awake!) I had to go to work next day, and thought, ‘Oh no, I’ll feel awful’, but surprisingly, I didn’t.
    The second night, I again couldn’t sleep, though I begged, and tried everything. The third night, again I couldn’t sleep. By now I was getting alarmed, “This isn’t normal”. I finally thought to ask my team (who at that time were the Arcturians) *why* I was laying awake. The answer came very fast. “We are showing you that you don’t need to sleep!”
    Oh. I hadn’t thought of that! 🙂 And in fact I felt fine, even after 70 hours of no sleep.

    Since then, I never get tired, and don’t need to sleep. I still do, most nights, because it’s very boring being awake for days, and I love my other-world travels. But I don’t get tired. (Sometimes I’ve tried to yawn, but I just open my mouth like a fish, the reflex has gone, I last yawned sleepily 5 and a half years ago!) Yes, people do think I’m weird.
    If you think about it, when was the last time a higher-dimensional being said to you, ‘Well, I better go, it’s my bedtime.’? 😀 They don’t get weary or need sleep. The more you can live in higher dimensions while alive on 3D, the less tired you’ll feel (you never get ill either).

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  4. Dayna says:

    I don’t get physically tired, just mentally.


    • teleile says:

      That will go as well; you won’t feel ANY kind of tiredness, mental or physical. One day, you won’t even remember what it was like to feel as exhausted as you have. 🙂
      The stuff you are going through now, I went through 5 to 6 years ago. There are slight variations on the ascension path, as people aren’t all identical, but fundamentally the stages are the same.

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