Relentless Kundalini

Yesterday was quite a doozy, wasn’t it? I am still recovering.

I spent most of the day handling some intense physical and emotional responses to the Kundalini energy that was triggered by the Unity experience I wrote about. At least I am assuming it was Kundalini energy.

My heart chakra was extremely open all day and I was exploding with energy. It was like I was a fireworks display. I only wish I could have seen what I looked like. I am sure it was spectacular. The energy was moving through me with such ferocity that at times my poor body was struggling. I could feel my lower chakras clearing. This clearing resulted in some crazy physical symptoms. I thought at one point I was getting the stomach flu again. I also felt surges of ecstasy that would disable me completely. I mean I could not think, I could not move, I could not function at all except to just allow it. I have never experienced such intense desire. It knocked me down more than once during the day. Thankfully I was not around a man – any man. LOL

Then there was the total loss of appetite. I had to force-feed myself food because knew if I didn’t eat I would just be more out of it. Thirst was also a problem. Constantly thirsty. I was also extremely dizzy. When I stood up I would almost black out. This was likely caused by low blood sugar from not eating enough, but since it happened even after I ate, I suspect the Kundalini was also the culprit.

There was also an emotion akin to excitement and nervousness that never really went away. This was the primary feeling coming through my heart space (except when the desire kicked in). This nervous anticipation feeling is likely why I couldn’t eat. It reminded me of how I use to feel when I started a new relationship with someone I was really, really into. It was that “first date” feeling. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I pace about and my mind is continually thinking about this person.

Since I had not slept much, I was exhausted all day, too. I began to really feel tired around 6pm but since I care for all three of my kids in the evenings (husband is gone all day and into the night) I could not stop to rest. And they were just as wired up as me. I suspect I did that to them because they were very reactive to my mood. My middle son was the worst. He was like a walking contradiction on top of being in constant mania mode. My youngest was so wired that when I tried to get him to sleep he kept jumping and babbling for an hour past his bedtime.

So, yeah, I was really tired by the time I went to bed.

Then I couldn’t sleep! 😦

There was just too much energy coursing through me. I swear I short circuited my phone more than once and my computer was like an amplifier to my energy at times. So by the time I tried to sleep my entire body was buzzing like I was about to go OOB and my mind was racing. I couldn’t shut it down and it just added to my exhaustion.

I somehow fell asleep around 1am. Unfortunately, I woke up at 5am to my body doing things it isn’t suppose to do without my permission (not going to get anymore personal than that, sorry!). LOL

I had dreams but the memory behind the dreams is what is significant. I recall laying on a table and being “worked” on. There were tall, yellow, cylinders placed on my mid-section. I think there were four or five. I knew that the energy was being rerouted by these cylinders. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they must have rerouted the energy to my root chakra, thus waking me up.

I was told upon waking that this was not the end of the crazy, intense energy. This is how I will become “clear” as They have told me. I guess if you get enough energy coursing through you it will just blast away the blockages. I am really grateful for the preparation work that was done now.



7 thoughts on “Relentless Kundalini

  1. litebeing says:

    All so fascinating. You are so knowlegeable about your chakras. As an Aquarius rising, I tend to live in my head. That is shifting more and more back to the heart. where I was as a child. But living in the body, not much motivation there,lol! I did not have a high energy day. It was calm and I woke up well rested after several sleepless nights in the hospital. Matt Kahn says we all live on the same planet but in individual universes. I think there is something to this idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Calm is good.:)

      Sorry about the sleepless nights in the hospital. I had that experience after my c-section. They had me on morphine and it made me stop breathing in my sleep so I kept waking up in total terror. I hate morphine.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura Moore says:

    Following your journey is awe and wonder igniting. I can only hope to one day know what any of this is like. ahhhhhhhh ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karin says:

    Fascinating, again. I did not have intense Kundalini experiences so far and I always wonder what that is about. I don’t even feel the chakras so intensively.
    In fact, I didn’t know much about chakras until I got breathing trouble in my throat due to my resistance to share my journey. That was the first time I realized that chakras do exist and that they react to my decisions.
    So, reading your stories gives me a good description of what this Kundalini would feel like. And it makes me wonder whether I should be sad or disappointed that I did not have this. It sounds like it can be stressful at times.

    Liked by 1 person

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