Happy Birthday to Me

First off – I am OK. Better than OK. Flying high. Soaring. ALIVE. Whew!

I wasn’t this morning when I wrote my last post. I was overwhelmed. Completely. In a good way, though. I promise. Nothing bad about what happened. It was/is extraordinary. Oh and in no way is it over. Ha! It is just beginning.

The first thing I did after writing my last post was get into a bathtub to which I added Epsom salt and Lavender oil. This was at 8:30am! I don’t think I’ve ever taken a bath so early! I cranked up my ITunes – Laureena Mckennitt. For some reason her voice calms me instantly. So very angelic. And this time I felt almost like I turned into my bath water. Wonderfully calming and an instant shut-down of my mind.

As with all my baths, my children eventually found me and jumped in. Thankfully by that time I was substantially calmer.

I could not go near my computer. Again. It made my energy all bouncy. I feel like I am transmitting huge amounts of energy. Like it is pouring out of me in buckets. The computer or internet or something hits that energy all wonky and I feel even more wired.

So I went to the store. Yep. Crazy high energy and all.

On the way there a CD was playing, one I’d never heard before. When I got the CD changer replaced they gave me 5 CDs the previous owner had left inside. One was Lenny Kravitz and that was what was playing when I turned on the car.

The first song I heard was “I’m a Believer”. I didn’t pay much attention to it but my mood was way high by this time. I felt completely out of my body, in a good way. My son requested I play the song again. And again. He was a grump about it to. Both my boys are driving me nutty with their mania today. I’m right there with them laughing it off, though.

So here is “I’m a Believer” if you haven’t heard the song:

After hearing this song two times in a row, I caught the lyrics and burst out laughing.

I got to let it, got to let it, got to let it go
I got to live by faith, relax, sit back, enjoy the show
The only element that’s standing in the way is me
So now’s the time to lay it at your feet
And let it be, let it be, let it be

While listening to the song a third time I was remembering what I was told this morning after I cried and was in overwhelm mode. I kept hearing, “You’re ALIVE. Your ALIVE.” I didn’t think much of it at the time.Yeah, I’m alive. Duh. Right? lol

I remember hearing, “It is done”, too. What is done? No clue.

So I wondered if maybe these messages had something to do with the soul exchange. Was it possible that the messages were to indicate that a new me had walked in this morning? Nah. No way.

Then the next song on the CD starts to play. I got quite a laugh out of it.

This morning is a special morning
We gonna party all day long
We’re gonna celebrate the day that you were born
And we will start right with this song

Happy, happy, happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
Happy, happy, happy birthday
Happy birthday to you

There is nothing I can even add to that. The song says it all. Happy Birthday to me.



21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. kittyasmith says:

    I am sending you virtual high fives! Happy Birthday! hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. litebeing says:

    I dig how we both get messages via music. How cool that you got these bonus CDs? If youy ascendant is late Aquarius ( could not tell by the chart you posted) than you are having your Ascendant return. Mine often feels like a birthday to me. I have blogged about it. My ascendant is late 16 degrees Aquarius, almost 17 degrees. The experience you described sounded so blissful. Happy for you.

    Happy Birthday to you ❤

    PS I like the Stevie Wonder version best.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. truthcodex says:

    Aww, happy birthday! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Karin says:

    Happy birthday!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. mollyb111 says:

    At times I get these super highs in public (Walmart-seriously?-lol) and finally realized I was protected and everyone else needed the vibes, too. The past few weeks I can feel energy push me away from the computer, too. Love the bonus CD’s! Happy Birthday! Awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Debra says:

    So awesome… Life is an exhilarating ride…thanks for sharing and happy birthday…I know I have 2 agreements the rest is co- creating MY experience now…moving in new circles…creating new relationships…new adventures…It is beyond description… Congrats and enjoy single soul expressions

    Liked by 1 person

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