Some Suggestions

Whew! The energies are blasting away, aren’t they? Thankfully, I slept right through them….kinda. Look at all that RED!

noaa_kp_3d (1)

I could not go to sleep last night. I kept feeling this pit of anxiety in my solar plexus and then the three Beings who call themselves Yeshua came to visit and my crown started lighting up as did my third-eye. They scared the crap out of me for some reason and, though they told me “Don’t be afraid”, I couldn’t help it. They backed off and then all chakra sensation and accompanying feeling vanished. I felt “normal”.

I didn’t sleep well. I had dreams of being in a prison with another person and there being this vent from which I heard someone constantly calling my name. I kept putting my hands over my ears to not hear them. On the outside people were being “infected” with a “virus” that caused them to go insane. They would take over other people’s bodies by killing them and entering when the body was dying. Not nice! I was happy to be in my prison cell and away from the chaos.

Then I was in a green field with a man who was wearing all white and was exceptionally tall and Andromedan-looking. There was a cat with us, a white one. We (me and the cat) spotted a ground squirrel at the same exact moment. I told the cat to leave it alone but it began to stalk it. I remember watching the squirrel jump about but I kept calling it a gopher. I spoke to the tall man about the cat but can’t remember now what I said.

When I awoke I knew I needed to do some things. I want to share them with you all as they are things we probably all should do.

  • Avoid all media outlets. In fact, I am going to take a break from FB. The virus dream really hit home. There is a major rush of negative energy (Team Dark or whatever) and they are “taking over” people who are susceptible. They do this via the media – any media. Thankfully I don’t watch real TV (we stream) and I don’t visit Yahoo news anymore (learned the hard way). FB is really the only place I see local news.
  • Clean up! Clean up your eating, clean up your relationships, clean up your life. Pronto! Ouch! This one hit me hard. Looks like another fast is in my future. Sigh. I won’t go into the relationship or life part just yet.
  • Take a good long look at your past. Again. Patterns are coming up that you need to see. Don’t avoid them. Very closely. Scrutinize them.
  • As some say in Texas – “Get ‘er done”. Time to tie up loose ends and get working on future projects that you never seemed to have time to start. Make your move. Take action. Do you feel the push? Yeah, that message is for YOU.
  • Listen to and pay attention to the feelings that come up for inspection. Allow yourself to feel them – the good and the bad. The key is to not react/respond to them, but allow them to come to the surface and then release them to emotion-land or wherever they go. They will likely come back. If they do, just do that releasing thing again as many times as you need to.
  • Pull the Light in through your crown as often as you can. However you do that – do it. I imagine a stream of golden-white energy pouring into my crown and going down into my toes and then back into my crown. A complete circuit of golden Light. BTW doing this will bring up those emotions. Yeah, fun, right? lol

I will let you know how I do with all these “suggestions”. Many have been a work in progress so I doubt there will be any revelations coming real soon.



19 thoughts on “Some Suggestions

  1. truthcodex says:

    Great suggestions! I stopped social media quite a while ago and it’s actually been very relieving. It brings the focus back to basics, which keeps things simple and light. The hardest thing for me on that list is avoiding news because I appreciate being knowledgeable on current events. But I can see how the releasing of old energy can look chaotic on the world stage. Best to use discernment and not to get too carried away in the drama. Thanks Dayna!

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  2. Karin says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    “•Avoid all media outlets.” I am not on facebook yet. My guide suggested (or pushed me) last year to create a FB page. I had set one up but never used it, and then FB unpublished it again because I hadn’t updated it for more than two months or so , LOL. If my guide ever pushes me to open that FB page again, I will try to quote your post. Maybe he has mercy on me then;-) .

    “Time to tie up loose ends and get working on future projects that you never seemed to have time to start. Make your move. Take action. Do you feel the push? Yeah, that message is for YOU.”
    Ouch, thanks, yes, that one is definitely for me. This message by you is the third time within 24 hrs that the universe reminds me to get my act together and start a new project. Yesterday, my ipad started sending push notifications all of a sudden, even though I had switched them off. I suspected that this had a metaphorical meaning.

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    • Dayna says:

      Staying clear of FB will be hard for me.

      The push message was a bit strong. I hope it is a good strong for you. For me, I have no idea what it is implying yet. Guess I will see.

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    • kittyasmith says:

      Posting regularly is really easy and you can set up several on a timer so you are not on FB all day. I feel it is important to gently share the message so that people begin to question the way they look at life. I have started a metaphysical business and want people to know what I do, but most people just need to know there are alternatives to explore. So I don’t do much advertising, I post what could be considered metaphysical PSAs most of the time.

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    • litebeing says:

      Hi Karin,
      What are these push notifications the you and Dayna mention?

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      • Karin says:

        Hi Linda,
        Dayna’s push message was this line form the above post:
        “Make your move. Take action. Do you feel the push?”

        My push notifications are pop-ups from apps on my ipad. For example, the WordPress app on my ipad will bring a pop-up each time I get a comment or a like. That pop-up is called a push-notification.

        Within 24 hrs, I got a lot of messages about push. Push notifications, Dayna’s line in her post, then another mail with the word PUSH in it. The universe is screaming at me on all channels. Time to get my act together… sigh.

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      • litebeing says:

        thanks for the clarifications. I don’t get many pop ups here. I know you will do what you need to do 🙂

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  3. Good suggestions, Dayna, and yes, the whole disrupted/wakefulness in sleep time in recent days and the solar plexus activation. Interesting to know you and a few others experienced the same (usually suggests something in the ‘macro’). And really good suggestion to come into a different balance with the ‘information intake’, FB (etc) and so on. I got nudged strongly at the turn of the year to experiment into different balances with these as well. Thanks for the article! Blessings, Jamie

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks for reading Jamie. It’s good to know others have had similar solar plexus activation. A friend told me she had it as well prior to your comment. Thankfully my solar plexus is not one of my sticking points,or hasn’t been. 😉


    • kittyasmith says:

      I love the way you equate the solar plexus chakra with a macro adjustment. I just had one last week that I received forewarning of by my body suddenly telling me to lie down. It did not last long, but wow, I am glad I was laying down for it.

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  4. Durinda says:

    Great suggestions. I don’t watch main stream media news unless guided. Usually the guidance to watch a segment of news has a purpose. I always enjoy reading about your experiences.

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  5. kittyasmith says:

    Wow! I was not aware of the K index yesterday, I wish I had been now. Ah well, moving on….
    I stopped paying attention to news, it is simply not my reality. My husband does watch it from the moment he gets up and it is the last thing before bed. He keeps moaning about the economy and the stock market and how it is hurting his AC contracting business. His circus, not mine.

    I had a session with my soul guide yesterday and it ended with her dismissing me. We went round and round with me inexplicably going into old patterns that I KNEW to stay out of. She told me she can’t help me any further. Rather than feeling like a failure, though, I felt free! I can’t make sense of it, but I feel that it is not necessary to. I still find myself trying to put things into slots.

    One of the key points I did get from her was that I need to get out of my head and into my heart! Sounds familiar.

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  6. kittyasmith says:

    I forgot to mention, I use Facebook but as a way to get the message out. I rarely read others posts unless they are uplifting. I must have done this enough for Facebook to know what I do not read and it stays off my news feed. My ratio would be 75% posting / 25% reading posts.

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  7. herongrace says:

    Thanks for the heads up Dayna. Lately I have been feeling an urgency to try and get things finished up around here. Unfortunately this involves trying to find a handy man to help me build and do some heavy work. But what you say makes sense, I thought it was just me, so glad of confirmation.

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  8. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Great suggestions! I got of FB three years ago and WOW, I have more time to paint and play my harp, and ***visit face to face with friends*** ….all kinds of stuff. when I look back at what I might be missing…. a big fat zero. But then I am not in a “business” or any reason to think what I write is important to anyone. I have not watched TV for over 40 years now. I have when visiting family or friends. I noticed the difference when I was hiking in the Kulalau valley, as nothing but music was playing in my head. No news, no TV show junk, just wonderful music. My mind is a pleasure to be with..LOL!! Peacefilled!!! I do have projects I need to finish….

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  9. litebeing says:

    great suggestions. I noticed within the past day or so that FB has been sending fear driven articles in my newsfeed. Perhaps I can take that as a message to dial it down. I do like to play games on FB and catch up with friends. But I can certainly do that in less time. I do enjoy the election coverage ( Democrat particularly). I have stopped watching over news years ago except happy stories ( they are often the last 5 minutes of the broadcast). Most of what you listed I have been doing, but I appreciate the reminders.

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