More Heart Chakra Blasts

Today started out well enough and then by noon it was energy blasts to my high heart and heart center followed by a strange excitement/nervousness/panic – in that order. lol These would come in at an angle from my back through to the front in waves that lasted anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Afterward, I became very hot and thirsty and had to lay down several times on the floor to ground. My throat, crown and third eye were all buzzing with energy. I also found I could not go near the computer as it would trigger a weird panic. This also happened around the TV and other large electronics. A first for me and just plain weird!

By 4pm things began to settle and now I feel almost normal except that now that I am typing and sitting at my PC my heart is doing weird things again and I have energy around the back of my head.

Also, a strange thing happened to me this morning, prior to all this heart activity. While making breakfast I froze mid-egg-breaking as a knowingness hit me – hard. I suddenly knew that very soon I am going to be asked to move on to my next step. One of these happened in April 2014 and another happened in October 2002. The former was a tear-jerking realization and message from my Team. The latter was an actual command to “Get out now”. I guess this was part of the message I got to “Get er’ done” earlier today. Pretty funny then, not so much now.

I don’t know if the heart chakra blasts are connected to this sudden knowing or not. I was not too happy in getting this knowing because this next step/move is a very uncomfortable one. I hope beyond hope that I get more time to sort things, but sadly, the way these instances have worked out in the past, things really move. FAST.

Now that things are settling I feel like a major shift just occurred. I don’t know exactly what it means or what happened, but I can feel it. Something major just cleared out.

Oh and just so happens the K-Index is still in the red. STILL. Geez!


2 thoughts on “More Heart Chakra Blasts

  1. kittyasmith says:

    I was surprised by your description of the panic at the computer. My work for the past 10 years has been hugely related to the computer. I was working as a VA since January 2014 primarily for a business coach when this same thing hit me hard and very suddenly. I had, at first, attributed it to the coach’s ADHD pace but soon learned it went deeper. I was going to go back to Photography and photoshop work and even that was impossible.

    I was a healer in past lives and I have been told to return to healing. I even have a companion (I strongly feel she is part of who I am) named Victoria. My entire life I have been receiving messages from her, that name pops up, A LOT. Like seeing a car you consider buying suddenly showing up for you every where you go.

    Now that I have started my practice, I need to work at the computer for some things, I still find it very difficult and I procrastinate.

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    • Dayna says:

      The computer issue seems to have resolved somewhat, though I am still feeling a weirdness at the PC this morning.

      I am glad to hear you have a Companion. Female? Interesting. It is not a common thing for them to be of the same sex, but it does happen. 🙂


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