The Next Stage of “Contact” has been Initiated

The three Beings who have been in communication with me for a while now came forward again this morning. It was quite unexpected a I was wide awake when contact was made. They introduced themselves with a very vivid vision. In it I saw are large, almost moon-sized sphere of light fly in from the left of my visual field, slowly move across my line of sight and then stop on the right side of my visual field. The sphere glowed and did not have clearly defined edges. It also contained a myriad of colors blending and swirling within it. I was able to differentiate the colors blue, pink and yellow but there were more.

Upon seeing this I became completely alert and tensed up. Though wide awake at the time, I felt energy sensations in varying areas of my body. My legs felt energized as did my arms and there was a major concentration of energy located right behind my left ear that spread across the entire back of my head (temporal/Broca’s area and occipital lobes). My third-eye and heart chakras were buzzing as well. Note: As this is not my first experience like this, I theorize that these Beings are able to manipulate/activate certain areas of the brain to better communicate and initiate contact.

This time the voice of the three Beings was much closer and I had an immediate fear reaction which then turned to shame. I felt Them request to move closer and I just could not agree to this. The closer They got the more my fear kicked in and since I couldn’t control it distance was needed.

They asked what I thought of seeing Them (as a sphere of light) and if I believed I could handle such an encounter in the physical. I honestly didn’t know how to answer but I feel if it was merely a sphere of light that I would probably not go hide in a corner. lol But if I felt Them in conjunction with seeing the sphere I likely would have a fear reaction. The sensation They bring is so huge and overwhelmingly alien that it is hard to not reject it.

They then began to show me bits and pieces of the bodies They occupy when “working” on me in the in-between and/or OOB. I had seen such images before and rejected them, thinking I had made them up. But here they were again just focused on specific parts. For example, I was shown their eyes very close up. They were large, almond-shaped, dark eyes with no whites and when they blinked they had two eyelids that came together in the center. They also had a third eyelid that was clear and covered the entire eye.


This is the color of their skin.

I was shown their skin up close. It was grayish-blue and tended to shimmer in the light, making it look more blue than gray. It was also very porous and rough-looking compared to our skin; less elastic and supple.

Then I was shown the neck area and told it was a hand’s width (four fingers) in length – my hand anyway. This is narrower than a human neck. I saw a windpipe, though.

I began to reject these images at this time. I guess I was just too conscious and could not accept that any of what I was being shown could possibly be real. Despite this, I was given information that I did not ask for. lol

Communication: They are telepathic with the use of a symbolic “alphabet”. The symbols, when sent, are imbued with the essence of the Being who is sending them. It is like the symbols contain the backstory or the history that goes along with the message. The symbols are also not two dimensional, though to us they would seem so. I saw they were three dimensional with depth.

Collective Consciousness: They are all connected to one another, though they are also individuals. They always feel the collective; are one with the collective. Their knowing is so much more developed than our own. Some part of me remembered this connection with a collective consciousness and it made me wonder if I was one of them. I was told I was not, that I was called in to help Earth, as were many others.

Objective: They reiterated that they are the caretakers of humanity, but this time they explained that they are also collecting genetic information (thus their “work” on me). I saw/heard/knew that They were here when “Atlantis was evacuated”. Their role was the “preparation of the evacuees”. With this came an image of a great flash of light. They shared with me that they and two other E.T. species are preparing to make contact – are making contact currently. I tried to get a name for their species but all I was able to ascertain is that they are a “hybrid” race and have been observing humanity since the very beginning. The other two races I was shown but not given names. One looks very much human and the other also has human characteristics. I was reminded of Bashar and the Essassani and Yahyel. Perhaps these are the other two races?

Message: They came to tell us that this next stage in “contact” has been initiated. Contact with those who have been adequately upgraded will commence. Those with which They have already made contact can expect more contact, contact which will be more revealing and “real” to the contactee. Those who have yet acknowledged that they have been contacted by an other worldly Being will now be presented with more visuals and experiences which definitively points to contact of an extraterrestrial nature.

It was clarified that the contactees are few; that only those who have been “adequately upgraded” will experience contact. Therefore, the majority will be oblivious to Them. Others, those not yet ready to acknowledge such contact, will continue with their development/upgrades until they are ready for contact. Some of this group never will be, though.

Warning: They gave me a warning to share. They are very concerned about the increase in the use of recreational drugs. Specifically, certain drugs that are widely popular (marijuana specifically) and now becoming “legal” can be detrimental to individuals who are being upgraded. They remind us that the use of hallucinogens and psychedelics should be limited; used only in times when the individual is needing spiritual guidance or looking for specific answers. I saw a visual of Native American uses of similar drugs and the reverence they are given. This is how these drugs are meant to be used. To overuse or abuse these drugs (use them on a regular basis rather than once every few years or more) can make the individual very vulnerable and expose them to issues they are not yet ready to confront. It also enhances the Egoic reaction to stimuli. Thus, fear and paranoia can result. How can They contact us without inciting fear if we are under the influence of such drugs?

I was reminded of my own experience with such drugs, years ago, and understood immediately the truth behind Their warnings. If you are a contactee or are on the path to ascension and receiving upgrades, avoid these drugs like the plague. They will only set you back. They will induce fear, exacerbate the Ego, and could result in a psychotic break. This can also be true of certain psychiatric meditations such as: anti-anxiety medications (Xanax), various anti-psychotic medications, as well as stimulant medications (Adderal).







11 thoughts on “The Next Stage of “Contact” has been Initiated

  1. truthcodex says:

    I wonder if there will be some similar evacuation in the near future?

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  2. I align with all you have shared in this post and about the hybrid children. I have been contacts by Anima, Bashars partner and I work closely with the Essassani. I also had been a daily cannabis smoker, and probably over a month ago was guided to stop all use, and haven’t ever since. I have realized it was making my paranoia worse when receiving contact. I resonate with that warning. 🙂

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    • Dayna says:

      I'm glad you quit. I quit over 8 years ago. When I stopped I got terrible insomnia. Hopefully you don't.

      I was shown my experiences with certain hallucinogenics and psychedelics and knew with 100% certainty that this was why the beginning of my awakening in 2003 was so difficult. We must be clear in mind, body and Spirit for this type of contact.


  3. teleile says:

    That is so true about the drugs! I have always avoided them like the plague, because I’ve *seen* the damage they do to people’s subtle bodies, which can block further spiritual development not just for the rest of this life, but the effects last after death and affect the next life. I wish this was more common knowledge. People think marijuana is more harmless than alcohol. It’s not! The effects of alcohol only last 3 days. Marijuana lasts months, even years, with heavy use it’s permanent.
    I’ve been having a lot of ‘on board’ meetings the past few nights, the star races seem very near and hands-on at the moment.
    I wish they’d evacuate already. 🙂 If people started saying, ‘Hey, starships are in the sky’, I’m sure many of us would sprint outside sobbing with gratitude. Lol! 😀

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    • Dayna says:

      I know I would. Take me! Take me! LOL

      But yeah, marijuana is so much stronger now days with all the crazy altered versions. I spent most of the night learning how drugs are affecting people (and how they affected me). Not to be taken lightly!


  4. Gloria -Sophia says:

    I too was down loaded about use of drugs and difficulty it has become for the higher dimensions to connect. I too was given message to keep oneself pure in thought and not to be overstimulated by media subliminal messages. To meditate and allow the higher dimensions to connect…allowing the energy to flow into each of us

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  5. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Taking anything other than air in to the our sacred lungs is going to mess up progress… wise advice!!!

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  6. teleile says:

    I was with those beings last night! They’re still here today, though I can’t see them in the daytime. What great company they are, with a wonderful peaceful energy.

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