Hybrid Child

This particular upgrade has been uniquely different for me. This morning I am experiencing a similar sensation to May, 2015. With it I am also having chakra activations throughout my body that re-stimulate emotions that I normally would not be feeling. I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, my throat tightens, my heart pulls causing an anxious feeling, my head feels weird, the areas on either side of my nose are buzzing, and my arms are tingling like I put icy hot on them. Yet at the same time there is a feeling of not being alone and that there are messages that need to be passed on. I also keep feeling like I am going to zone out or pass out.

Hybrid Child

I wanted to share with you part of the information I received in my dreams last night. In one dream I met with my “child”. I picked him out from a set of photographs because I recognized him and saw myself in him. When we met he was taller than me, approximately 5’8″. He acknowledged me as his mother but he did not know who his father was. I did not know either but I could see myself in him and kept touching his face in awe. He was approximately 17-18 years old and he looked very much like a mulatto – very light skin and dark, frizzy hair. His eyes were vivid green, though. He was absolutely beautiful!

We met inside a small room. In my dream it was my old bathroom from when I was growing up. lol He and I conversed for some time. He told me, “I’m still growing. I will eventually be over 6 feet tall.” He specifically said he would end up being 6’2″. I remember being very proud of him and I just could not stop touching his face. He looked completely human to me, yet I knew he was a hybrid – all of the “children” I saw in the photos were hybrids.

There was discussion then about this age group being overly sensitive to changes in the environment, changes in energy, and any upset to the chemical balance in their bodies. There was emphasis on their need to maintain balance in their bodies because they hold such a high vibration and need to maintain this vibration. I got the feeling they were already here on Earth – living alongside us, looking just like us. It blew my mind!

A Hybridization Program?

When I awoke I immediately wanted to know if I had been part of the hybrid program. Why else would I see my “son” and know he was a hybrid? This was when I was told I am part of the “work” They are doing. This work is of the genetic kind. I had no doubt then that my DNA had been used in the creation of hybrid children. Perhaps this beautiful boy I met was indeed a part of me?

What was really surprising to me is that these children are already among us! How it is possible that my DNA would be used to do this without me actually being pregnant and giving birth is beyond me. I suspect it is spliced into the DNA of the child prior to birth, at the very beginning around conception. Did my DNA get substituted in for the mother’s? Or were just pieces of it inserted somehow? I just don’t fully understand how this beautiful boy could be my son. It blows my mind! The love I felt for him was genuine. I loved him like I love my other children.

All this time my heart is blazing and I have this strange energy settling over me that makes me feel something big is about to happen. I am strangely excited/anxious for it to happen, too.



7 thoughts on “Hybrid Child

  1. talynia says:

    According to other experiencers and journals from abductees they say that many women took part in the Hybrid program, many did not recognize this was taking part. But those who did remember their experiences said all the same thing. They had the feeling, including morning sickness, nausea etc. weird eating habits, no period for a prolonged time, just like it would happen in a pregnancy. However pregnancy tests seem not to catch up on it and at some point it just stopped and got back to normal. These females said they remembered that they were taken and the embryos were removed from their wombs! I suppose the ETs have means to camouflage the babies so they wont show up on our primitive way of checking out if someone is pregnant! Many also reported that they were not taken physically but on the astral, everything that happens to the energy body translates to the physical afterwards! However many who were impregnated had some kind of physical marks, like triangular red dots around the belly etc. I asked you once but you said you did not see any marks. So maybe they do it with you on the non physical level!

    Which surprises me though was that I had once a real dream about a tiny boy, I as in the hospital and saw my son on the monitor and the focus was on his pulsating third eye! As the boy was born I saw the most magnificent beautiful child! He was so cute. A wonderful wide smile, crystal blue eyes and blonde hair. I wonder if this child in my dream was a Hybrid himself.

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    • Dayna says:

      If this is true, then this child would have been born when I was about 22 years old. I was always on birth control during that time (my ex didn’t want kids). However, there were several instances where, despite being on the pill, I was a week late with symptoms, etc. I even tested but it was negative. Whether this has to do with the hybrid program I don’t know.

      All this is so weird to me that I take it all with a grain of salt. I don’t need the drama. LOL

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    • I think there is more then one program. I too have experiences with a Hybrid program. Last year my period stopped for the term of pregnancy, but the child was already in an artificial womb. It was just based on a Spirit connection we had that confused my system. I do not get morning sickness.

      Now my period is late again, and I only have sex with spirit/dreams.

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      • Dayna says:

        It’s amazing how many people I know now who not only believe in such a program’s existence but also have participated in or have met their hybrid child! It makes me wonder about my experience.

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  2. teleile says:

    Yes, WOW, this energy!! Can you feel it? Near to overwhelming! I am blazing with it, and I’m used to these bursts/uploads, but this is off-the-scale unprecedented.

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    • Dayna says:

      Oh yeah, I feel it! It has been spectacular for me. Yes, it started out a bit enturbulating but after the K rising experience I had I have been riding an amazingly different heart energy. I feel deeply connected in a way I have never felt before.


  3. Carolyn Thompson says:

    most of humanity are hybrids anyway…. mixes of Sirian and Pleiadian… men got more Sirian DNA so they are more agressive by nature… this happened before Lemuria…..

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