Yeshua Returns

After the intense Kundalini rising episode, I began to Remember the backstory.

Though I recall the dream in vivid detail, I recalled that I was once again with the three Beings who gave me the name Yeshua the last time they were with me. I saw very vividly the bright light hanging in the night sky and remember once again staring at it while They “worked” on me. The white star, or whatever it is, seems to mesmerize me in such a way that I become “frozen” – unable to physically move or wake up in my body.

I recognized the energy of these three Beings when I awoke. I knew they were facilitating the Kundalini energy. But how?

They told me that they use crystals and that these crystals magnify the electromagnetic field (aura?) to the point that it forces “balance” in the vortexes (chakras) of this field.

Then I recalled that prior to the coffin dream and K energy, I had been in conversation with my Council. I only recall talking to one person, but this one spoke for them all. I was in deep conversation with them; a conversation about my lack of will to live and my feeling of being “done” with life. This perfectly aligns with the symbolism of the coffin from the dream.

Another part of the conversation I had been having with my Council was some kind of activation. It involved DNA/RNA but I don’t know or remember enough about it to really understand or explain it now. I recall shifting into another “body” – going back and forth between my current body and this new one. The feeling of the memory is odd. Indescribable.

I am beginning to shake uncontrollably as I type this and my heart is lighting up and I am suddenly very, very scared. It is an illogical fear for I am completely safe, sitting here at my computer. Yet my heart says, “Run as fast as you can”. Ugh!

Whoever these Beings are who are helping me scare the bejesus out of me. Yet I know that I have nothing to fear. I also feel very strongly that my time with them is far from over. They are going to keep coming back, or I am going to keep going to Them. I don’t know what to do with the emotions that come with this realization. There is nowhere to run to. Nowhere to hide. What do They want?

I keep going to my heart center but that is where They are!

I am at a point now (again) that I really want all of this to just go away. Unfortunately, I know this won’t happen.


One thought on “Yeshua Returns

  1. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Our DNA/RNA is what holds our physical form as it is. We inherit our parents DNA/RNA for our form and as preborns we choose what combination of it we want so we get what we need for this life as a body. To change the body form, the DNA/RNA flips. For instance those wanting a disability for their soul expereince will make it so before the body forms within the Mom’s womb through RNA. So perhaps they will experience unconditional love through being cared for as part of soul desire for the lifetime. That is how I understand it works….

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