Believe-it-or-not, after this morning’s Kundalini rising experience, I was able to return to sleep.

Dream: Super Car

In this dream I was putting my baby into the backseat of my car and my brother-in-law commented on it. He said, “That looks like a super fast car.” I shut the door and looked at it, noting that it has all these spoilers and strange rocket boosters on it. I said, “Where did those come from?” After inspection I said, “Oh, those will go away once I start driving.”

Then I was at a small building where some teachers worked. It was all run down and they were asking if I could take the place of a woman who was retiring. I thought about it and then said, “I would rather have a part-time job and one that was more laid back. This one seems pretty stressful.” The woman who was leaving the job asked, “Have you ever had a c-section?” I didn’t know how it applied to our conversation but I answered, “Yes.” She said, “I’ve had 52 of them”. I was shocked and said, “You had 52 babies!?” She laughed and said, “No, I’ve performed 52 surgeries.” (52; 5+2=7)

Then I somehow fell asleep next to one of the students. When I awoke everyone was gathered in a small room. I told them I didn’t want the job and needed to go and then I was standing in a parking lot. I couldn’t find my car and was looking around for it. I found it down the street and got inside. It drove itself and talked to me (reminded me of the show Knight Rider one of my all-time favs lol). I remember that it was dark and then suddenly light as we sped down a narrow road.


I awoke suddenly and in my visual field saw very clearly: 777.

The dream I had made me feel good for some reason. I have dreams of cars all the time. The car symbolizes, for me at least, my life path. It is important to note the condition of the car and who is driving and how I feel when in the car. In this particular dream the car is all souped-up with spoilers, chrome exhaust, racing stripes, etc. It was my car only really, really nice. lol When inside of it I felt powerful and was not afraid. The car also went very, very fast and though I was behind the wheel, I felt not to be the one driving it. It is interesting that it spoke to me, too. Based upon all the indicators, it looks like my path is being propelled forward by an unseen force, one that is comfortable to me and with whom I feel I can communicate.

The 777 is also a good omen. Looks like my spiritual path is on the fast track and it is going well. 🙂


6 thoughts on “777

  1. Fungi2bwith says:

    Love your posts today Dayna, is that a giant white owl peeking into the car?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dayna says:

    I see something but it looks like a big white gorilla to me….LOL


  3. Carolyn Thompson says:

    me too, white gorilla… a great sign… I just ran across this and thought to give to you… abut 777… https://metatronarc777.wordpress.com/ might be something for you… ??

    Liked by 1 person

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