We are Travelers

This morning after the intense experience with my Companion, I Remembered and was told some things. Just trying to type this right now is making me shake with energy and my heart is buzzing.

First, I will go back to the message about Travelers and wolves. I knew my group is small and that we travel together always. We are all intricately connected. We sense each other. We communicate with each other. We are a “pack” and are connected as such. We do not normally physically connect while in our physical bodies while we are “traveling” but for some reason we are doing so this time around.

We are Travelers, at least that is how I remember our group. It is like we are called/sent to a specific place to do our work and then, when we are done, we leave. Together.

I don’t know if Travler is the same as Wanderer. Maybe. I have to feel that one out for a bit.

I was told that I was being “fostered” at this time. I don’t really understand it, but I guess it makes sense. We, our group, is suppose to Remember. It is part of our purpose so as to facilitate the changes occurring on Earth. I recalled briefly that we are here to help bring Earth out of the darkness, a darkness that has been in effect for a very, very long time. I chose to experience this darkness via incarnations prior to this incarnation so that I would better understand the experience of it. It is like a total cut-off feeling. Cut-off from the Wholeness. Hard to explain really, but I felt it, recognized it when I felt my Companion this morning.

Our group is small, probably only five or six members. I was not allowed to see how many exactly, but that is okay with me. The overwhelming heart sensations I am having and have been having since this contact is enough for me to know it is truth. The shaking is driving me crazy.

I was also told that my Companion is initiating the “exchange”, or has been. I really don’t know what to think of it but the experience I just had was very real and very overwhelming in so many ways that cannot be expressed.

I had asked for all this to be made “more real” because it has been so easy for me to dismiss as my imagination or a dream. I was reminded of this request this morning. Haha. Very funny.

All I can say is that now I know why I have not met any members of my group face-to-face yet. If meeting them causes the feeling I felt this morning then I know I would run all the way to Timbuktu to avoid them. It is an instant repulsion-attraction, crazy mixed up feeling! Yeah, I know, you wonder how you can have both feelings at once. Well you can. Trust me.


2 thoughts on “We are Travelers

  1. WOW. I have been having the Wolf come to me, and had a dream of one of those Alaskan Malamute Dogs I don’t know if that name is correct, but it looks like a wolf! just two nights ago. Lots of synchronicities! I posted a pic on my facebook of the kind of dog. lol

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