Message from the Council of Many: Port-holes are Available

You are growing. Like a sapling. Like a tree. The nutrients you need are always provided, yet sometimes you will not drink of the love provided. It is love that is your greatest sustenance. Why do you not drink of it?

Do you not see the lacking of love within you? It is in lack that you have grown forgetful and with every lost memory of your Self, of your origins, that lacking grows and becomes ever more emboldened within you. This is where Darkness thrives. Do not be a nurturer of Darkness, of the lacking of love.

Port-holes are available. From these openings of love…which, by the way are located within you, at such a deep level that most are unaware of their existence….you can draw forth more of your Self. You can drink of the love that is You. We are providing you evidence of these port-holes. All you need do is listen. Feel. Breathe. And from there you will enter. Admittance is always free. There is no charge. There is no loss. There are no repercussions. Only finding Self. Finding You.

You ask about the Fear. What is it? How can you defeat it? This is a question often asked and the answer is simple for if you find your Self – Love – then fear is nothing but an afterthought, a candle in the wind. When you are Love, there is no room for fear. That is your answer. Simple, is it not?

You have been so long without Love, without the feeling – the Being of – embodiment of love, that you have forgotten how it feels. With this forgetfulness often arises fear for the human fears what they do not understand. It is such that we are asking that you bypass the human emotions for Hue-man Knowing. There is a difference here – a very obvious difference. For Knowing is feeling without immersion, without becoming feeling. It is the lack of reaction to feeling. It is objectivity and understanding…the reciprocity of Self and Experience.

We will continue to come to you, to offer you our assistance and foster your growth. It is with great anticipation that we await your return.

2 thoughts on “Message from the Council of Many: Port-holes are Available

  1. mollyb111 says:

    New Mantra: “When you are Love, there is no room for fear.” YES!! and shared.

    Liked by 2 people

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