Heart Sensations Return

I’ve begun this post several times and each time deleted it in its entirety. I’m not sure exactly why, though.

There has been a strange energy today following me around. It is not bad or good, just shifty, like the energy is about to take a leap forward. I checked the K-index and there is an active storm but nothing that would normally cause me to notice.

Perhaps it has to do with what happened last night. Last night is what I originally was trying to post about and kept deleting. I will summarize and just say that I had some intense heart chakra sensations. These didn’t hurt. In fact, they were the good kind and went all the way from front to back. It was like someone placed a tube right through my heart center and energy poured through it.

The heart sensations came with specific thoughts and knowingness. It happened at a time when I was speaking with someone, a kind of counselor. I was telling her about things I could not sort out in my life – very personal things. This is when the heart sensations kicked in. I was lucky I did not burst into tears. I was able to get out of the conversation in time. Then I was just in shock for a while. I had not expected my heart to burst open like that. I had done such a good job of shutting it down – or so I’d thought.

Then, after I returned home and the kids were in bed my heart started doing it again and I was overcome with an intense shaking all over my body. I am familiar with the feeling. It is something I had to deal with every time I did a mediumship reading and made contact with Spirit. It is like their energy is too much for me. It can get so bad that my teeth chatter – thankfully it did not get that bad last night. The shaking can also happen when I am talking with another person about deeply personal things. I have never quite figured out why it happens, though.

I wondered why I was having the shaking. I was not tuning into Spirit and not talking to anyone, so it made no sense. I felt my Team near and I wondered if maybe it was coming from them. As if to answer my question, I heard my guide ask me to focus on how I felt. When I did this, I could sense a blockage at my heart level. I was told that I was resisting the energy – the heart energy – and that I have been avoiding something.

And then the shaking was really bad.

And then it was just…gone as was the heart energy.

When I awoke this morning my dreams were instantly gone as soon as I tried to recover them. Frustrated, I tried to feel what happened in the night and knew I had agreed yet again to something, but I don’t know what. My heart chakra lit up again but faded not long after. With it, I was asked if I was willing to accept what it was telling me. I said I was, but honestly I am not sure about any of it. I don’t know what it is telling me, or at least I don’t think I do. Honestly, I am afraid of knowing.

Right before I got out of bed my Team again reminded me of the upgrade that is soon to come. I was told this time that it may frighten me. Then I saw a visual of light pouring down into my crown chakra and going all the way down through all my chakras and into my feet. From the looks of it, it didn’t seem so bad, but then if they say it might scare me, well, it probably will.

It has me wondering now if the strange feeling I’ve had all day has anything to do with this coming upgrade. I guess I’ll find out.


There is one other thing. A group I am a part of on FB is planning a meeting in Mt. Shasta, California in May. I have been following the preparations from the beginning. Yesterday I decided, out of the blue, that I should go. I told my husband about it and, strangely, he had no objections. When I communicated today with the contact about arranging my flight my heart chakra was blazing with energy. Even typing about it now makes my heart light up. I got thoroughly excited about going and my energy went sky high.

Then, in the afternoon, I began to doubt my decision about attending because I only know the people who will be there via the internet. I also began to panic over something very odd. I had this strange feeling that if I went I would not want to come home. Then an internal panic button went off and I got a strange split in two feeling. It was really odd and I almost thought I was about to go OOB right then and there.

After this happened the heart energy ceased – well up until now anyway. I am wondering if this is any indicator of what it is that I am not willing to know/accept. Part of me thinks it is and when I try to consider it, the fear returns. All I want to do is cuss a million cuss words just considering that possibility.




8 thoughts on “Heart Sensations Return

  1. mollyb111 says:

    I, too, have had this shaking. I find it’s confirmation of my truth, a release and/or strong energy. And… No doubt! Go!!!

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks, Molly. I guess it is all those things! I just have not had it in a long while, probably because I have not been practicing mediumship.

      Another thing I thought of which may be unrelated is that after childbirth I have similar shaking episodes. It makes me wonder if during pregnancy and birth we are taking on more energy than is normal and this intensifies during birth. Then after we are being assisted to disconnect energetically from our child – like splitting from them, not necessarily disconnecting because we are always connected with them. It is just such a similar feeling that I could not help but make the connection.


      • mollyb111 says:

        Oh thanks for sharing. Good point! I thought of you this morning. I wrote the other day that many of us will be asked to take/offered one of our largest steps so I’m reminding you (again) GO! Lol, no pressure. You are wise and it always works out as it should. Have a great day!

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      • Dayna says:

        Interesting that you say, “Go!” as that song from the Cure has been going over and over in my head since I first heard it. Specifically the end where it says, “it’s never too late to get up and…go!” as well as, “kiss it all goodbye”.

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  2. Carolyn Thompson says:

    I have been vibrating/quaking the past two days, full body, subtle but very noticable…. if you like hot springs, you must try the hot springs in Weed, right next to Mt. Shasta…. enjoy a tub and then jump in to the mountain river!!!! One of the best springs on the planet and very pure! Mt.Shasta is special…. EnJOY!

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