Opossum Visit

Last night was one of those nights where I fell asleep and did not move until I awoke at 3am. I have no memory of any dreams prior to that point. I just slept really, really hard.

When I awoke I was very sad and I don’t know why. I felt completely done with life and requested a convening of my Council to discuss my options. For some reason I knew I could do this if I stated it properly. So I mentally requested a meeting of my Council to discuss my Exit options. I then requested that I be allowed to remember the adjournment and what was decided.

I was not going to share this with you all because I didn’t want it to appear negative. Yet, this is a very real part of the journey, of my journey. I have requested to Exit this life many, many times – too many to count. I believe we have Exit points planned into our lives. These are points where we can choose to leave the physical body. They are set points but the timing and circumstances surrounding them can be revised. I did not know how to request it until this morning. I just awoke knowing. Prior to that I have just wished for them, never directly asking to meet with my Council.

The feeling I awoke with is of absolute purposelessness. I feel to be going nowhere in my life. Treading water and getting more and more exhausted as I do so. The options I have reviewed, the only ones I can currently “see”, do not offer me any hope of positive change. I feel no matter what I do that this feeling will not abate. I have asked to understand, to be shown the reason, but so far I am getting nothing – or at least that is what it seems.

Opossum Visit

I was reminded this morning that I was visited by an opossum last night. This was no dream but an actual visit. At my old home, which was located out in the country, opossums, raccoons and other critters were constantly showing up. Here in the suburbs, however, they are rare. So last night, when a huge opossum came walking up to me while I was outside, it was a surprise indeed.

A visit from an opossum is a message to lay low and blend into your surroundings – to “play opossum”. Their message is “take no action”; do not say or do anything. This time of no action will allow you to see things for what they really are. Patience, trust and passivity are required.

Seeing this message just makes me laugh. No wonder I am wanting to Exit. This is the worst part of life (in my opinion) – the waiting! I absolutely hate it.

This message reminds me of a knowingness I had prior to bed last night and upon waking this morning. That at this time in my life I am focusing primarily on two things: being a mother and progressing spiritually. That’s it. The former requires action on my part, the latter does not. Of course, I want to act on the spiritual more than anything but am not being allowed. It is something that occurs in its own time and much of it is behind the scenes.


A big challenge for me is accepting the feelings I am having; allowing myself to feel them without judgement. There are so many “negative” ones that it is hard to not judge myself harshly for feeling them. Trusting that they have a purpose is very difficult as well. In some cases they are the elephant in the room and eventually something must be done about them.

I really, really want to just go into a coma until it is time to act. The waiting is unbearable.


13 thoughts on “Opossum Visit

  1. mollyb111 says:

    You are doing a great job. Awakening and this walk is not for sissie’s. I love you! I, too believe in set point but I think we are oblivious to when they are and often find out after the fact. We are being molded and so many other things. I remind myself to, Breathe. Thank you for writing.

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    • Dayna says:

      Thank you, Molly. (((hugs))) I have been told when I missed an Exit point. Imagine my upset. LOL

      One time I was out hunting with my ex for mountain goats in MT. he shot a billy and we were looking for a way down to its body. I found one. When my ex made it down to me he was shocked at how I got down. Then I took a step back and he reached out and grabbed me. He freaked out, saying I could have died. I turned around and realized I had almost stepped off the edge of a cliff. Ha! After my awakening I was told that was an Exit point. I was so mad that I had not taken it. I was really young, probably 23.

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  2. Karin says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I know this feeling of depression and that everything feels just pointless. Many have described this. Eckart Tolle says that his dark night of the soul was characterized by a feeling akin to depression.

    I had this, too, when more and more of the former personality was dumped into the trash bin by the universe. That felt very grey, listless, flat, depressive to me. I went like a robot through the motions of daily life.

    And I had it when I fell into this peaceful emptiness of the void. This feeling of peace, but on the other hand the feeling of “why bother with life anymore?”

    At that point, the universe brought me back to life with its gentle and not-so-gentle nudge and push methods.
    The first thing that happened was that one of our budgies got sick and I had to catch him and take him to the vet. When I asked before sleep why I was presented with this situation of a sick budgie, I awoke with a pain on the bone of my nose. The pain lasted for 3 entire days. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have pain in a lot of different places in my body. But I NEVER had pain on the alar wings of my nose before. This was like a sign, as if my spirit guide just gave me a blow to my nose, as if to say, “Get your act together and get up!”.
    The second thing that happened was that the inner voice informed me that I needed to give a brunch party for 20 people including many 4 year olds. Ugh. I had so little energy left, that it was hard to organize a party. But I complied.

    After that, many signs and dreams happened that were telling me metaphorically that I must go back and share.

    Your path is different. You are already sharing. But you have this flat phase now. It seems that there is no one-size-fits-all order of the phases.

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    • Dayna says:

      Yes it is a feeling of “why bother”. I have struggled my whole life with many depressed feelings – seems that is my “norm”. Big sigh. Even when something good happens and I feel “happy” it seems always to be tainted. It is like I came here to experience the darkness, to immerse myself in it. Yuck. Yet at the same time I have this wonderful connection to the Other Side and all things spiritual. There must be some reason for why I planned it this way. I hate to think I just came to flop about like a fish out of water. Yet that is what my life feels like. I am suffocating here!

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      • Karin says:

        I am sorry to hear that it feels like this for you. I hope you still stay here and we get to hear some more Sananda channelings and some more of your adventures.

        I don’t know how to overcome this state of disgust with the world. I feel it still, at times.

        I am thinking of the description of the High Indifference of mystic Franklin Merrell-Wolff. He had several realizations, and an important one was that he was the void. He though that it feels awesome to hang out in transcendence land , so to speak, and that there was a stark contrast to the ordinary consciousness which focuses on everyday life.
        But he found a state which is even beyond the bliss of the void of transcendence land. And he called it High Indifference.
        (scroll down to the Fifth Realization)

        I don’t know what your life plan was and I don’t know whether we all need to find this High Indifference of Merrell-Wolff, but it came to my mind that has been a solution to this dilemma, at least for some folks.

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      • Dayna says:

        I have read the fifth realization but will have to read it again as there is much to absorb. Thank you, Karin. You always present such great evidence and thorough research – you are quite well read! I wish I was but it seems that has not been part of my journey as of yet.

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  3. Sofi says:

    So Dayna, Sofi from the opposite side of the world again:) I am where you are, and I feel you!! I have to ask, do you have any sense that there is something that needs to “happen” before we are allowed to move on? Like more clearing, for us to deal with our impatience, the feelings that arise, insecurities etc. Or is it more of a universal thing where things and circumstances are not put in place yet and this is so much bigger than our small insignificant lives?😀 Or are we being prepped energetically, (cause I am buzzing, disappearing from meditations and loosing time etc) and therefore need a time out so we don’t blow our fuses so to speak?😊
    I’ll give you the short version of my situation.
    I was very busy, using my abilities, making a difference, when I was strongly guided to make a BIG change. All the details literally just fell into place, and when all was set for me to take that leap (and not just energetically, our house was sold, my old business liquidated, permits acquired etc) I got denied the VERY last permit. Out of nowhere. Major shocking paus!! I am reapplying, but I takes months.
    In all this we (me, two kids and hubby) are safe and fine, financially secure, and all the details of quickly finding a place to live etc just fell into our lap again. I feel protected, but at the same time..WTF?!😅 I have had energy beings come into me through my back, (I am wide awake and conscious when it happens) and a year ago they telepathically told me “due to the cosmological and planetary situation you need to be here”.
    But when I asked if that meant I would still be here after the summer, they said “No it doesn’t” That’s it. Nothing else.
    I am confused, the guidance to make the change was so strong. And if they can communicate that clearly, why is there nothing but silence now?! So do you, who have SO much more communication going on than I do with my “whoever they were”, get any answer as to why this complete paus and non-direction is happening for us? Oh, and about those pleads for the exit-door Dayna, I’d say our chances are not looking good in getting that granted at this time! Sorry honey..😄

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    • Dayna says:

      I have heard of others following their guidance to end up in a similar state – waiting, paused on the verge of finally getting to start on their journey. I am grateful no such thing has happened to me! I suspect this is a test to see if you will follow – if you will trust your divine guidance. I have had smaller lessons – intense urges to find a job only to have them removed. A dream confirmed it was a sort of test.

      Perhaps our Teams are preparing us in their various ways for our upcoming journeys? It is hard to say that this is true for everyone but I have been told this is what is occurring with me. Preparation. Who knows how long it will take. 😦

      I trust that I am where I am suppose to be. It is frustrating to not be feeling that I am moving or fulfilling whatever it is my purpose is, but I will get over it. Mornings are especially hard for me. I hate waking up usually.

      As for the exit, I know it is a long shot but I will still try.

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  4. Carolyn Thompson says:

    I have tried those exit points, but was brought back every time…(NDE). there is something I must do while here and thus those who know it, keep watch over me, from harm and misdirection. Years ago I would have gotten angry at this, but today, I am grateful as I am now seeing a larger picture of the course ahead of me…. it is very exciting… worth the confusion and the WAIT! We each have something worth the traversing the times for…. some do it now others will do it later… yet the choreography of it is Divine!

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  5. Durinda says:

    Yesterday I said to a friend of mine that I felt just totally fed up and tired. And today I feel very out of it, like spacey, like I’m here but I’m not. The last few days I have been seeing my sign for DNA and that happens when I am experiencing some change on that level. Hopefully this will pass sooner rather then later.

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  6. kittyasmith says:

    Go outside and play.

    I just wrote out two paragraphs and was starting on the third. You don’t need my history, and inside I think you know.

    You live in an active happy place, go walk by the river, people watch, build a fire…. anything to change the pattern you are in. You will know when waiting is over. Until then, find something and enjoy it. 😉

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