Which Path Will You Take?

I have one more lesson to share with you all from this morning.

I was shown a path. It began at a river and ended at a cabin on the other side of a tall mountain range. I was shown how, when planned, the journey is practically a straight line. One wades across the river, takes a path through a dark forest and climbs the steep mountains before reaching a cozy cabin where they rest, refresh and move on to the next stage of the journey. When planned, the path from the river to the cabin is hard but since the destination is known, the planner of the path is sure the journey will take a day, no less.

This is the plan prior to life.

The planner forgets that when the path is trod upon from within a human body the destination, and all obstacles along the way, are forgotten. The cabin is suppose to be on the other side of the mountains, but the traveler is not certain of this. To them it is but a dream they are quickly forgetting.

After wading across a cold river, they are tired, wet and cold. Their feet are cut and bleeding. Their stomachs empty. When walking through the dark forest they become hungry and tired, their feet swollen and bruised. The journey seems never to end and they stop to rest their weary body before they even reach the end of the forest. The next day, they reach the base of the mountains. They look up at an unimaginable climb. Sore, tired and without reassurance to help them know how far they have come, they begin to doubt. The decision is made that there is no point in even attempting to cross the mountains for there is no way they will ever make it. And they don’t even know for sure the cabin exists. In fact, they have now convinced themselves there is no cabin there at all.

The decision is then made to turn back. But they don’t wish to once again cross the cold river, so they take a detour, trying to find their way around it, back to where they started, for at least they know where their journey began and their is no evidence of the “dream” of the cabin.

What was planned as a short, one day journey has now stretched into half a lifetime or more. The cabin was always there, but the memory of it is lost and the human condition has destroyed any chance of it ever being revived.

This is what happens to us when we incarnate on Earth in a human body. Our plan so simple and straight forward, is plagued by doubt, physical, mental and emotional discomfort, lack of faith, and no trust in our selves or in our hearts.

But the first path can be the path we travel while in this body if we let our hearts lead us and not our minds.

How many times have you turned around to avoid the mountains? How many times have you walked in circles to avoid the cold river? What discomforts have led you on a path that is not your own?

This was what I was presented with this morning. This is why we so often feel lost in life. For we are lost to our hearts and so also lost to our path.

I don’t know about you but those mountains don’t look half as bad as they did 30 years ago. And I would rather get to the cozy cabin than spend another night in a dark, cold forest. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Which Path Will You Take?

  1. kittyasmith says:

    Wow, this is extremely interesting. I happen to be a very stubborn sort and tend to stick to something no matter how hard. As I read this I kept thinking, “but I am the sort that would stick it out, no matter how hard.” I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    Then I got to the part about doubt and lack of faith and trust in ourselves. Aha, this is what keep me from reaching the destination for so long. I have noticed, however, now that I got off of other’s paths and onto my own, things seem to progress much faster.

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  2. herongrace says:

    That is so beautiful Dayna in it’s simplistic imagery and yet it says it all.
    I thought of the Path of the Sacred Fool, my favourite tarot card. I’ve even had several little white dogs at different times to ease loneliness I suppose. Funny to read what Kitty wrote as whilst reading this, I realised it really helps to be a stubborn so and so Lol and just refuse to give up! She exactly echoed my thoughts!
    It also struck a chord with me as to perhaps this is why I love my little cabin in the woods.

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  3. litebeing says:

    This is quite interesting and seems to be a likely scenario. I wonder if humanity would be more evolved if we were permitted to remember more upon arrival here.

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    • Dayna says:

      I think the point of forgetting is to become more evolved. To remember would slow progress. That is why we are on Earth – the challenges here propel us further and faster than anywhere else. What we are trying to do now is to remember how to use our heart instead of our heads to guide us. If we stay in our hearts then we would stay on our intended path. I think that is part of what the ascension process is about, shifting our focus to our hearts so that we can get the most out of this Earth experience.

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  4. Carolyn Thompson says:

    sums up the soul journey with a veil on, LOL… wonderful way to say it, has deep meaning for me, thank you!

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