Taking My Mask Off

Adzekiel had more messages for me. This new level I am to go to will be preparation work; preparation for the “new” me. He explained that I will be asked to take my “mask off”. With this I received an image of my face and me slowly taking off make-up with a cotton ball. I saw no obvious signs of make-up but the message was clear.

I am familiar with seeing “masks” in my dreams and OBEs. I have seen a white cream all over my own face as well as the face of others. It looks like clown make-up when I see it and makes my face look very “off” and fake. Thankfully in this current vision the white make-up was not present. 🙂

The understanding of what this means was slow to come. I asked, “What it is I will have to do?”  He said I will need to “speak and write my truth”. No more hiding in the shadows. No more pretending I am like everyone else when I’m not. With that a scenario played out in my mind of talking with a member of our church and telling them I was preparing to walk-out and let another aspect walk-in. The expression I imagined on their face was priceless. I did not feel I could do it, though.

It is terrifying to me.

He said, “You do not have to do it all at once. It should be gradual, but it must be done.”

He explained that my personality change will be very obvious to those closest to me. They will notice. I was not told what this “personality change” would look like but the feeling sent to me made me squirm a bit with nervousness.

I was also warned that my gifts will begin to manifest more strongly. I am not sure what this means, either. I have been told this before but nothing major has come of it as of yet.

During this conversation my crown and third-eye chakra were buzzing. I could not shake the feeling I had either. This feels very, very important. Necessary. Unavoidable.

I am not sure I will be able to pretend all of this (the braid-in/walk-in situation) is not real for much longer.



4 thoughts on “Taking My Mask Off

  1. Karin says:

    I come from the background of a spiritual seeker in the non-duality department. Therefore, I am not familiar with the lightworker terminology and am constantly trying to create a mapping or a dictionary. Where I come from, folks discuss and strive for enlightenment, which means the loss of the feeling of being a separate self. Especially interesting is that they report that the sense of ownership of an action is missing. They no longer say ‘I walk’ but ‘walking happens’.
    Here, in the lightworker blogosphere, there is the term ascension. Are they the same? I guess so, but I am not sure.
    I try to find a mapping for the term walk-in or braid as well. From the personal accounts I have read of people who experienced the loss of the personal self, most of them describe that they become more peaceful, more at ease with what is. And they become fearless, not immediately, but gradually.
    It is not that the personality changes completely. It is more that the dysfunctional aspects fall away. Everything that is just a mask which is put up in order to fit in and to please others will fall away. Hence the fearlessness.
    They become more authentic.
    I don’t know whether the walk-in will be like that. This difference in vocabulary is really puzzling to me. But maybe if a walk-in is something like enlightenment, it would be not something to worry about.

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    • Dayna says:

      I am really not sure what will happen either, Karin. I am still not completely comfortable with the term walk-in yet that is the term my guides used from the beginning. What I understand so far is that this other aspect, who is in stasis somewhere else, has been with me from the beginning of this life and will eventually take over fully with my permission of course.

      The walk-in community I am apart of on FB gives me many examples of what a walk-in looks like and they are all very different experiences. Unique. Some have had many exchanges while others are braided, some three in a body at once. I was led there by my guides but I still have yet to find any one experience that feels like mine yet but then mine is still in process so I guess I won’t know until it is all said and done.

      The understanding I get from my guides is that the walk-in is braided with me now. This I believe to be true. I feel him. He will eventually step forward and I will step back, though I don’t know if I will leave altogether. Before he can step forward I must be “clear”. When I ask what this means, I see all my chakras open and connected and a plume of light energy pouring out of my crown like a fountain. I am told this clearing is what is currently underway. I believe it, too! lol When I am clear then this other aspect can take over without issue. I believe he requires a certain vibration in order to do so and clearing does this.

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