We are Yeshua

When I awoke from the OBE the three Beings were to my left. I saw them each as light but I knew immediately that they were E.T.s and that my OBE had been with them. They were the “midget men” who I knew were also the Prophet. I asked them, “Who are you?” They responded as one, “We are Yeshua.”

So much commenced after this that I am not sure where to start and I will most likely forget to include everything. So forgive me in advance. I will do my best as I know this is important for more than just me.

These Beings are very ancient and they communicated as such. They have been the caretakers of Earth from the beginning. They are not those who participated in the seeding of Earth, though. They made this very clear. They are of the group who have been called The Many, The Elohim, Melchizedek and other names I cannot think of at the moment. I asked why they always give me Biblical names and was told, “They are Our names.”

They told me they traveled from a different time but also showed me what this looked like. It was literally like they stepped into this time but it would be like they traveled a very, very long time to get here. I suspect what I was shown was them coming from their dimension to ours, but it literally looked like they just crossed over some kind of barrier, like a line in space. It was a dark line. They were on one side and we were on the other.

I asked what they were doing and was told, “You can reproduce better now.” I thought back, “Reproduce? I don’t want to reproduce. I’m fixed.” But then I realized this was their way of saying “sex” and understood that they view sex for what it is – reproduction. It is nothing but that. Curious.

We discussed how my previous lucid dream was my conscious mind’s way of interpreting the events prior to the OBE. I was on board a craft somewhere and was witnessing someone else have some kind of procedure done. I was told that I have a disgust for “reproduction” and that I needed to remove it for it was not accurate and something I picked up from the incarnation cycle. I recognized this disgust right away. My dream was just a reflection of it.

When I met the woman in my dream who was preparing to connect her laptop, I was told that I would be meeting with these Beings. For some reason it scared me and I started to cry. They explained that my human reaction is fear first – thus my reaction. They said they will help me find acceptance and understanding. For now the scenes I recall will be comfortable and at an acceptable level. Eventually they will be less and less so, but only to the extent that I can handle it.

I recall that the light I was looking at was the light used in whatever procedure they were doing. I recall seeing six 1 inch cubed crystals, similar to a dream I recently had. I didn’t see it in the OBE but recalled it almost immediately after I woke. These crystals were used on me but I am not sure what for.

This procedure is not the upgrade that is coming. It was a preparation for it. When I was told this my heart chakra began to light up and I was enveloped in an energy hug that fully surrounded my entire mid-section. I felt that there would be more heart chakra energy with the next upgrade. I melted into it for a bit, enjoying it.

The maps and diagrams I saw were almost forgotten but it was like they reminded me of them because the memory just appeared in my head. I tried and tried to remember the information but it was not forthcoming. I knew I was not meant to know. The information was about the agenda of Team Dark and the harvesting of humans. There is a purposeful increase in population beyond the ability of the Earth to support. It is disturbing but I am not sure why.

I asked why they were visiting me. They said to me, “You are special. You were chosen out of a group of volunteers”. I have been hearing that I am “special” ever since my first communications with my guide. I hate hearing it. So I said to them, “But there are a lot of us.” They responded, “Not as many as you might think.” They then said I was given “gifts”. This I understood to be my spiritual abilities but I did not ask. They explained that I needed to be “clear”. I believe this was what they had been doing in my OBE. I have specific judgments towards sex and intimacy that need to be sorted.

We also talked about the exchange that was soon to take place. It will occur after I am “cleared” (not really sure what that means). The exchange involves another aspect taking over and the current me going into stasis. I asked where I would go and was shown what appeared to be a pod made out of a fabric-like material with a zipper that went all the way around. I saw inside of it a woman – me – asleep and holding an infant. I understood that for me what happens while the other aspect is in control will appear like a very vivid dream. Interesting. I was told also that as they begin to allow me to retain memories of my interactions with them that they will surround me in a “calm” unlike anything I have ever experienced. I got a visual of being surrounded in what looked like a silken cocoon of energy. I am open that that. 🙂

There is more but this is getting too long and I have to get on with my day. I will write more later.


6 thoughts on “We are Yeshua

  1. Carolyn Thompson says:

    You ARE special! and so many incarnated on Earth at this time but very few woke up at this point. So very few, which places those who woke up in important roles, that is essential roles that really will change things, people, etc., more than we can imagine. I sense you have a VERY important role and you will love the exchange too. I think with the “clear” they are specifying your spiritual essence. Your mental, emotional, physical are pretty much ready. Excellent! Thank you for sharing this!

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    • Dayna says:

      Thank you Carolyn. It is hard for me to accept what They tell me, always has been. Perhaps that is the point, though, otherwise I would likely screw it all up. When I was first told I was special I went into a crying fit and pleaded for it all to stop. I remember the moment vividly. I was outside at my Mom’s and running all over the yard talking out loud to this voice that wouldn’t go away and kept saying, “You are special. You were chosen.” This was the same conversation when I asked “Why me?” and was told “You called me.” lol Talk about nearing the edge of insanity. So, yeah, I’m still not use to hearing it nor do I like hearing it.

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      • Carolyn Thompson says:

        I wonder what you know, that is behind those words, that is the reason for your not wanting to hear them. For it is not the words themselves, but what they stand for……

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      • Dayna says:

        When it was said to me those first few times I thought, “I am losing my mind. This is what happens to schizophrenics. I must be schizo.” My mom’s cousin is paranoid schizo and I studied psychology in undergrad, so it was a logical conclusion to draw. I did not want to have any “delusions of grandeur” and was completely convinced I was going insane. I think that is why my mediumship and psychic abilities manifested so quickly because once I saw they were real I began to believe I was totally sane and everyone else wasn’t. lol

        I still do not like to hear it because I know that my Ego likes to hear it and when Ego is involved there is always a tendency to go overboard and fall into some tough lessons. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Don’t wanna go back. 🙂

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  2. Fungi2bwith says:

    “They explained that my human reaction is fear first – thus my reaction.” I saw a video of Inelia Benz discussing her connection to “others” and she had begged them to reveal themselves to her in the physical. They said no because she would panic but she was adamant about seeing them and felt she was ready since she had been “with” them for a long time and saw them in visionary state. Well, they materialized, in the physical, and she panicked. I think her words were something like having the shit scared out of her, LOL. They said “told you so.” It doesn’t matter how “ready” we are for that, the human vessel will shock in the face of the “unbelievable”. People think they’re ready for ET’s to land and show themselves but the mass panic would be overwhelming. This whole post really resonated for me, thank you!

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  3. Dayna says:

    You’re welcome. 🙂

    I have asked to see them, many times. The closest I get is in OBEs and that is OK with me. In the dream in this post I was lucid when I cried and I remember wondering why I was crying. I could not make sense of it. I felt no fear yet part of me was in hysterics. Only when I awoke did it begin to make sense. I have heard voices while wide awake and that scared the bejesus out of me. I think that is proof enough that I’m not ready to see one here in the physical. Inelia is brave.lol

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