Dream: Interventionist

Guess what? I actually woke up in a pretty descent mood! This was despite being woken at 5:30 (again) and then having my entire household up just fifteen minutes later when my husband decided to go for an early morning run in the cold (yeah he’s crazy and preparing for the Austin Marathon).

Why am I in a good mood? Progress is being made and I was allowed to glimpse a smidgen of it. This is not just my progress either.

Dream: Interventionist

I was at work feeling a bit unnatural in the environment. I am not sure what this environment was, but I recall a close friend of mine being there with me and she was panicking about some abrupt change to her life. I was attempting to console her but she was in a hurry to leave, as was I. We were both being called to a meeting.

I couldn’t find my shoes and searched for them. I was not frantic, though, but very calm in a casual way. I located my shoes – two small, black dress flats with tiny bows on the toes.

The next few sections of the dream all blur together but I recall being with a fairly large group of maybe 10 or 12 people. I recall doing my “work” which appeared to be counseling. The specific memory I had was of helping a girl whose parents were beside themselves over a health crisis in their family. Their son, the girl’s older brother, was having surgery to correct a congenital heart defect. As a result of the stress, the parents were not very nice to the little girl. In some cases outright mean. She could not understand and was very upset and confused. She was one of my assignments and so I reached out to her, telling her to hold her parents in her heart because they were worried about losing her brother and to ignore their harsh comments. I remember that when I spoke to the girl she was floating about two feet off the ground in front of me. It was like she was Spirit but I know better. In fact, I think she was likely dreaming and I was guiding her from the Spirit side. I remember that when she realized why her parents were so nasty that she smiled and was much comforted.

After this crisis episode I was told I was being promoted. I had not been working long at my current job so this surprised me. I was asked if I would accept a promotion and I said I would. I was told I was being promoted to Interventionist. I don’t remember having much of an opinion of it but I do recall that the reassignment meant I would have to move.

Then I was in an apartment with my roommates preparing to move out. My roommates constituted my main group but there were many more other groups we associated with. I remember that my promotion was considered a big deal to my group because I had not been at my previous position very long and already had been moved “up”.

As I was preparing to leave I visited another group next door. When I went inside it was a very large conference room rather than an apartment. Everyone was sitting at long tables and conversing. When I went inside I felt bad because I had not visited in a while. I apologized and one woman said, “That’s okay. You’ve been very busy.”

I spoke with many, many people, asking them about their new assignments. Most kept their assignments but were sent to a different location. I recall they were going to locations where there was great need. Most all were going in directions they hadn’t anticipated. I saw several shocked faces.

There was an older lady who was not very attractive. She had a huge smile and was quite wrinkly. I remember she wore glasses attached to an eye glass chain. She approached me with open arms and was very, very excited to see me. She hugged me and I hugged her back but was a bit confused as I did not recognize her. She said to me, “I am so happy to see you! I love you so much! I have loved you from the moment I first saw you!” With her words came a visual that we had met many lifetimes ago. She then kissed me firmly on the lips. I didn’t know what to think. Was this woman for real? lol

At the end of the dream a woman opened up her letter of assignment and it said she was to be a member of City Council. I applauded her and everyone joined in. It was a rare event to be given such an assignment.


So why the good mood? I am not really sure. Maybe it is just because I feel progress is being made? Or maybe because I finally know my assignment?

The title of Interventionist is not unfamiliar to me. I have been perusing local school websites for counseling jobs just to see what is out there and “feel out” various positions. So far everything has disagreed with me. However, the title of Interventionist frequently pops up. In a school setting they intervene in situations when resolution has not been reached by other means and work with both sides to find a solution. They are considered experts in their area. In a school setting most are in Special Education (not my area at all).

I do not think the title given in the dream is necessarily a job I will “find” or “obtain” here in the physical. It is likely a job on the spiritual side. However, it could be in the physical as well. It could be Spiritual Crisis Intervention. When I consider this line of work my heart chakra, which has seemed dead for a while now, wakes up. Hmmm.

Based upon the dream, others are also receiving or about to receive their new assignments. This is a good thing even though, for some, it may seem completely out of sync with what they had “planned” on doing. Plans change for a reason. It is important to trust you are being sent in the direction where you are most needed.



One thought on “Dream: Interventionist

  1. truthcodex says:

    I’ve also been in great moods upon waking lately, though I can’t recall exactly why. Your new assignment sounds purposeful! 🙂

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