Dream: Pole Confusion

Last night I was talking with two of my guides – John and Jeb. I was hysterically laughing at Jeb and his yelling tactics to get my attention. They were both more serious than usual and it just made me laugh at the irony of it. I told Jeb, “Aren’t I the serious one?” and he replied, “You are serious about all the wrong things” and he conveyed my tendency to get overly serious about mundane issues rather than my purpose for being here. He relayed to me that I should be serious about “sharing and spreading my/the Light” and not the other things.

We had a longer conversation, but I will spare you the details. Let’s just say I was way humbled by the end of it and agreeable to “listening” more closely to my guidance.

The last thing he told me was that they would help cheer me up so that I woke up in a better mood.

Dream: Pole Confusion

I had one of those dreams that lasted most of the night. I would wake up and when I would return to sleep it continued.

In the dream I was in the distant, distant Earth past. The continents did not resemble anything of today. The first thing I noticed was there was way more water and less land visible. The land that was visible was very green and lush – tropical almost.

I witnessed the interactions of two nations. One was much more reasonable than the other. The unreasonable one was called “Georgia”. I was shown how much progress Georgia had made. I saw they had built sea walls to protect from hurricanes and tsunamis. The weather was much more unpredictable back then. I saw they also had an intricate canal system. They used the abundance of water to their advantage – transportation, agriculture, electricity (but this is the wrong word – they used another form of power there is no name for in our vocabulary) – everything was linked to water. I saw their location as being in the southern U.S., like far south Texas, but I believe this may have been my mind trying to make sense of everything. The continent that it would be on today would mostly have been under water. If it were the U.S., all but a few states would be visible.

There was a “war” on-going between Georgia and the other nation which was located far to the south and across a vast ocean. The disagreements were mostly over who controlled the ocean. The southern nation was more into negotiations while Georgia was more about taking action. Georgia kept attacking the other nation.

I was talking with a guide as I watched and learned. The other nation was concerned because they knew Georgia was oblivious to the changes occurring on Earth. The poles had completely changed places – North was now South. Yet Georgia did not realize this and so were “turned around”. All hopes to ever save Georgia were lost.


When I awoke from this dream I remembered names of the people involved. I was even spelling them as they were foreign sounding to me. All I recall now is that they had “on” on the ends of the names. There was a name I heard that did not have this, though – Ira – but it sounded like “Ear-ra”. Another thing that was interesting is that both nations had female leaders. In fact it was a matriarchal world.

I don’t know if this dream was of an actual time or a fictitious one. It felt very real – like this place and time existed somewhere. It could be that I visited another timeline or that I actually traveled very far back in Earth’s history.

I had a question prior to returning to sleep. What was the deal about the poles switching? Why was this important for me to see/know?

Picture credit: Map of the USA during the Late Devonian Period.


2 thoughts on “Dream: Pole Confusion

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  2. truthcodex says:

    I’ve been guided the Earth’s EM field is changing drastically. As it does so, particularly over the next couple years, it will have major impacts on how we perceive and interact in our realities. The Earth’s magnetic north and south poles are shifting currently. Link: http://magneticreversal.org/ Everyone on the planet is feeling odd effects due to this as we emit our own individual EM fields as well. [For example, we both recently discussed the ‘enforced amnesia’ effect and memory reference points being dissolved.]

    These things will continue to accelerate. Understanding the perception of time is critical. Those living in their heads will feel as though there’s ‘not enough time’ to do what’s required of them in their external world. Those living in their hearts will feel as though time is actually moving *through* them, and they’ll gain very conscious control in how to manifest their realities through increasing synchronicity.

    There will be many who will not be able to make the leap from head to heart consciousness. Some of them we as wayshowers will be able to assist. Others we will not. The leap is indeed critical because, as the old world crumbles, people will feel as though their world is falling apart from an ego point of view.

    A while back you recalled in a grocery store that a thought entered your mind that was not even yours. It was something like ‘I can’t take this anymore’. People living in the old consciousness will not be able to discern the difference between those lower vibrational thoughts and their own fields. As the external world appears increasingly chaotic through natural disasters, geopolitical failures, economic crashes, etc, the lower vibrational fields will reverberate and get very ‘loud’ all over the Earth. Picture that as their last hurrah. But there will be those who will not be able to discern what is there’s vs. what isn’t and will go nuts. They’ll exit physical reality as a result. This is the shift in consciousness. It’s time. Be ready and live in love.

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