3D Rant

I hear and read that there is suppose to be a great upgrade underway, or something of the sort. For me, this is not true, at least not that I know of. I am struggling with all things 3D and  I have absolutely no spiritual energetic connection at this time. It is like it was shut off and nothing I do turns it back on. Meditation does nothing. Music does nothing. Yoga, well I haven’t even bothered. Asking for it back does practically nothing but I did get yelled at yesterday and had lots of OBEs. lol The OBEs are nice, but after all that transpired in December, they are nothing but interesting sideshows. So all that seems to be left for me at this time is 3D. Yuck.

I have been focused on 3D despite hating it. What else can I do? I have handled our budget crisis. Took me only a week to cut expenses where I could. I refinanced one car and then traded in the other for an older model. I am the one who got the “new” older car since I don’t go very many places. And you know what? When I went to finance the new used car, they didn’t want my husband as a co-signer despite me having no job and no income! Who sells a car to someone with no job? Mazda. hahaha

I also downgraded my phone. I still have a smart phone but wi-fi only. No more checking email while shopping, not that I get any emails really anyway. lol

Despite all the changes, we will still be cutting things dangerously close every month. That is fine with me. As long as I don’t have to go back to work and follow my inner guidance. Yeah, I’m stubborn like that.

I spent all day yesterday doing our income taxes for 2015. I got as far as I could and it was a nice reprieve from life. I don’t love doing my taxes but I like the mental focus it takes. It kept me from going stir crazy at least.

Speaking of taxes, I have been really disgusted about property taxes in our area. We pay nearly as much as our mortgage in taxes every month. That is insane. On top of all that, I see no point in even trying to pay off a mortgage because even after that is done we could still lose “our” property if we don’t pay the ridiculous taxes. Property ownership is all a big fat lie. We never really actually own anything. The government does.

Makes me want to buy a tent and live in a national forest somewhere off the grid. They would probably find a way to tax me and take my tent then as well.

I guess you can see why my guide yelled at me yesterday. I am not being a very compliant charge, wife, citizen, tax payer, person….etc, etc.




18 thoughts on “3D Rant

  1. kittyasmith says:

    Bahahahahahahaw!!!! We are so alike, sometimes.
    I have felt stuck in 3D myself, but then there are these beautiful magnificent moments that give me hope….

    I have just noticed on Sunday, it seems there are so many people who have “gifts” but when they talk about them, it is clear they really have no refinement. Many even throw them about like they are performing magic acts for the crowds. I know we each grow at our own pace, yet it feels like such a lack of respect.

    I am grateful for the slow boat I am on. My own abilities, although scarce at times, are far more in tune because of the training I am undergoing.

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  2. litebeing says:

    I enjoy your honesty. Good to know about Mazda 😉
    BTW I do not think you can totally be stuck in 3D if you have managed to experience “elsewhere,” Yes, vibratory rates can vary and all, but I do not think one can put the Genie back in the bottle. But hey, I am learning more all the time, so take my comments with some salt.

    peace, litebeing

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  3. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Keep it real, just like you are! for it is in the mundane and every day tasks that we are really living in. So much talk of higher worlds can lead people to bankrupsty and homelessness by fantisizing beyond what we must deal with every single day….. keep it real. I bought a home and sold it six months later when I found out that by the time I paid the entire mortgage I would have paid the price of the home three times! Besides I move too much, would love to homestead, but…. I am in the Austin area but am ready for a move soon to come… And sometimes it is nice to not be so “ON”….. take the time for yourself as you & family just went through health upheaval… play some old 3D board games and giggle!

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  4. herongrace says:

    Well done! Simplifying is where it’s at for sensitives I reckon. It makes life so much less complicated. I don’t really understand people hocking themselves into so much debt buying brand new cars etc when if you shop around there are so many good used bargains out there.
    For me being as independent and off grid as I can be is the only way I can be happy.

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  5. teleile says:

    I know just how you feel. (Glad you are better, and hope your kids are now, too – that bout of toxin-clearing didn’t sound like a whole lot of fun).
    Yes, we have to deal with spiritual blasts at high-voltage, AND the frustrating, dense, ‘hahaha, you’re never gonna win’ treadmill of 3D duties. I so hate living on this planet, with its tedious requirements, that I’m amazed I’ve stuck it this long, and three times I turned down options to go Home. Some days I shake my head: ‘What was I *thinking*?’ Hahaha! 🙂

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    • Dayna says:

      We are all better except my husband who is aching all over and fatigued. He has escaped the vomiting hell at least. All my kids took 2days to get over it . Guess I should count myself lucky.


  6. I’ve also been dealing with 3d Financial bullshit, I am about over it. Struggling to feed my family is way too much stress for me. I wanna go back to 5D. I have been in a resting mode, and everyone else is talking about the big shifts. I do feel them coming, but for me I’ve been dealing with the human life like you. Its lame, but I don’t think we really have a choice at this point. lol I guess Im sticking it out here for the long haul.

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  7. talynia says:

    LOL my husband will buy a new car tomorrow it’s a Mazda 6 and I will get the old 2008 Prius for my job to drive! So funny that you guys also got a Mazda! 😀

    BTW, when I read your quote here:
    “I spent all day yesterday doing our income taxes for 2015. I got as far as I could and it was a nice reprieve from life. I don’t love doing my taxes but I like the mental focus it takes. It kept me from going stir crazy at least.”

    My left ear suddenly started to ring in a very high pitched frequency, I don’t know why, but this happens honestly many times when I read something specific. I only wish I would know why in the particular case!

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    • Dayna says:

      Zoom Zoom! lol

      I traded a 2012 Toyota Highlander for a 2008 Mazda 5. 35k miles up to 80k miles but hey, now I have bluetooth, seat warmers, a moon roof – the works. And I love the sliding doors. But IMO Toyota is far superior. We have a 2013 Prius. 😉

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  8. mollyb111 says:

    This made me laugh and I’m looking into Mazda – zoom, zoom!

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