Predicting the Game

I have a fun story to tell. 🙂

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at my brother-in-law’s house because his great aunt and uncle had come for a visit. They were all watching the playoff game between the Cardinals and the Panthers. My brother-in-law had bet on the Cardinals and was talking about how bad the game looked in the beginning of the 3rd quarter. I was not really interested because I just don’t like watching football, never have, but the conversation reminded me of something that happened a while ago. So I told them the story.

One day, probably three years ago, I was waiting at the Toyota dealership for my car to have an oil change. There just happened to be a football game on. I don’t recall who was playing. A man was very engrossed in the game. His eyes were glued to the T.V. I remember glancing at the screen and knowing what was about to happen. At the time, the losing team was this guy’s team and he was in despair because they were losing. I told him, “They’re going to win. In a minute, they are going to intercept the ball and run all the way across the field for a touchdown.” The man smiled and said something like, “I hope so.”

I focused on my middle son who was playing in the corner and then heard the man yell and point at the screen. I looked up and saw a player from the man’s team running across the field. He made a touchdown at the last minute and won the game. Then they did a replay and I saw the them intercept the ball just like I said. Hahaha

The man was in shock and looked at me and asked me several times, “How did you know that was going to happen?” I said, “I don’t know. I just did.” He said, “I need you at the next game.” He wanted to take me home with him right then and there he was so excited. He must have had made a pretty big wager on that game.

So I told this story and everyone laughed and the night continued on. Then, in the 4th quarter, my brother-in-law was still hoping his team would win. I told him, “Sorry. They’re going to make two touchdowns before the end of the game.” I told them I saw a big black man make the touchdown and they joked saying, “Which one?” I didn’t know. Then we all watched, including me.

After the first touchdown, I told my uncle-in-law (is that what they’re called?), “They will get to 49 points.” And then they made the last touchdown and hit 49 points. My poor brother-in-law! We left before the game ended and I just saw the score. Cardinals 15, Panthers 49. Tee-hee!

Of course, they all wanted me to predict the next game for a bit of the winnings. I told them, “If I did that, then I would be wrong.” It’s true, too. As soon as I have any interest in the outcome my predictions go to pot.

Just thought I would share. 🙂 Oh and please don’t hate me for predicting this game. I could care less who wins and really have no affiliation toward any one team. In fact, I am so ignorant about such things that had you asked me, I would not have known if the Panthers were a football or baseball team. I can just see half of you in shock right now. Hahaha!



2 thoughts on “Predicting the Game

  1. kittyasmith says:

    Sounds like a happy day!

    I like watching a good football game once in a while. I end up upsetting the real fans because I cheer for both sides.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Karin says:

    Really cool story. Thanks for sharing.

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