OBE: After the Flood

When I first became lucid I was in the kitchen of my childhood home. A man who I thought of as my “husband” was tiling the counter tops and I watched thinking it odd that the tiles were staying in place because there was no support underneath, only a wood frame. At some point I embraced this man, who did not look like my husband even though that is what I thought he was. When we embraced my chakras lit up intensely, especially my second chakra. This woke me up in my dream and temporarily in my body. I then went OOB again.

I became aware of being in a desert landscape. I knew somehow that I had gone to a time on Earth after the great flood. Animals of all types had been rescued and then redeposited on Earth. I saw a lion and decided to become a lion. I was then looking through his eyes, which was a pretty amazing feeling as you can imagine!  I saw a tree and decided to climb it. I remember seeing myself as an African lion and being confused because I knew I was in the southwestern US – Yuma specifically, and the only lions there are cougars. So I became a cougar and climbed up into the tree. 

As I traveled as this lion I knew there was a large river that ran through the area (it is not currently there). The river had all kinds of creatures that don’t exist now – enormous crocodiles, mermaids and mermen, and other creatures I don’t have names for. Across the river was a massive, golden bridge. I remember knowing all this and seeing it in my mind like a memory. I then became aware that I was standing on a cliff over a magnificent, crystal blue river with calm waters. I jumped in and felt myself under the water and had to remind myself to breathe and that I was OOB.

While under the water, information flooded through me about this time on Earth that I had visited. It was a time when the Earth was starting over and was given a second chance. I became acutely aware that there was a baby boy that needed to be protected. In my memory I kept calling him Sananda. I saw him similar to the baby Jesus – swaddled in white blankets inside a tiny crib. But instead of a baby he was a golden ball of energy that was so beautiful and radiant that all I wanted to do was keep him safe.

Then I was downstairs in my own home very aware of being OOB. I went outside and my vision began to black out. It was like I was afraid of what I would find. I turned toward the house and my vision turned on. I saw that our neighbor had a pool (he doesn’t in real life). I flew over the fence, worried for a moment that I would be sucked into the sky, and hovered over the pool. It’s water was clear with some leaves floating in it. I then noticed another pool in another neighbor’s yard that isn’t there in real life either. This one was also crystal blue and its light was on which made it look more like a crystal than a pool. I briefly wondered, “Why so many pools?”

I decided to fly into my neighbor’s house and saw a large, white dog below me. He barked and came at me. I reached down toward him and he snapped at me. I flew thought the glass doors into the house and the dog followed me barking the whole time. We both just went right through the glass! I put my hand in the dog’s mouth as if I were playing with him and he kept barking at me. But I knew I had nothing to fear.

Then I was back outside floating in the darkness of my back yard. I suddenly became very confused. I didn’t know who I was or what day it was or anything! I struggled to remember and finally recalled it was Saturday and who I was. This is when I woke up.


5 thoughts on “OBE: After the Flood

  1. teleile says:

    Wow, that sounds amazing, with the animals, I would love to have seen that!

    Yes, I’ve sometimes been in situations where not everything can be shared, but aware that without telling these parts, I am not being fully clear. It is maddening! 😦
    I would go with, ‘If in doubt, don’t.’ Because you can’t take these things back! You are as honest and truthful as a person can be; sometimes some things just have to be kept private, and there’s not much we can do about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      It was pretty spectacular. It looked similar to the picture – the water anyway. There was a vast plain spread out on either side of the river but it was barren – just red rocks and dirt. Far in the distance were mesas, mountains and plateaus. It was pretty awesome to look at.


  2. teleile says:

    These animals that were rescued and then re-deposited on Earth: I believe it, but how do you think they *do* that??
    I have read more than one good reliable clairvoyant talking about how humans can be taken off the planet, eg to keep them from a cataclysm, and then they reappear. I have no problem in believing this, but the technical ‘how’ puzzles me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      I didn’t see that. I only saw it after every animal was back. I didn’t see any humans unless you count mermaids/mermen (yeah weird!). I suspect they take them up in their ships and hold them until the time is right and then redeposit them. I read in The Convoluted Universe that this was done and while they were in the ships they were impervious to time but saw everything that happened to Earth. They could only go up if their vibration was right I think, too.


  3. kittyasmith says:

    It is time to use the rose Quartz again. Be sure to clear it first. The moon energy would be gentle.

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