Walk-In Acceptance

This morning I awoke suddenly to an intense pulling in my heart chakra. This is not new to me anymore. Seems my heart is always doing something these days. Yet this morning there was a serious feeling coming from my Team that demanded my attention. I knew instantly what was going on. I said to my Team, “I’m a walk-in.”

There’s that word again! I have not been bringing it up as much as it is coming up. I think I am just in denial of all of it. It is such a bizarre idea in and of itself and I struggle to make sense of it and how it could possibly be something I am.

Well this morning I guess my Team has had it with me and my denial and they just outright told me, “Yes, you are a walk-in.” With that I knew when it occurred – 2014 – and all the puzzle pieces began fit neatly together.


I knew I had to talk to my husband. So, I did. I explained everything to him to the best of my ability. I explained how I have been feeling, how I have changed in the last year or so. I explained what a walk-in is and that I believe I am one. I explained what it meant and what I knew was coming.

Specifically, I told him that I had been sad last night after I connected with him at the heart level. I am sad because I know I am being asked to leave. Soon. I told him it is not now. I don’t know when it will be. But I know it is coming. I am being prepared for it and so I am also preparing him and our children for it. I don’t want them to be shocked when the time comes.

Surprisingly, he reacted calmly and with admiration. He said, “You have such great confront! Most people would be squirming away from even looking.” True. Yet I don’t think he really understands.

Your-Higher-SelfThe Specifics

From what I understand (still Remembering), the walk-in began gradually. The walk-out had to prepare and was very reluctant to leave. The walk-out/walk-in should have happened years ago but the original soul kept changing her mind. Ambivalent. She was so excited about the changes leading up to her departure that she kept staying. The changes were the spiritual awakening and everything else she was experiencing. Who wouldn’t change their mind and want to stay?

It was decided that after her last child was born that she would leave. The preparations would begin during the pregnancy and continue until the exchange was complete. And so it began almost immediately, but it was slow and gradual.

When explaining it to my husband, I realized just exactly how it happened and why I didn’t really notice the changes. The walk-out has to relinquish control of the body. This is a gradual process for the two (body and soul) are firmly connected. The walk-in was present the entire time and the merging process was finally initiated. This is why there was a braid-in. Both had to be present in the body and then control of the body could be transferred. This is less traumatic and easier for the walk-out and also gives the walk-in time to adjust and observe.

The original soul is still present. I think she will be for a while. She does not want to let go and wants to see this through to a positive end. Agreements were made and contracts written that must be followed through to completion.

I knew this morning that ultimately my job will be to prepare my family for my departure. They are not part of my mission here. They were part of hers. Though I carry a deep love for them all, I do not have the attachment to them that she does. When I first recognized this detached feeling I retracted in horror from it because it was not something she would have felt; it was completely out of sync with the memories I carried of her life.

Like I told my husband, I don’t know when I will be called to leave. It will come, though. I have no doubt of it now. I explained what the call feels like to my husband and how it has manifested previously. A massive amount of energy descends from above and I feel HUGE and full of clarity and knowingness. I just know what to do and I do not hesitate to do it. This happened when I agreed to sell our old home and move away from my family. I knew a contract with my mom had come to a conclusion and I was free to leave. There was massive amounts of relief along with sadness. The conflicting emotions didn’t make sense to me then but now they do. The old me, still very present, was grieving, the new me was excited to move on.


The body has to be prepared for the walk-in soul. The vibration of the walk-in is much higher and could result in major physical difficulties or even death (at the extreme). My experiences in 2014 up until just recently are evidence of the necessary upgrades.

Simultaneously, I was traveling in my sleep and meeting up with my soul family. These kinds of connections are evident in my journal entries as well. That is why I was asked to review them.

It all makes a so much more sense to me now looking back on it all. I was told numerous times of the upcoming exchange, I just didn’t understand what it really meant and I thought the end result would be different – that I would be somehow changed overnight and be someone else. It is not like that at all. I retain everything from the walk-out – the memories, the experiences, the feelings. I am still her on so many levels but at the same time I’m not. The exchange will not be 100% complete until I have fulfilled all her soul contracts and agreements. Until then, I am bound by them as she was. Once I finish what she started I will be free to join up with my family (soul group) who is waiting for me. I feel the pull from my soul family intensly. It doesn’t ever go away. I miss them.

What is the most difficult for me right now is the reconciliation of what was and what will be. My Team, so very serious this morning, left me with a message. They kept repeating, “Remember you are loved. We love you.” This was said multiple times. As I continue to process everything I am Remembering, I understand why they would say this. What lies ahead will not be easy and I will need to remember I am loved.









17 thoughts on “Walk-In Acceptance

  1. trillia1 says:

    As the second walk-in within this body I greet you from this Now Moment on Earth. If you wish to share information between us regarding this experience and the whys of it, I am available. You can contact me via email at starseedhighway@gmail.com. Greetings dear one. ~ Trillia/RaNia

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    OMG This makes so much sense. ….and raises more questions.

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  3. It is so challenging for us as walk ins. I am on a very similar path that you are, I have been integrating for a very long time, I was reluctant to leave this body to the new soul. I have been slowly detaching from my earth life, one that growing up was all I ever wanted and more! And now I must prepare my family and myself for the walk out. I can feel it coming, it is on the horizon. All will happen in perfect timing for us both. I just want to offer my experiences to give you some hope that you’re not alone, and it’s going to be ok. 🙂

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    • Dayna says:

      Thank you. It does seem like this has been going on a very, very long time! And what you said about preparing for the walk-out sounds right. I just didn’t think of it that way.

      Thank you for sharing this about yourself. It is good to know I am not alone. ❤

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  4. This all sounds very exciting. Walk-ins! Twin Flames! Destiny! A little at odds, perhaps, with the ‘keeping your thoughts in check’ advice from earlier. Sometimes I think there’s a lot to be said for, “Chop wood, make a tasty dinner for the kids, carry water”. 🙂

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    • Dayna says:

      Not sure how its at odds with keeping my thoughts in check. BTW I still live my life. No chopping wood but I do my share of making food, wiping snotty noses, homework help, trampoline buddy, etc. Life goes on no matter what.

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      • Sorry Dayna, I’m more than a little hyper-aware of trying (with mixed results) to keep my own two feet on the ground during these interesting times, and unfairly projected that onto you. I hear some honest enthusiasm from someone and the Olde Puritan in me comes out shouting “Warning! Warning!” My baggage and not yours. Sincerest apologies!

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      • Dayna says:

        It’s okay. I was heading into the storm anyway. 😉


  5. Carolyn Thompson says:

    congratulations! seems many angelic souls are leaving us as new walk-ins take charge of the next phase of life. just mind-amazingly-blowing for sure!

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  6. truthcodex says:

    I completely understand about ‘being called to leave’. This happened with me as well, but I had no conscious awareness of why I had to leave at the time. This caused me much guilt on my end due to human cultural requirements and belief systems. I’m telling you this just as a reassurance: if there is any residue of guilt you can definitely let it go! It sounds like the old you may have grappled with this. The new you is accepting and open about it, which is wonderful! 😀

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  7. teleile says:

    How do you know these beings are good, what methods do you use to test them?
    Not as stupid a question as it might seem. There are groups in the astral plane who want desperately to get hold of a human body. The problem is in finding one that they can take over. They look for people who are psychic, ie, who can OBE easily, and who are dissatisfied with their lives. If they can actually persuade that person to *willingly* vacate their human body, they will. To do so, they can masquerade as all kinds of things, as beings of light, masters, etc.
    When the person has left, and sees that they were duped into handing over their physical body, it’s too late ….. they can’t get back in.

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    • Dayna says:

      It is good to be cautious, and trust me, I am. I know my guides are good because I feel in my heart they are good. Plus, I’ve known them my whole life and they have never done anything to harm me. I’ve also seen them, interacted with them, learned from them, the list goes on. I only feel love and complete trust for them, especially my Companion.

      Thank you for your concern.


      • teleile says:

        I believe you; and yes, sorry, I forgot that you have known these guides for a long time, and it’s not like they just showed up last week and said, ‘Psst! Wanna buy a bridge?’ 😀
        I was just worried that you might not be aware of the dangers in the spiritual world. And I have had to help people in the astral sometimes, who’ve run into troubles; it makes me super-cautious and alert. 😦

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      • Dayna says:

        No need to apologize. Caution is good and warranted in some instances. I’ve run into some pretty sad cases in astral as well. They get stuck. It’s sad. Thankfully I have not done much work saving these individuals from within the astral. I did it here, but I have run across a couple over there.


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