Beautiful Bliss

Did you feel the energy last night?! It was off the charts! Or at least for me it was.

I first started noticing it around 8pm CST. I was settling my children into bed and soothing my youngest who demands I be right next to him until he falls asleep. So, as I lay there with him, sitting up and quite uncomfortable, my heart chakra just bursts wide open and wave upon wave of energy begins to pour through me and out of me. The energy expanded and then I felt my other chakras light up one by one. Root, sacral, solar, throat. The energy never rose above my throat.

This was pure bliss energy. My heart still felt almost painful at times but I didn’t care. Though my root and second chakras were pulsing with energy, I never felt sexual. It was just beautiful, wonderful, heavenly bliss. It made me want to cry tears of joy.

It lasted for over 20 minutes. Hehehehe

Another Wave

After that, it settled and I felt an urge to do yoga. As I was doing yoga, my crown and third-eye lit up with energy and I had what I like to call “raccoon eyes” from the intense energy around my nose and eyes that formed a mask of energy. I don’t know why I connect this mask to the raccoon specifically, but I just think of their little masked faces when I get it. lol

I also had sporadic intense shots of energy through my heart as I was doing yoga. This was most intense in savasana.

When I finished with yoga I felt like I had just had a strong cup of espresso. I was wired! Hatha yoga usually does the opposite for me. I do think it helped my physical body to relax and release areas of tension that may have been blocking the energy. Whatever the cause, I was flying high afterward.

From that point on the energy just kept hitting me in waves of pure bliss. These waves came in intensely and then would settle for a bit, giving me time to recover. I was able to read and function quite normally between them. Sometimes the shots of energy would hit my heart chakra in such a way as to be painful, but it never lasted long and I didn’t much care.

Interestingly, I could feel the energy doing its magic in certain chakras. At one point my sacral plexus felt like a massive ball of warm, tingling, swirly energy. It moved around in a circular pattern and reminded me of water.  My throat chakra was also lighting up in a strange way, moving around like it was alive. Very strange sensations!

After several hours of this intense energy a portion of my upper back, near my right shoulder blade, began to spasm. It was not painful but it was enough to keep me from relaxing and falling asleep. I finally gave up trying to relax at 12:30am and took a Benadryl. Thankfully it helped and I fell asleep about a half hour later.

I was told that my upper back pain was the result of a high heart block that was unable to clear. The pain was an indicator to slow down. My Team told me, “Slow down, your body can only take so much.” I had been requesting the energy to keep coming (who wouldn’t?). I was very enthusiastic about all of it. lol



5 thoughts on “Beautiful Bliss

  1. I know that at about 12:45 am EST I was blissful. I was tried from a cold, and wanted to sleep. I was thinking about how good it can feel to be sick? I was enjoying feeling tired, then energy hit me, and I had to get water. After listening to Matt Kahn in order to calm my energy, I started coughing and couldn’t sleep for a bit. Then I feel into a sleep where I was very knowledgable about being asleep and thinking in my sleep about how uncomfortable my throat was. I wanted to wake up and cough, but only did a few times. I do not recall my dreams too well. I woke up at 8am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So if you count the hours trying to sleep, I got 7 and half hours last night. If you only count actual sleep, I’d say less then 5 hours. (I’m now on caffeine so my energy doesn’t drop at 12.
    Now I remember in the dream I was buying a wine bottle at a vending machine for $20. Only my credit card didn’t work, because a debt agency had taken all the money from my bank. It was for not paying something that I had canceled a long time ago. When I went home to make the phone call to straighten things up, a lot of people came to my apartment. Then maintenance came and explained why they had let me keep all the bookcases that when normally they charge a monthly fee to have bookcases in an apartment. ???

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  2. truthcodex says:

    Some intense energy last night for me as well! It woke me up several times. In my half-awake, half-dreaming mindset I only really remember understanding that I was being instructed this was my natural expression. Beautiful feelings! 🙂

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  3. talynia says:

    hmmm I was very tired last night so I fell asleep very quickly, even though I tried to meditate etc. However it’s funny that you said your upper back started a spasm. Because I also felt spasms and twitches along the spine last evening. I was sitting in my chair doing computer stuff, as I felt the pushes against the chair lean! It’s not only that I feel it internal, I feel the energy pushes through the body and pressing against something I lean against! It’s so strong!

    The energy balls from the Solar plexus tend to pulse very strong for me lately. It’s like suddenly I have a very strong heart beat pumping a few times in a row! Then out of a sudden my whole stomach moves and I feel the energy ball inclusive the density of it traveling along my belly and into the left or right side of my body which usually makes me jump as I am too ticklish around the sides, I actually feel it going into the rib cage! Which is intense! A pure energy ball of heavy, dense energy pressing it’s way and suddenly you feel like being tickled and need to jump LOL

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