Reminder: Keep Your Thoughts in Check

Today has already been very different from the last month. I awoke with an odd feeling – very “normal” and calm. I have been experiencing major up’s and down’s for some time, so the settled feeling was welcomed. My entire perception seems to have shifted over night. I wonder if this feeling marks the beginning of whatever Chapter 2 is all about?


As is part of my daily routine with my two youngest, we went to the playground and then for a walk around the neighborhood. As I was watching them play I realized that I have been very much caught up in my mind for a while now, worrying about the future or wondering what to do next. I felt that this was a slip on my part but now I am at the point where I can resume focusing on the present, living in the present and living from my heart.

I knew my Team was communicating with me in their silent but intense way and was grateful. It is a knowingness that just rises up from within and brings with it a distinct presence; a We rather than a Me.

They suggested I practice meditation throughout my day, mainly keeping a watch on my thoughts and not letting them run a muck. With this came the reminder that I am manifesting my reality on a much higher level than ever before. It is very important right now to keep a tight rein on thought for this very reason.

I was also reminded that being present in the moment, not focusing on the future and what may or may not happen, is all part of learning to trust and follow the heart. When it is time to do something or change something I will know. The heart will tell me.

With this my heart began to pull intensely and my third-eye began to buzz.

Message well received.

So, I began to monitor my thoughts and keep them in check. I let myself observe and be present in the moment. It was/is a nice feeling. I can’t believe I forgot about it. I am corrected from within here – They say “You were distracted”. Yeah, okay, distracted. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Reminder: Keep Your Thoughts in Check

  1. Fungi2bwith says:

    There are “levels” of Heart Center evolution. Those on the spiritual path have had a Heart Center awakening where we feel the warmth and compassion that awareness brings. But, it’s off and on bouncing back and forth between Heart Mind and Ego Mind, most of the time without even realizing it. Then, there’s the Heart Center activation, where the vortex spins perpetually/permanently now, creating the toriodal field, the Merkabah. Now the quality of the field affects your environment, and others, quickly, hence the heavy purification process. Powers of manifestation become faster and more and more magical. Falling back into the mind becomes more and more uncomfortable. Learning to stay in the Heart is a process, very difficult at times, as you know, but vastly rewarding in time. Rituals and meditation are important as they are reminders to stay present and conscious of BEing in the Heart. You have crossed a huge milestone recently, give yourself some credit for that. Try not to focus so much on the difficulty and love yourself for the accomplishment;)))

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    • Dayna says:

      Beautifully written. I have definitely fallen out of the habit of meditating and taking care of myself. For over a week now I have been nudged to get my diet back in check and take care of my physical self and obligations. I feel like I’m learning to walk for the first time. Something else to ponder another time I guess.

      Trying to give myself credit but am my own worst critic. I tend to jump in head first with these kinds of things. lol

      Thank you. ❤


  2. “With this came the reminder that I am manifesting my reality on a much higher level than ever before. It is very important right now to keep a tight rein on thought for this very reason.”

    Love this. It’s like they’re saying, “Careful, that thing is loaded.”


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