Dead Dove

I was feeling pretty good….until I went outside to wait for my daughter to get off the bus.

I sat in my normal spot intending to enjoy some much needed solitude and at my feet was this:


This is a white-winged dove They are native to Texas and often live in the city and suburbs as well as the country. It looks like this one was shot. It has an entry and exit wound right through its center. Who would have shot it? Likely neighborhood boys with BB guns. 😦

When I saw it my heart sank. I thought, “Oh no. Not a good sign! There’s goes my peace.” My second thought was that it means the end to a relationship.

I grew up around doves, specifically mourning doves in the hill country of Texas. I use to get a kick out of going near one of their nests and watching as the adult bird would fly off of it as if they were wounded. My grandfather told me this was their way of protecting their young. If predators thought the adult was wounded they would follow them and leave the nest alone. I have never seen another bird do something like that. It is ingenious!

Doves mate for life. I recall vividly my grandfather telling me how, when one dove dies, their partner will often sit next to the dead body and end up getting killed themselves because of their intense loyalty to their partner. I remember seeing this often as we would drive by a dead dove on the road. I always saw its partner not far away, usually on a tree or fence nearby. I thought it both beautiful and sad at the same time. As a kid I thought it was stupid because the living dove would just end up dead eventually. lol

Burying the Dove

Since my middle son already saw the dead dove, I let both my youngest touch it and lifted it up for them to see. It was freshly dead, still warm, and I could clearly see the entrance and exit wounds. I knew once my daughter arrived we would need to bury it. It just felt like the right thing to do.

My kids helped me picked a spot in our back yard and I dug the grave while they collected rocks. We put it in its grave and then covered it up. My daughter asked where doves go when they die. I said, “I don’t know. Dove heaven?” She said, “Is there such a thing?” I said, “Probably. It goes where all things go when they die.” My middle son kept asking why its eyes were closed. I kept repeating, “Because it’s dead.” I think he finally figured that out once we buried it. That’s him in the picture.

My youngest didn’t care at all about the dove. lol

I am hoping this “sign” is just a coincidence, but from the looks of it, it seems like a message to me. The poor dove was shot right through the heart. And it had just died. It must have fallen in that spot literally minutes before I stepped outside because it was still warm. It is cold enough outside here and the bird small enough that it would have been stiff after 15 minutes. How do I know all of this? Because as a tom-boy growing up in the country I was always messing with dead things. 😉

So maybe if it is a sign it is just to tell me that I will have little peace in the future. I really rather it not be the loss of a partner.


8 thoughts on “Dead Dove

  1. Carolyn Thompson says:

    somethings are not really signs of anything… nice to make a special burial for her. that is a respectful show for nature…. something so many lost long ago. thank you!

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  2. herongrace says:

    Don’t worry, not the loss of a partner, but shore up your psychic defenses and your property just to be safe.

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  3. You handled it beautifully. Carry on!

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  4. […] and saw a dove fall from a tree in our back yard. I was stunned and a bit angry. The dove I had found previously had been shot and I suspected some kid was playing target practice. My suspicions confirmed, I […]


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