Chapter 2

Sleep was difficult to come by yesterday. I kept being woken up by my children and when I slept it was very light and restless. I have very little recollection of my dreams except for a few distinguishing points. I also received some messages relevant to my future and this blog.

Summer 2016

Prior to my first rude awakening by screaming children, I had been in a dream receiving information via a yearly forecast. The forecast was for 2016 and a man was reading it aloud to me. I was following along, reading the text and could see that the forecast was part of a woman’s blog, but I don’t know whose.

He read aloud, “It is going to be a hot summer in Texas this year – brutally HOT.” With this, I received knowing about what this meant. I saw a repeat of the past occurring on top of the current year. It was like overlapping timelines. The first occurrence was brutal in and of itself, though I did not receive specifics as to what past summer it was. The second was like a doubling of the same energy. I am not certain what exactly the word “hot” symbolizes. Could it be a sexual reference? Or does is referring to an actual heat wave which would not be out of the ordinary for Texas? Whatever it means I feel it is a warning of things to come and am not sure I like the feel of it.

Socked Feet

I had an in-depth dream that lasted half of the night at least. In it, I recall walking into a bathroom and seeing my brother-in-law in the shower. His body was covered so all I could see were his feet. But oddly he was wearing socks on them! I remember saying to his wife, “Does your husband always wear socks when he showers?”

This is the second time I have seen socked feet. The first time they were my own feet. Very peculiar!

The Goat Will Bite You

The last dream I had was the most concerning to me. In it my husband had invited a woman into our house. She was young and pretty with short, dark hair. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties and had the body of a supermodel. She stayed with us for a while and I remember being cautious about the situation.

My husband’s demeanor changed completely while she was there. He was very nice and courteous. The thing that bothered me was that he called her, “Darling” and “Sweetie” and other names that made me gag. I confronted him on it and he just laughed. I finally told him she had to go or he could get out permanently. I was not mad but irritated at him at letting this woman into our home.

At this point I went outside and saw that I was at my mom’s house. She has a large pool in the back yard and it was there in front of me nearly empty of water. Inside of it and climbing around was a small group of goats. I ran up to them yelling, “Get out of here!” I waved my hands at them and watched as some moved but none really got out of the pool. I felt sad at this; like a failure.

When I woke my first thought was about the goats and I was reminded of an OBE I had a very long time ago. I was told twice in the OBE, “The goat will bite you.” This OBE was so long ago it was on my old blog and I never could figure out it’s meaning. Now, here it is, in my face again.

Everything I read suggests that goats symbolize sexual desire and lechery. They can also symbolize bad judgement and gullibility. Could it be that that OBE so long ago could have been warning me of something about to happen this summer? I truly hope that I don’t become overcome with sexual desire. I am really no good at controlling myself in such situations.


I had a couple of messages come through. Prior to bed, and then again when waking, I received the message that I need to consider a blog change. This is not a new consideration – I started considering a change in May 2014. I stopped posting in my Blogger blog a while back and now feel it may be time to do so with this blog. It does not necessarily mean this blog will go away, my Blogger one is still active, just that I may need to create a new blog. This blog has so many posts and categories that it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. I also feel like I will be moving into a new type of writing – channeling perhaps? I am not sure. It just feels like this blog’s time is running out. Don’t worry, I will let you all know when it’s time for the change. 🙂

The other message was more direct and came early this morning. I heard, “Chapter 2” and saw a staircase above me indicating a total of 7 chapters. When I saw this, I remembered a dream I had in December, Chapter 1 of 7. I knew I had reached the next “chapter”. I then heard, “You will stop at 5.” I asked for clarification and heard that when I reached 5 I would be “whole” and ready. Ready for what? I don’t even want to know anymore. I hope it doesn’t have to do with the goat dream. LOL





4 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. truthcodex says:

    I, too, feel a sense of completion with my blog in its current form and lately have had a strong urge over the last couple days to completely revise it. Hmmm..

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  2. Just some thoughts, shooting from the hip:

    The way I see it, everything in our dreams is us. Perhaps seeing your husband in your dream was really seeing yourself, from another angle, another point of view.


    Then a pool of emotions, full of horny goats! Could those feelings, on some level, possibly bite you, or hurt you in some way?

    When there are situations we know we are not good at dealing with, then we need to keep those situations at a manageable distance, and not act in ways that would attract further complications, be it inner turmoil or outer situations. Feelings change, always, in time. What seems like a dire emergency in the moment, will pass. Always.

    Living in the moment is wonderful, but with our eyes on the horizon we are less likely to be blind-sided by our own or another’s short-sightedness.

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  3. Dayna says:

    Yes, I had considered the dream as such. I see all characters as reflections of myself which means my dream husband would be me. How would I feel if he brought someone into our home that was a threat? I would kick his butt out. LOL And yes the pool water being emotion and the goats being well what they are. lol There was not much water in the pool, though. It was nearly empty. Lots to consider I guess but not to dwell on.

    Thanks as always for your insight. So very helpful. 🙂

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