You Have to Learn Sometime

When I woke from the extensive OBE/lucid dream experience, I was buzzing with energy and could not go to sleep. John was there to help me understand just exactly why he led me through such a strange experience.

Follow the Heart

I was reminded of when I would leave the OBE and return to the in-between and asked why this happened. I knew that it was because I tried to take sole control of the experience – to do things my way. I was only allowed to stay or return to the experience when I aligned myself with my heart. This part of the experience was lost to me until John began to talk with me about it. I had not even noticed the change in vibration that accompanied my instant pull from the OBE.

In the OBE I was very obviously not alone and had to share control with John. If I didn’t, if I shifted out of the heart, then I lost the experience. I love to be OOB and so it was like a slap on the wrist every time I would return to the in-between. The difference in vibration was very noticeable when I looked back on it. I felt out of alignment. The energy almost jagged, seeming to jump haphazardly. When in alignment the energy was smooth.

It was then that John asked me to consider how my energy felt in the physical when I was not in alignment with my heart. I had an “ah-ha” moment here because I saw it very clearly – felt it very clearly. When not in the heart the energy has the same jaggedness. I am also not allowed to continue smoothly on my path. I am slowed, delayed. It is the same except in the physical there is an emotional component that makes it more difficult. It is much, much harder in the physical.


This is what I wrote down at 1am this morning.

John: This is a journey you agreed to. Many contracts. (I see the contracts burning up. Pages of them. Piles of them). This journey is not for the faint of heart.

Me: It hurts.

John: That is evident. Ego wants to be in control; to be safe. Heart trusts, knows control is an illusion. It is all trust. Source. You are being pulled where you are suppose to go. The pull is stronger depending on necessity and contracts involved. If the pull is intensely strong then there is a lot at stake. More will come. You are Remembering.

Me: I don’t want more of this. I can’t take it!

John: You have to learn sometime.


7 thoughts on “You Have to Learn Sometime

  1. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Lovely! Yes there is something very magical about our Heart centers! You know when we are first a zygot, the beginning stages of becoming an infant in our mothers womb, our heart is one of the first organs that develops. The very tip of our tongue is also a reflex point for our heart. Yet it is that spiritual connection that is so mysterious and fruitful… Lovely articles, thank you!! ❤

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  2. Sleep time seems to be something completely different for you then me. It is rare that I remember leaving my body in sleep. When I was young I would sometimes deft around the room I was asleep in. I’d get a sense I was now floating over the fish tank. I never went far.

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    • Dayna says:

      My sleep has always been the time when I connect to my Team and “play” (OBE, lucid dream, etc). I so look forward to my sleep! I didn’t remember my OBEs until I had one spontaneously and after that they just kept happening. If you want to remember your journeys you just have to set the intention and start keeping a dream journal, etc. It is really not that hard, at least not in my opinion.

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  3. Karin says:

    Thanks for sharing your three posts about the events of the last night. They are amazing. It is so extraordinary how good your connection to your guides is.
    They said that you are in the process of reconnecting to Source and shedding layers of the former self. Then the whole emotional ordeal sounds like the Dark Night of the Soul. That is painful. I have written a post about it in case you are interested
    What I find always intriguing is that most people turn to spirituality to find peace of mind and meditative bliss. But as soon as Source gets a foot in the door, the shedding of the onion layers starts. And that is horrible and not blissful at all.
    Bernadette Roberts wrote something like that getting into the unitive state, i.e the reconnection to Source, is about losing the ego and that is losing the self-will.
    In the Raj material (Jesus channelings by Paul Tuttle), I remember reading an analogy. We are like puppets connected to Source on strings with more or less slack. And on the journey, the strings shorten. So, the beginner who is asleep has a lot of slack. And if he takes a turn into the wrong direction, there are no dire consequences because his string has much slack. But the advanced person has very little slack. Therefore, if God says to turn right and ego says to take a left turn, this will end up in an uncomfortable experience because the string is so short now. Free will becomes less and less.
    It is amazing that you felt these out of alignment experiences so strongly during the night, where only going into the heart would let you enter the scene again. I don’t go out of body, at least not consciously, but I did have my slap on the wrist experiences. For me, they occur mostly when I am on a wrong track, i.e. anger or resistance to spirit’s homework assignment, and then light bulbs burn out or the dishwasher start button refuses to work.
    I find it so interesting to see in how many ways our journeys are similar even though we come from somewhat different backgrounds.

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  4. Dayna says:

    Yes, it does sound like the Dark Night in many ways but I am not experiencing it as such and don’t plan on it. I had a Dark Night in 2004-2007, or at least that’s what I call it. It was a pretty nasty time for me. I hope that I have learned enough to avoid another one! Based upon how I am feeling today, I think I may have. I feel so much better than I did. No more split feeling today. Just me and I am superb!

    I like the analogy of the string and amount of slack. From what I was told this morning it appears that I am losing slack. Yay and then not. lol

    I have found that if I ask for help from my Team, I get it. Usually pretty fast, too. Last night, when I couldn’t go back to sleep, I finally asked for help (1.5hrs in) and immediately got it. My mind shut down almost immediately. My issue is asking for help. I forget to ask and think I can do it all on my own.

    I am not done with posts. I only had time to write a few this morning. My kids take up most of my time/attention throughout the day. I will try and write the rest of last night’s events tonight if I have time.

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    • Karin says:

      Good to hear that you are feeling better.
      I don’t know whether dark nights are limited to one. Bernadette Roberts had several. For me, difficulties come up again and again. Anger and forgiveness is one big subject. The other big topic is fear and resistance about following the nudges from spirit. I also wish it could be over.
      It is great that you are feeling better. Hopefully that phase is over then. And we can look forward to more Sananda channelings by you.
      I am looking forward to more posts if there is more to share about the last night. I am blown away by your ability to write that much with three little children to take care of.

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      • Dayna says:

        My children are easy to manage – most of the time. 😉 I have to take lots of breaks usually.

        I don’t want another Dark Night. In the past it was me resisting what I knew was true. That was the WHOLE reason for it. I am pretty darn stubborn and didn’t want to do what I was suppose to. I had two car accidents during that time. Hahaha!

        I am feeling like my old self today. I don’t know what exactly happened in the night but my Team did an awesome job. I want to applaud them. But then I just heard, “You deserve all the credit” from them. Go figure!

        I just posted another of my experiences. It is ET related but weird. Nap time at my house right now.

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