OBE: Theseus

As soon as I closed my eyes I went into the void and the next thing I knew I was completely lucid within a dream. My guide, John, was there with me. He was guiding me through the experience, like a teacher. I didn’t know at the time what he was teaching me.

I spent quite a bit of time getting my bearings. I looked around what appeared to be a very boring, empty room. Much of the beginnings of this experience are lost to me now, unfortunately. What I most remember about this part is that John was acclimating me to the scene and explaining that we were going to travel through it together. As such, I handed over control of the dream to him in many ways. I could make decisions but any decision made was in a shared one. It felt like he and I were one and the same, though. If ever I tried to take full control of the experience I would be thrust into the in-between, allowed to feel the vibrational dissonance and then asked to realign with my heart. When I did, I would immediately return to the scene.

I asked to be let out of the boring room I was in. He said I had to do something first. I knew instantly what it was and saw that the room shifted into almost an exact duplicate of my older sister’s room when we were kids. I knew, though, that I was to handle my youngest sister. With that, I began to go around to each toy and destroy it, the entire time yelling at my sister in anger. I did not feel the anger, though, I just knew it was there. I yelled, “You want to play with my toys? Well, you can have them all!” LOL I specifically recall crushing the Barbie Dream house we use to have. In hindsight I suspect this part of the dream was letting go of the “dream” associated with the Barbie house.

With that, I was able to leave the room and entered into a stairway of a very large house. I was directed to go down the stairs five levels. I knew that going down was equal to advancing up – it was backwards.

As I floated along the stairs I counted 1-2-3-4 as I reached each floor. Up until the fourth floor I was not interested in what was going on. I recall stopping to talk to a child on the fourth floor briefly and being given a long link of sausage she did not want to eat. I then moved up to the 5th floor.

The 5th floor was very busy and full of people. I wandered into a back room which was very obviously a kitchen of a busy restaurant. I tired to give the sausage to the cook but she told me to take it with them as they delivered food to a man. I followed her with the link in hand and placed it on a silver tray. I then took it to the man who was chained up and badly beaten. He appeared to be their prisoner. He had dark hair and was familiar to me. He looked like the actor on Continuum who played Theseus!

I turned to leave and then turned back to him. I said, “Are you awake?” He replied, “Yeah”. I said, “No, are you really awake?” He said, “I don’t know. What do you mean?” I said, “I know you. Your name is John.” He said, “How do you know that?” I was very ecstatic at this point for some reason and said, “I know you. You will remember this when you wake up and tell me about it.” I turned to leave.

As I was heading back to the stairs I ran into two women. One was dressed in pioneer clothing and the other in modern clothing. I hugged them both to me and said, “I don’t want to leave.” I felt emotional.

This was when John began talking to me and I was pulled into the in-between. He asked, “Do you want to wake up now? You have been asleep almost 2 hours”. I saw a visual of a hand written account of my journeys and knew if I did not wake up I would forget. I needed to remember. I said, “I probably should”.


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