Dream: Piranha Pond

A man took me and a group of people to a remote pond location. I could see the pond in front of us. It looked like a normal pond, like something you would see in a national park or some country area here in Texas. The water was dark and a bit murky making me wonder what was underneath.

Our guide stopped us just short of the pond and pointed to an animal standing on the far bank of the pond. It was a black lamb and we were told it was there as a sacrifice to offer to the piranhas that lived in the pond. Because the lamb would die soon he asked us if we wanted to bury it and put a cross on it’s grave. I saw the cross vividly in my mind and thought about whether we should bury the lamb. I said, “No. It’s just an animal. I don’t care what you do with it’s body”.

He then explained that after letting the piranhas eat the lamb they would be alerted to us being there so we needed to be careful. He then asked for volunteers and I understood that we were each to go into the water and then come back out. I raised my hand thinking I should just get it over with.

At this time I saw my sister was there and she had wandered off with a friend of mine. They were far away laughing and playing around and I remember being concerned at first and then not caring. It was her loss. There was a conscious recognition that in the past had this happened I would have been distraught over my sister taking my friend and not participating in what I was doing. It was nice to know I no longer carried that burden.

I walked into the murky water with the guide. Standing there, I saw a black cow in the water and noticed the piranhas were ignoring it. This made me feel better plus they were not bothering me, either. I then exited the water with my guide.


This dream if full of symbolism and insight. The piranha is representative of something eating away at my subconscious that needs to be addressed. The murky water represents the emotions surrounding this issue. The lamb represents something innocent and pure but since it is black it could indicate there is mourning or intense hurt related to this issue. It could also indicate a need to delve deeper into the subconscious. The sacrifice and acceptance of it indicates that I am willing to give up something for spiritual advancement. The black cow represents maternal instincts and in this case they are being protected.


4 thoughts on “Dream: Piranha Pond

  1. Not to impose on the meaning or personal significance of this for you, but sometimes those who don’t fit in (like in a family) are called the “black sheep”, and I’ve heard some spiritual seekers now call those of us who are on a spiritual journey of opening the “white buffalo” instead, which has a nice feeling and comes with an acknowledgement that we’re unusual in a sense, but are way-showers and catalysts for change in our own ways/circles.

    This has a feeling to me that sacrificing the black sheep, like letting go of your sister’s personal choices (especially since you were given the opportunity to bury & mark the grave with some ceremonial significance in the dream), could represent letting go of ways we may feel outcast, shamed, misunderstood, martyrs and generally carrying a burden of separation from those we love and feel somewhat responsible for in our physical lives / families / chosen families.

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  2. herongrace says:

    I immediately thought the same as mr Peter when I read this. And just to mix metaphors, I see it representing where you have been scapegoated by your family represented by your sister and an old friend walking away but you have realised you no longer need to take on your families burdens and cultural heritage and that you are innocent [the lamb] of this. The piranahas represent your cleansing here. They devoured the family burden that was dumped on you.
    I think it is a really liberating dream.

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    • Dayna says:

      I am definitely the scapegoat, or was when younger. Everything was my fault. lol Not caring what my sister is doing is a big deal for me and I recognized this in the dream. She’s my big sis – I always looked up to her and even tried to emulate her to my own detriment. We use to be really close and now, not so much, but we are okay and on good terms. She is the black sheep in the family, unfortunately, but her choices led her there.

      Thanks so much for your input on this dream. I knew it was a good one but now I see it is much better than I realized.


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