Dream: On Restriction

I traveled with a group of people to a large warehouse. The understanding here was that this was a place to stop and rest and was located on the way to my final destination. It felt as if I had been to this place many times on my way to “work”.

A man met me at the door and asked me for my car keys. I handed them to him and he let me inside. I understood that my car would be taken and parked somewhere. I was to stay the night in this place.

I was shown my cot and I laid down for the night. Unfortunately, I could not sleep. There were tons of people around me and most of them were awake and socializing. Their energy was high compared to mine and it make it impossible for me to sleep. I remember noticing that many of the people were in pairs or small groups yet I was all alone.

At one point, as it was approaching 10pm, I got restless because I could not sleep and people were still awake and socializing. I also got a little paranoid, feeling like this place was not where I was suppose to be. I got up and began to look for an exit but a woman saw me and questioned me. I told her, “I can’t sleep. I want to go back to my house and sleep there”. She said, “Okay. Let me get your keys”.

It took a while for her to return so I went to seek her out. I saw her standing at a back door and at her feet were two piles of dog crap. I warned her not to step in them and she turned and said, “You can’t come out here”. I withdrew.

The woman then brought me my keys but they were disconnected from the remote that unlocked and locked the car. She said she could not reconnect them – they were broken. I accepted this and left on foot.


When I awoke from this dream I was met by my Companion and three other guides. I was told that I was on restriction for an indeterminable amount of time. I am to rest and recuperate. I asked why and sensed a high amount of concern from my Team. I accepted this and understood.

I was told, “You are hurting. You are very, very sad.” I was then shown there has been a significant decrease in my Light. I was told they had not anticipated this intense of a reaction from me and were giving me time to heal before moving forward. I tried to make light of it but this time my Companion was the somber one. Not encouraging.

Apparently, I have not been allowing love into my heart. Recent events have further inhibited the flow. Like the keys in my dream, I am detached from entry into my heart. I am broken.

I asked, “What I am suppose to do now?” and was instructed to focus on my life. Immediately my thoughts turned to plans on how to resolve certain issues in my life.

Although I may be “broken” and disconnected from my heart, my heart is still pulling with an intense energy. It is interesting because the feeling from it is almost like someone swabbed the inside of my heart with menthol. There is a cold fire there. Other times it just hurts. I am getting use to it, though, as nothing I do seems to resolve it.

I could not return to sleep and tried to meditate. Not long after I saw and heard the number 1456. I assumed it was a year but got no more information. So I looked it up and found that it could indicate a change of residence or travel. Coincidentally (or not) my husband called me this morning on his way to work telling me he had an urge to take a trip east. I said I had also thought of doing this. He wants us to go on a road trip together. I am hoping he will agree to go to Florida.



7 thoughts on “Dream: On Restriction

  1. truthcodex says:

    Yikes.. Rest up Dayna. Take care of yourself over there.

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  2. mollyb111 says:

    You are not broken, you are letting more light in.

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  3. kittyasmith says:

    Interesting how things work out. I am still watching for the unfolding of my future. I have come to learn my mother has been visiting me often (evidenced by solitary green orbs that keep showing up in digital photos) and she has been sending me messages. One came in a dream, but I do not know how to interpret those like you do.

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    • Dayna says:

      Interpretation is best left to the individual who had the dream. You know best what your dreams mean. All you have to do is pay attention to how you feel from the dream and you have the meaning right there.

      Though I got insight into my own future it is likely not going to unfold for quite a while. The grid is still stabilizing, as are we. We can’t move forward until we are firmly connected to Source which means a massive overhaul from within. How long does that take? Who knows. I just hope it goes quickly as I am not liking this part much.

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