Nurturing the Starchild

My daughter asked me some questions last night about a dream she had. She began the conversation by asking, “Mommy, how many planets are there? Are there more than what we are taught about in school?”

“Yes, honey, there are many more,” I told her.

“How many?” she asked.

“Millions upon millions, maybe more,” I replied.

“Wow. Do we know about them? What are they like?”

“We don’t know because we can’t see them. They are very, very, very far away. So far away that we cannot get to them even remotely.”

She had a look of awe on her face and then got a very serious look and said, “I had a dream this morning. You were a teacher and I was in your class. Mommy, you were my teacher!”

“Really? How funny,” I said. I listened and she went on.

“We were looking at planets and there were so many but I was so happy that I was in your class.”

Questions About the Stars

My middle son has also been asking me questions. The other night he came outside to sit under the stars with me. He looked up and said, “Wow! It is so pretty! What is that star, mommy? Is that the sun?”

He was pointing to Betelgeuse and I told him, “No, that’s not the sun. That is Betelgeuse.”

“Oh. Where is the sun?”

“The sun is asleep on the other side of the Earth where it is day still.”

He took a while to process this, getting confused between the sun, the Earth and the stars and thinking the sun was each of the stars in the sky. He eventually began to understand and asked,”What are stars?”

“Stars are planets like Earth and some are other suns.”

“Oh, so that’s a planet and that’s a planet and that’s a planet (pointing to different stars)? What are their names?” He had so many questions.

I told him, “I don’t know all their names. I just like to look at them. Aren’t they pretty?”

He then sat with me for a while just looking up at the sky. It was cold so we snuggled in a blanket together.

Nurturing the Starchild

I recall discussing my children during dreamtime last night. I was shown my role in their awakening process. I am their “teacher”and a “living guide” in this lifetime. They are not my children by mistake. They chose me and my husband for a reason. Though my husband and I are very different in our beliefs and experiences thus far, we compliment each other and for a newly awakening Starchild this foundation would be completely necessary to successfully traverse the changes occurring now and in the future. We are both their teachers in this lifetime.

Upon waking all I could think about was the dream my daughter told me about and how similar it is to many of my own these days as I am relearning who I am.

The children of today, no matter their age, are going through the same process we are. In some ways this is easier because the younger they are, the less rigid belief systems, habits and conditioning they have acquired. But it can also be harder for them because they must rely on their parents and loved ones to guide them through the process. If they happen to have a non-awakened parent, then they can end up on a very lonely and difficult path.

I was reminded of my role as nurturer. Though it is highly demanding, exhausting, challenging, and mentally unrewarding, there is a purpose behind it and I am not to forget it. My children are already showing signs of being highly aware little Lights and my role is to encourage them to shine and help them gain the ability to keep their light shining on their own. What a seemingly impossible task especially when I am just learning how to do that for myself!



5 thoughts on “Nurturing the Starchild

  1. mollyb111 says:

    Oh this warmed my heart. And so true, “What a seemingly impossible task especially when I am just learning how to do that for myself!”

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  2. Reblogged this on Your Channel To The Stars- Ariel's Angelic Healing and commented:
    It’s not easy to hold space for these magical children, but it will all be worth it. I try my best to nurture my child and provide him with little tidbits of spiritual knowledge, I allow him time to play in fairy land with his imagination. I encourage him to be open to angels, et’s, and energies. I’m so grateful and honored to be chosen to be his guide in this lifetime. I feel many of us are given these children to help our own path while assisting them. I feel they are our teachers, and we are theirs. ❤ I have a special place in my heart for all the Little Star Babies and Hybrid Children.

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  3. kittyasmith says:

    I have felt it is one of my roles to help support Star Children and bridge the gap of understanding with their parents. How this is to happen, I am unclear. We can’t step in between a child and parents without being invited in some capacity.

    On another note, I have found that children often help us adults accept and understand things we struggle with evaluate they don’t have those belief filters.

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    • Dayna says:

      Children know without you having to do anything.

      I was at the playground the other day and this 3yr old boy was there with his mom. To make a long story short, she was sipping Corona and texting the whole time and he was trying really hard to get her attention to the point of throwing pebbles at her and getting in trouble over and over. I went over and stood near him and just smiled and sent love his way. He responded by calming substantially. There was an energy communication between us. Hopefully it helped. I’ll probably never know.

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  4. kittyasmith says:

    My spellcheck changed accept to evaluate.

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