Dream: Crustacean Fruit

I didn’t have many dreams last night. This is the only one I remember.

Dream: Crustacean Fruit

I was sitting in class with several other adults. I saw a man that was very attractive and watched him for a while. He and a friend were discussing a young woman with red hair. The man I was watching decided he would talk to her. I was disappointed and began comparing myself to the other women in the classroom. They all seemed so much younger than me. What was I doing in school anyway?

Then the man was coming to stay at my house. I remember being very nervous and tidying up the bathroom. When I opened the bathroom drawers to put away clutter I found my husband’s clothing stuffed inside. It was embarrassing to me. The man didn’t care, he was preparing to take a shower and talking about a trip. I remember he was short compared to my husband.

Then I was sitting with the same man. He handed me a large papaya fruit as he talked to me about his travels to South America, specifically Peru and Brazil. I remember discussing with him the energy of the area and how it was an area that needed attention at this time. I had never been there and was not interested in traveling there. I was interested in traveling to Australia. The man had never been there.

I took a bite of the papaya I had been given. It was fleshy and sweet. I asked, “What kind of fruit is this?” The man took it from me and then said, “You have to rip out the legs first” and took hold of some shrimp-like legs and ripped them out. I got grossed out then because the area I had taken the bite from had been where the creature’s head would have been.


I believe the first part of the dream pertains to me becoming distracted from my life lessons (class) temporarily. This distraction brought up an issue that I needed to inspect, thus the trip to the bathroom. Bathrooms indicate renewal or emotional release is needed. In this case such emotion release is related to my husband since his things were in all the drawers of the bathroom. The discussion about parts of the world is likely to represent my gridwork. This part of the dream was very vivid compared to the rest. The last part about the papaya fruit turning into a crustacean indicates that something sweet (fruit), in this case a healthy sex drive (papaya), brought up feelings of powerlessness and insignificance (crustacean).



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