Dream: Selling a House

My sleep was interrupted again. This time without sudden seemingly inserted memories appearing. 🙂

Dream: Selling a House

I was talking with some people about my future and the idea I had about selling my house. Oddly, I mentioned that we owned another property that we never lived in. I pointed across a very large lake to a house on the other side. It was small and near the shore.

Then I was inside the house cleaning it and preparing it to sell. I had not been inside for a whole year and there was a thin layer of dust settled over everything. As I talked with my friend I noted a presence and stopped in my tracks. I spoke to the presence, knowing Spirit was there. A man materialized in front of me and began to talk to me.

He was an older gentleman and gave me his name. I repeated back, making a joke,”Leprechaun” and he corrected me, “No Archeon”. I remember repeating it and thinking it sounded familiar. Eventually I just called him Frank. lol

Frank and I talked for a while as I tried to get him to leave the house. He said he last remembered being alive in 1988. Then a young teenage girl was there with him and he called her his daughter. I remember helping them settle a disagreement. Ultimately, Frank was freed from whatever held him in the house. In the end, a section of the house exploded open and a large bulldozer flew out of it and into the lake.

Then I was sitting at a table with my husband and my realtor. We had in front of us the blueprints of our current home. The realtor asked, “Why do you want to sell it?” I told him, “It’s way too big”.


When I awoke I felt very strange and was still lying in the same position I had fallen asleep in. Several of my assistants were with me as was my Companion. I felt that I had been in deep contemplative discussions with them all about my present situation. My dream represented the topic of this discussion.

A haunted house represents unfinished emotional business that needs tending to. Based upon what occurred in the house, I successfully “cleared” it of the haunting by working through the issues with the resident ghost. The year 1988 must be significant here as is the word Archeon – though I am not sure what exactly an Archeon is. It is most closely related to Archon, which is the name given to the parasitic Dark forces that have controlled Earth for hundreds of thousands of years.

In the end I had decided to sell the current house I live in. Houses themselves represent one’s own soul and Self. The feeling I had when I awoke was that a part of me is ready to move on and is eager to do so.

I am not sure what the year 1988 means. I was very young at that time in this life but when I awoke I was initially stuck on that date and it took me a while to realign myself with present time. Even stranger is that I also kept thinking about a walk-in associated with that date which further confused me.

Edit: I just remembered something else. When I woke up, my body felt wooden and I could taste wood in my mouth. I have had this feeling before when channeling Spirit and also when OOB going through a wooden object. I literally feel like I am composed of wood! This morning it lingered for a while after I woke up. It is a very odd feeling! The only thing I can figure is that it represents lack of emotion or a stiffness of emotion.


2 thoughts on “Dream: Selling a House

  1. mollyb111 says:

    I’m having house dreams too!

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