Through the Porticus

When I awoke this morning at 5am I was wide awake but I did not want to be. Upset, I immediately pleaded with my Companion to allow me to return to sleep and astral project. I was told very sternly, “No”. 😦

As I lay there I felt disappointed because it seemed my instructions from the night were to go about my normal, day-to-day life. To expect no further noticeable adjustments for some time. It was time for rest.

I didn’t like hearing this and began to try and figure out what I would do with myself during this rest period. I was interrupted mid-thought with the message, “What does your heart tell you?” So I settled in there, knowing already what I would find – an intense urge to drop everything and leave. Finding exactly that, I yelled at my Companion, “Every time I go there I want to leave!  I don’t want to leave!”

Somehow I managed to return to sleep. I suspect I was lulled to sleep since the last thing I remember was being told to focus on my heart again.

Dream: Symbols Game

I found myself inside a large, warehouse-like place with various concrete walled rooms. I was with some people I know in real life who I never would have met had I not been married to my husband. I don’t much like most of them so you can imagine how the dream went. lol

Eventually, after following these people around for a while I got upset and told them I was going to go to the gym to workout. In fact, working out was all I could think about the whole time. They kept trying to keep me from doing that, though. Eventually, I turned to leave one last time and noticed there was a fresh wound on my left calf. I recalled instantly that the woman I was talking to had cut a design into my leg with a knife. I got upset with her for it but was confused as to why she had carved a strange symbol into my leg.

The next thing I recall was sitting at a table in my own living room. There were three women with me and one was holding a book and giving instructions on how to use it. She passed out small, cards about 2×2 inches square. Each card had a symbol on it. The game we were to play was about choosing an option to take with our significant other. She instructed us to choose between two, but all I recall now is hearing her mention they were called “do” cards which I interpreted as decision cards. The one that stood out to me looked like the Aum symbol. All of them resembled familiar symbols I have seen associated with yoga.

At that point I had had enough. I stood up and left. I refused to play their game.


Through the Porticus

This is when it got weird.

I was transported instantly to somewhere else. I was there with a massively large Being. He was about twice my height (at least 9ft) and we were hovering together inside a very large spacecraft. To my left was a huge window that was about four times my height and domed. It came up and over the tops of our heads. To my right was all gray metal. I could not make out much because my entire attention was held by this tall Being I was with.

I couldn’t figure out how I had gotten there so was confused and had many questions. However, I could not ask them. It was like they were withheld from me; like I had a powerful energy or force stopping their formation. I was completely speechless/thoughtless.

My main emotion was nervousness. I felt like I had done something wrong and was being reprimanded. This was all I felt while I was in the presence of this Being. Yet he was not scary, just commanding. I had great respect and reverence for him, very much like a small child has for a parent.

Now for the Being. I have never seen anything like him. I saw his entire body from head to toe. He was wearing a very strange uniform, or maybe costume is a better word. It reminded me of a Genie suit – puffy arms and legs that tapered down around the hands and feet. The color was a bright blue and there was an accent color that I can’t remember now. What was very distinct was the huge collar that came up around the face of this Being. It was white and stood straight up and seemed almost to act as a shield to the face. In fact, I had trouble seeing the Being’s face because of it. But I did see it.

The face looked human but with shimmery skin, like he was reflective but that is not quite right. He was strangely foreign looking in a way that is difficult to describe. Elf-like is the closest I can come to a match. He had vividly blue eyes and white-blonde hair that was pulled up into a tight ponytail that was centered on the top of his head. His hair was longer than mine!

He was beautiful.

I was still nervous, though. He was reminding me of why I came here and to “stay focused”. I had been dilly-dallying, “not paying attention” and allowing Earth-activities to “distract me”.

He pointed out the large window, which he called a “porticus”. There was a planet below us that resembled Earth. It was massive and bright and so beautiful. I also saw millions of stars twinkling around us. There was no doubt we were in space.

He instructed me to go through the porticus, but I don’t remember hearing any words. It was like I just knew this is where I was to go. He came with me and we just went through what I thought was a solid window. He told me to allow the planet to pull me toward it. It was not gravity that he called it but something else, something akin to an energy field.

As we descended I saw these strange satellites that had what resembled cameras on the end. These cameras tracked us as we got closer. I saw at least three and they looked like something from a Sci-Fi film – robot-like, dark metal with large, dark, shiny “eyes” or lenses at the end of a long central arm. I remember asking about them and being told they would alert those on the ground to our approach. I assumed this meant they were some kind of early detection system. But were these around Earth??

I then heard a loud ringing sound and figured it was one of the devices sending the alert. I saw the one closest to use turn its eye toward the planet prior to hearing the sound. I have never heard anything like it. There is nothing to compare it to.

Then I was on the ground standing next to the Being but he was now just a little taller than me. Did I grow or did he shrink? He was also wearing different clothing – a white tunic with gold embroidered trim. He was almost all white and the tunic flowed down to his knees. And I Remembered him then! I saw him in an OBE!!

We descended a long stairway. My memory of this place screams to me that we were not on Earth. No way! Or else we were in another Earth, one not of this dimension and time. The sky was blue and it very much resembled Earth but where we were was fantastically grand. The steps we descended were white and spread for hundreds of yards on either side of us. The place we came out of, though it was behind me, was like a grand temple with massive columns reminiscent of Greece.

At the bottom of the stairs we stopped and he stood in front of me. A woman with dark hair just appeared to my right. She seemed to materialize. I have no idea where she came from but I knew who she was and we greeted one another telepathically. The Being who was with me could not communicate with her, though. It was like there was a block and I understood that she could not see him either.  So he asked me to relay messages between us. I didn’t understand this but did as I was asked. She was reporting back to me but I don’t remember what she said now, just that we were exchanging information from our separate journeys.


I woke with a start completely confused and demanding to know what I just experienced.

“That was not a dream! I was dreaming and then I wasn’t! And who….what the hell are you!??” (lol I laugh now because I was completely not expecting what had happened). My memory of the Being was muddled. I remember him looking very, very alien and distorted which confused me.

Then came the massively HUGE energy and I heard again, “Lord Commander Sananda”. I was not wanting to hear that, but he kept sending that and so what could I do but accept it?

Then I wanted to know what he was – was he human? Was he Andromedan? Pleiadian? I got no response other than him asking me, “How did you feel?” What?

So I settled into my heart and the memory of what had just happened and knew he was who he said he was and that I had just “checked-in” at his request because of my refusal to accept the memory of who I am and why I am here. Ha! You try and do this, you would be resistant, too!

I knew the Being I saw was Pleiadian in appearance. I also knew the planet we visited was not Earth. It was spectacular! Also, he was wearing a space suit of some kind. There was something over his face that was nearly imperceptible. Like a shield or helmet that was invisible.

Then he just kept talking to me.

“You cannot project. You must remain anchored.” To this I responded that I did not want to stay here. He explained, “This is the most difficult aspect of Remembering. The more you Remember, the less you want to stay. But you must remain.” No kidding!

With this message was a feeling of mild irritation on his part. I understood that he had been working with others facing the same dilemma. We live life after life in Forgetfulness and the more we Remember the less we want to stay because we know we are not Home and want to return there. Then there is the massive contrast between Earth life/energy and what we Remember. Who would want to stay? Not me!

He then told me, “Our fleet is positioned near the sun but will be moving towards Earth at a rate of …” I go blank here. What he said just did not register in my brain. I saw an image of the sun and this tiny spot that was literally so close that it looked like a part of the sun.

I asked, “I thought you were in Saturn’s rings?” He said, “That is another fleet”.

He then requested that I relay this information to others. He emphasized that I include his name – Lord Commander Sananda.

My Reaction

This is beyond bizarre to me. The experience I had of being off planet was/is the strangest to digest. I was in a dream and then I just wasn’t. When I woke it felt like the experience was just placed there. Like someone put it there but then it was so real! I just keep trying to put it together and my brain can’t do it. There is no explanation!

And Sananda, or whoever he is…holy shit he is amazing! Somewhat intimidating but amazing nonetheless. His face shimmered! Oh and he had this symbol between his eyes, where the third-eye is. It was silvery-white and looked like a diamond and had dotted lines outlining it!





11 thoughts on “Through the Porticus

  1. Fungi2bwith says:

    Hi Dayna, do you think he wants you to be a consistent messenger for him?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. herongrace says:

    Dayna you have raised some interesting info that I was half expecting to see. I don’t know much about Ashtar command and have never followed them, but the last few days I have been shown that they are here, quite a few different races Lyrans, Arcturians, Pleiadians etc and that they are interacting with many of us and have a well organised big agenda. Thoughts please?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      I don’t know much about Ashtar either but am drawn to the Galactic Federation of Light which I have read is the same thing only unadulterated. I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment – a little scared, too. I need to get my wits about me before I attempt to expand on this.


  3. Wow!! What an incredible experience! I know the resistance you have towards him. I used to too, and it was because some channels have muddled his name and they weren’t very clear channels, and the energy they called “Sananda” wasn’t his true essence. I just felt like letting you know that I also had that resistance but Im slowly being warmed up to him again as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Thanks Ariel. ❤ His energy is very intense and commanding and the experience of being somewhat "silenced" while with him was weird for me. It was not that I couldn't communicate but the human aspect of me was shut down and could only observe.


  4. herongrace says:

    Thanks Dayna, I can appreciate you feeling a bit overwhelmed. The picture I was shown is totally awesome and I don’t use that word lightly! I’ve seen some Youtube videos in U.S. of U.F.O. sightings by many people and it is hardly getting coverage in mainstream media. My guess is we could see more videos.
    It feels like “the Quickening”. I like reading what you write as it validates quite a bit for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Karin says:

    This sounds so awesome. I can relate to the feeling of resistance. Even though I always love to read channelings, I would be scared to channel information. But then, I have not nearly as clear access as you do.
    I can relate to that issue of free will. I cannot assert my free will either, it seems. In the past, I got sick, when I tried to ignore the calling. “Being summoned” as you wrote in a previous post, that is what it feels like.
    I read a lot of Jesus/Jeshua/ Raj/Sananda channelings by many different channels, and I liked them a lot. It is amazing how many channels there are and in what ways the information is similar , and in which ways it is slightly different.
    It is very exciting to read your postings here, and I am looking forward to reading more Sananda channelings by you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      It is good to know the free will block is not uncommon. That was really disturbing to me. I also have had blocks when I try to write blog posts. Yesterday I had a whole post written and then deleted it. Other times I cannot write, I just go blank.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Karin says:

        This block of writing is interesting, too. Thanks for sharing. I can relate to it. I usually get the topic to write about as an assignment.
        And it is an assignment which better be completed within a given timeframe. I usually write ideas for postings into a list. But then, spirit has shown me the image of a flute and asked whether a flute does that, storing the incoming air away for later usage. Hmm… Therefore, I usually do not participate in blogging challenges, as many other bloggers on WP do. Writing a post because someone else orders it would end up without inspiration. I can usually only get inspiration for the current homework assignment of spirit. I cannot force myself with planning and self-discipline to write a post about a topic which I have chosen.

        Liked by 1 person

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