Dream: Emaciated Horse

I was warned yesterday that I would get a headache and it was implied that it would be related to being too much in my mind. Well, the headache came last night and continues this morning. I have been instructed to focus on my heart to relieve the pain. When I do this, the headache intensity decreases to almost nonexistent. How curious that my headache would be connected to too much mental focus!

Dream: Emaciated Horse

My sleep was active. I have many, many conversations and dreams throughout the night. In this particular one I spent the majority of the dream reliving the 12 years I spent with my dog, Trooper. While reliving it I was discussing with my Companion the pros and cons of having a pet. He was also trying to get me to consider getting another pet.

In the dream I was presented with puppies to adopt. I saw picture after picture placed in front of me. They were so cute and I wanted one really badly but kept turning them down. At one point I was shown a very emaciated horse that was being harassed by a German Shepherd. The horse was near death and kept falling and the dog would go right for its head. I felt sorry for the horse and said, “Why doesn’t someone kill that dog!”

I woke up at 2am from this dream crying. I still don’t get how I can grieve more for my pet than a person! It has been almost 3 years since I had to put Trooper down and I still miss him.

Additionally it seems the dream communicated that I am slowly killing the horse in me. Horses symbolize freedom and love of life. The emaciated horse is quite vivid in my mind still. Very sad to think I have done this to myself. Dogs are protectors but if seen attacking or growling they can indicate an inner conflict.

Dream: Lockers 42 and 95

In this dream I left home to go grocery shopping. I recall being very happy about this and heading toward a road in the country. When I arrived, I parked and walked down a sidewalk that went through tall pine trees and past several office buildings. There I encountered a friend from school who I knew from 5th – 12th grade. I said hi to her but she appeared completely drunk and was talking to herself. I remember acknowledging this and moving on but feeling sorry for her.

Then I was talking to a woman who looked just like me. We were standing by some lockers and I was keying in the combinations. She said she could not remember the combinations and I told her I would write them down for her. I wrote on a paper numbers 42 and 95. I opened both of them to show her how and then took a pair of shoes out of locker 95.


When I woke this time my head was pounding and I was told to focus on my heart. When I did the pain numbed but was still there. I then had an experience that I have not had since I awakened in 2003.

When I first opened up to my gifts I had incidences where there would be on-going conversations that would just be in my head. Multiple individuals talking about random things, sometimes they would talk to me and try and get me to pass on messages and other times they would just be so loud that I would yell at them to be quiet. This is what happened this morning. It can make even the sanest person feel insane. Thankfully I have dealt with it before and so knew how to shut it off. This time I just went into my heart space and it stopped but the experience was unsettling because I recognized my other self participating in these conversations. Very weird!

I asked my Companion what was happening. Why did I have this awful headache? Why was I receiving all this random communication? And why was I recognizing myself included in and responding to these communications?

I was told the headaches were part of the adjustments and they were working on it but that I needed to stay centered in the heart. As for the strange and seemingly random conversations I was told the veil is very thin now. I was also told there is a comet passing by whose tail is interacting with the Earth. In researching this I found that Comet Catalina is passing by Earth and will be closest on the 17th.

There was also again a message to stop resisting what was happening and will happen in my life. I was encouraged to let go and allow. This was easiest when in my heart space, of course.



5 thoughts on “Dream: Emaciated Horse

  1. mollyb111 says:

    Hmm… I keep getting the 1/17 date.

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    Following your blog has been really good for me. As I awaken and learn about the position I am to fill, your experiences are a great reference point. As I become familiar with my team’s communication, I find it interesting that they sometimes use smell to send me a message. Today my guide Ariel used sage to indicate I was cleared to begin using healing energy again. She normally smells like lovely flowers.

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  3. herongrace says:

    I did mention here couple of weeks ago that I had just discovered Catalina was travelling through our galaxy. I consider the fact it came close to Arcturus on New Year’s Day significant for this coming year. It bears with it information about our solar system now.
    It may presage the death of a king.

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