Dream: Getting My Driver’s License

With all the information I woke up with, I forgot to include the very vivid dream I had.

Dream: Getting My Driver’s License

The first part of this dream took place inside a very large but abandoned high school. I was with a man who was taking me through this school and then out of it. I remember being very playful and knowing I was OOB yet I did not become lucid! Very frustrating! The overall feeling was I was becoming acquainted with the past and moving into the future.

I was then taken across campus to a gathering place. I remember seeing large grass covered areas that spread between buildings and seeing young people of various ages (infant to teen and older). At one point I was talking to someone about their upcoming marriage as I was washing a thick, white paint off of my face. I knew I was married but when I looked to my side to find him (the man I had been with) he was an infant. I remember thinking it absurd to marry an infant!

Then I was talking with the man again. I was told, “You need to get your driver’s license now.” I thought about it and said, “That will be easy. I use to have one. I got it when I was 16.” Then I couldn’t figure out how old I was. I knew I had been 16 once but couldn’t remember when or what I looked like.  There was quite a bit of confusion as to who I was, where I was from, etc. Finally, I recognized I was older than I thought and I said, “All I have to do is renew it”.


When I woke a memory of the day before came to the surface.

Yesterday I had been feeling like my body was not right – there was too much trapped energy, too much tension. It needed to be released and I was instructed on how to do so. I knew that the body was not suppose to feel like this – that I was not suppose to feel like this! The feeling I had in my body was of a rigidness, one that tends to go along with the emotion of anxiety or upset. There was knowing that the human body could be so much more than it has been for me.

With this memory came an understanding that I was new to all this – to being in a body and managing the body. But I am not new…am I? Yet at that moment I knew I was and that I needed to re-learn the ropes.

So it seems that I my driver’s license is symbolic of learning how to use this body I occupy. I knew how to do it once but need a refresher. I believe the white makeup is symbolic of me taking off a mask I have been wearing to reveal another me, the true me. The marriage to the baby is perhaps marriage to a part of my Self that is new to this body, thus like an infant.




3 thoughts on “Dream: Getting My Driver’s License

  1. silentwindofchange says:

    Have you considered the possibility that none of these are dreams? That they are merely glimpses of other lives your multidimensional self is living. Meant only to be enjoyed in gratitude that you are able to experience them as well as your 3D human existence. Just another perspective, and really that’s all any existence is 🙂

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  2. teleile says:

    Very interesting Dayna, and I think your interpretation is bang on.
    What I have been feeling reminded me today of when you are ‘shadowed’ in the workplace, eg by someone new who’s learning the ropes. Wherever you go, they go, watching your actions attentively, listening to every conversation, now and again maybe asking a question or taking notes. The difference is that instead of behind or beside me, this other me is in me. It’s very interesting, although a bit weird!

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