Cosmic Alert

If you haven’t already noticed, the energies are quite stagnant compared to the fluidity that was present on the 1st. I have been sick with a cold and have read of a few others experiencing similar physical adjustments. Remember, we just went through a gauntlet of intense upgrades, the energetic equivalent of several lives worth of spiritual advancement power packed into a few weeks (for some, a bit longer). The reprieve we are experiencing is necessary but it is only a break. More is coming on an individual basis. So rest up, drink lots of water, and take it easy. It looks like today could be intense for some. Thankfully, Scorpio doesn’t have much influence on my chart.

The following is from a friend of mine. Thank you Eric. ❤


by Eric Starwalker

We’ve got a truly INTENSE and powerfully transformative week ahead! The most intense day is Sunday with Mars entering Scorpio @ 6:33AM PST and dramatically beginning to intensify as Luna then also enters Scorpio @ 11:15AM PST quickly conjuncting Mars @ 1:12PM. This is occurring as mercury is slowing to a crawl about to turn retrograde on Tuesday. Tuesday is a power packed day with mercury station ingredients exactly squaring Mars – Venus squaring Neptune and the Sun conjunction Pluto that evening. Tuesday promises to be a signature day culminating 3 days of intense transformation beginning to release into wide-open spaces as Luna launches into Sagittarius @ 10:56PM PST late that evening.

One of the greatest gifts and blessings of astro medicine is knowing that it’s all a part of a larger cycle with each phase offering an opportunity for growth and personal empowerment. Once a month with the Moon in Scorpio we get to check in with deep and powerful emotions buried beneath the surface that need to be heard now for clarification. Listening to our fears in a medicine way is the gateway to the liberation that follows as Luna then launches into the clear blue sky of Sagittarius. As always with Scorpio stay conscious and be careful not be caught up in the shadow dancing. The 1st day is usually the most powerful and cathartic.

On Thursday the Sun squares Uranus as the Jupiter stations retrograde and Friday Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn remaining in Capricorn until 2/13. Mercury stationing @ 0 Aquarius gives us a peek at modes of heightened communication and awareness that will activate more fully from mid February onward. In the meantime we will be reviewing our interface with the status quo strengthening our relationship with what is so that we may be effective in building a bridge to the breaking wave of the future. And finally we have a new Moon on @ 5:30 PM PST @ 19Cap13 on Saturday. Watch for signature events all week that will give us our homework for the next 3 weeks until Mercury stations direct on 1/25.

Wow what a week ahead. As always remember that we’re ALL in this together and that you are never truly alone! May the power of LOVE be your guide. ☆



5 thoughts on “Cosmic Alert

  1. truthcodex says:

    “We just went through a gauntlet of intense upgrades, the energetic equivalent of several lives worth of spiritual advancement power packed into a few weeks.” – Whew! Guess we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves for feeling rather lethargic then. lol.

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  2. Eliza Ayres says:

    “Sick” here, too. Bronchitis, fever, fatigue and dizziness. It’s all I can do to just remember to hydrate, rest and eat lightly. Anything beyond that is out of my league right now, LOL!

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  3. KittyASmith says:

    Yes, lethargy, sniffles and sneezes… hydrating and getting alkalizing like crazy right now.

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  4. Carolyn Thompson says:

    yuppers…. wondering where my get up and go, went off and went…

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