Dreams: Missed Test and Egg Within an Egg

Yesterday turned out to be a very strange day. After the panic-inducing heart chakra intensity, I was hit with nausea and total exhaustion. I also had a strange sensation around my head that felt similar to my crown being very wide open except that there were vibrations with it. For a brief moment I thought I would spontaneously leave my body. So I waited it out – the nausea, dizziness, vibrations, and strange “off” feeling eventually settling. When it did settle, my heart chakra fire was completely gone and I felt a sudden sadness descend upon me.

My heart felt like an empty pit. No matter how much I focused on it, it remained unresponsive. However, it did not feel normal. It felt hollow, like someone had come and suffocated my heart center or tried to cover the energy with a blanket. I guess it could also be related to someone throwing water on a blazing fire.

The sadness soon turned into despair over my current situation. For some reason everything that was wrong with my life, specifically my family situation, was uncomfortably obvious. My Companion would not leave me alone about it, either, and I was not liking the questions he was asking me. I have often described my Companion as being my own personal shrink, one that there is no escaping. Sometime his persistent questions and nudging can be excruciatingly annoying. Like a personal hell. This was the case last night.

Dream: Missed Test

I had a dream that woke me at 3am. In the dream I was in a car with someone discussing school. I could see that we were traveling down a street with golden colored buildings that resembled a college campus except the buildings were smaller, more like houses. We stopped at a mailbox while the man informed me of my current progress towards my degree. He mentioned that I had been lax in my studies and had been skipping classes. There were only two more classes until I finished.

A large, gray mailbox was opened. Inside were 8 smaller mailboxes. These were the mailboxes of the students in my class. Inside each mailbox were 8 cards. On the envelopes were congratulatory messages and I knew that the comments inside the cards related to a successful score on a recent test.

I had forgotten about the test and this was the main reason I was with the man discussing my progress. The test was on the 24th and my score was not among the mailboxes because I had missed the test. I felt that I had failed it but the feeling I got was that I could still make it up.

When I awoke I was protesting. To make a long story short, I am being asked to let go of situations and relationships in my life that are not complimentary to my mission. My human mind perceives this as a threat and is reacting accordingly. I am completely refusing to do anything I am being asked to do because to do so means a complete disruption of my life. In essence, it means a complete new start. How can they ask me to do something like that? It is horrifying! This is the test I missed. I know now why I missed it. I will no doubt fail it miserably.

Dream: Egg Within an Egg

I somehow fell back to sleep. This time I was with two men and they were talking about time travel. Dr. Who was mentioned but not present. When Dr. Who is in my dream it usually indicates I am receiving healing.

The two men were discussing how to use a clothes dryer as a portal to another time. I saw the open dryer, the light very bright, but did not want to go inside. I never did go inside.

It was then that someone took me to the side and showed me a very, very large egg. It was the size of a person. It was cracked open and inside was the yolk of a normal sized egg. It was an egg within an egg. I was asked to look at it. The golden yolk was the last thing I remember before waking.

When I woke I had a very long talk with my Companion. And I continued to reject what I am suppose to do. I got very sad again and he again pointed it out to me by saying, “You are sad. You are lonely. You don’t have to be this way”. While we were talking about the upset this change would cause to my life he showed me an onion and I watched as layers and layers were being removed by some unseen person. He said to me, “Sometimes even the onion cries”.

Heart Hurt

This morning the heart energy is back but this time it seems to hurt. There is an extreme loss feeling with it but it is again wide open. My lower back hurts and I am restless again. I don’t want to be in my own home. I have an urge to go on a long vacation – alone. We have a family trip in January and I want to cancel it or find a way out, even though I am the one who planned it.  I don’t understand why I feel like this. I love my family.



12 thoughts on “Dreams: Missed Test and Egg Within an Egg

  1. kittyasmith says:

    I had such buoyant feelings on my birthday. Went to bed feeling accomplishment for acting in a lesson I needed to learn about using my voice.

    The next morning (yesterday) I seem to have lost all confidence. I did not want to go to church. But I was told I must go. The message is about Joy. Joy comes from detachment, letting go. Then I receive a message that I am to let go of my home. This is not the place for me. My attention is turned to North Florida. What is it about this place? My close friend and neighbor just informed me last month she is moving back to Tallahassee. She described what a magical place this is and the trees.
    Rev. Terry ended his homily with a task, for one week. Do not complain. Upon this assignment the news of a major upheaval in my life is dropped on my lap just to tweak it a bit.

    Okay, I will step up to the plate. But I am not going to do it alone, I expect the events to unfold in front of me, like a crying peeling onion. I will follow the path as it opens up for me, I am not whipping out a machete to cut one.

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    • Dayna says:

      I have had similar messages. This one is the most difficult by far. I don’t know much about Florida and I am not sure why we are being led there.


    • freestonew says:

      oh hi. my pen pal friend in England directs me to this site, often. I live in Tallahassee. yes, a wonderful place to live. large city things to do with a small town atmosphere. and the plants and trees and hills too.
      I first came to college here in the sixties, there now are three universities here. I was always surprised, when ever I returned, that there was no anger here! many cities I had lived in had a pervasive anger aura to them.
      I live in westminster oaks retirement community. come look at my freestone wilson Instagram for pictures of Tallahassee.
      temp now is about 80 degrees. lots of trees and possible for 75 degrees even in January.

      well I might even some day meet one of you two.

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      • Dayna says:

        Well thank your pen pal for me. I have visited the UK and know quite few people from that part of the world. 🙂

        I like that there is no anger in Tallahassee. I don’t know if that is where I will end up. We’ll see I guess.

        Good to meet your freestone. Maybe one day we will meet.


  2. Carolyn Thompson says:

    In the journey of our soul, if we embrace ascension, we must move past our present life in to a deeply spiritual life, leaving behind family and friends. For family and friends are really of this earth incarnation and to expand beyond that, well, we get asked to leave it all. It is a very important step and cannot be avoided if we wish to continue soul journey. I have nearly let go and I must truly just let go. I do not think that means we never see anyone again, it is more about our mental and emotional attachments to them we must let go. In the process, perhaps we actually deepen relationships through a renewal. It is a Masters step. Congratulations for making it this far!

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  3. Karin says:

    Oh my goodness, Dayna. I feel with you. That must be really hard.
    I get into fear already for much smaller requests, like starting a blog and doing a youtube video. So far, I have not got any big, life-changing requests from spirit, like having to move or having to leave my job. But there have been some hints for me,recently, that I might get these requests in the near future. And I am so scared of this already now, even though I don’t know yet what will be asked of me. I am trying to soothe myself, telling myself that I will never get more than I can handle and that loss is not possible for it is always replaced with something better. But it remains scary.
    I know that the journey is about losing the sense of a separate self eventually. And that includes a period of following the inner guidance, or complete surrender to the inner guidance. But, oh my, this is so scary.
    Lots of compassion to you ! And thank you so much for sharing here so frequently and openly.

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    • Dayna says:

      I will be okay. I was a overreacting a bit yesterday and I am calmer now. I have had the request to leave my job and I followed it and did not die or have major issues. In fact, my online business is steady now enough that I am confident it will continue to be so. Pretty amazing how Spirit works! Never would I have been able to trust enough in the past to quit my job and do an online business. No way! But yet I did and I can do this, too. Baby steps.

      Love to you, Karin! Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement.

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      • Karin says:

        Good to hear that your online business is running well. Hearing from others that the leap of faith turns out well is a major source of comfort for me. Thank you for sharing this.

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    • kittyasmith says:

      Karin, I want to thank you for this statement:
      “I know that the journey is about losing the sense of a separate self eventually. And that includes a period of following the inner guidance, or complete surrender to the inner guidance.”

      This really helps me. I finally followed the push Spirit gave me to drop my primary client. I soon found that another I had expected to become more active shut his business down! I have been in a weird financial limbo for almost two months. But the weird thing is there is no real fear, just wondering what next? My husband is not very happy, but I have a feeling there, too…

      Hearing that I am to let go of the home my parents built to move north (more and more I get the feeling it IS Tallahassee) was NOT welcomed news. But as I said before, I am going to watch this one develop. 🌺

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