Recent Happenings

This post is just on random things I have been noticing but have not had time to write about.


It has become clear to me that my middle child, who is about to turn 5 in January, is definitely a starchild. He Remembers and is telling us about it.

For a few weeks now he has been calling people “humans” and does not associate himself with the word “human” at all. In fact, he gets very serious about how he is NOT a human.

For example, yesterday he wanted to play with his new tent. I was telling his daddy that it was two person tent. My son said to us afterward that he wanted to sleep in it but thought he couldn’t. He said, “But it is only for humans!” My husband and I laughed and said, “You are a human”. He said, “I am NOT! I want to sleep in it but I’m not human!”. We asked him who humans were and he said, “Not me. I’m a kid”. So we assumed he meant humans = adult. He refused that explanation, too. We just let him not be a human and joined him by saying we weren’t humans either but we can sleep in the tent because non-humans can sleep in it, too. 🙂


My children keep referring to me as an alien. I finally asked why and my daughter said they were playing a game. I asked what I looked like and my son said, “You look like you but it is not really you. You put on a costume that looks like you do now”. I asked him to explain. He showed me. He said, “You put on your body, like this” and then pretended to put on a body. I laughed because he is so right! He couldn’t tell me what I looked like underneath.

Real Dreams

My middle son has been telling me about his dreams lately. He knows I “leave my body”, as does his sister, but he has never talked about his dreams. Then a few days ago he went on and on about one of his dreams. He said, “I was in our house mommy but it was empty and it was REAL! I walked around for a while and there was nothing in our house but it was REAL, mommy, real!” He continued to tell me how it was real. I asked him if he flies and told him I fly in my dreams. He said, “No, I walk I think”. I asked, “Do you have legs?” He thought really hard and said, “No. I think I float”. Bingo!

Other Comments

My daughter has been asking questions lately, too. She asked me one morning, “Mommy, what is real?” Now I know she knows the difference between real and make-believe but this was a question brought on by a conversation about ghosts. She likes to ask questions about them. We had talked a while about ghosts and then I forgot about it. Then she asked what real was. I asked her to think about it. She has not gotten back to me but I am sure she will.

Besides my children who constantly amaze me, my older sister called me yesterday. She never calls me. We had just spent time together over the holidays and had a really cool conversation about the show Ancient Aliens. She and her husband believe the same as me, which really shocked me. We had fun talking about it among other things. Then, when my sister called me, she said, “I was really attracted to your energy when we were at Mom’s house. Your energy was different. I don’t know how, but it was nice. You seemed really, really happy.” Now I didn’t have this experience at all. I was struggling with intense energy surges the whole time and kept to myself. However, when I was interacting with my family I felt really high and happy and was talking very, very fast and excited-like. I don’t know why. Maybe I am happy? What a thought.

Intense Heart Issues

One more random thing. After a week of being a sloth-person I decided to visit the gym. I go at least 4 times a week. It’s my escape and I physically push myself which is kind of like meditation for me because I can’t think when I am working out. Anyway, on the way to the gym my heart was pounding and burning through my chest non-stop. It continued while I was lifting weights and I had to cut my workout short because my heart would not stop and it sent me into anxiety/panic attack mode. On the drive home it continued but the closer I got to home, the less intense the energy until it just completely calmed down.

The thought came to me that maybe I should not be going to the gym. This is not the first time I have had this thought. This is also not the first time my heart has been crazy on the way to and during my workout. It seems to be screaming at me to not go there. But I like going to the gym! 😦



8 thoughts on “Recent Happenings

  1. mollyb111 says:

    I used to be a gym rat. Truly addicted. I’m having the same issue. I’m certain that (for me) I can’t push my physical body during these upgrades. Walking still works but my gym visits are much less.

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    • Dayna says:

      Good to know I’m not alone! 🙂 I keep being asked why I put so much into this body, though. I feel like I am being nudged to slow it down permanently and to focus on other more important things.


  2. litebeing says:

    Hi Dayna,
    I really enjoy your stories. So glad I found your blog!
    The children today are different ( I know my generation was different too…) I have a young niece who acts like she is an adult and is very emotionally intelligent. She is bold and very much an old soul. She does not use the language of a starseed or crystal child, but she seems quite evolved.

    My heart acts up so much lately, especially at night , seeming to discourage me going to sleep. I worry about having a heart attack, but realize I don’t really know the source of it. My guess is that my heart chakra is continuing to activate its opening.

    peace, Linda

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  3. […] also wanted to mention I was reading this post from another amazing wayshower, healer and dedicated blogger, Dayna Stone.  (Please check her out […]


  4. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Lovely children!! My son is out there, a starseed ? or something. He and I are very telepathic with each other. I found out he was like that when he was around 2 years old… I was vacuuming the rug and in my head complaining, and not wanting to drive to Walmart for house hold things. My son immediately turned his head as he sat on the floor playing and asked me “are we going to see my stuff?” Meaning the toy section at Walmart. Busted! I freaked out! I admitted to him the truth of it that I was thinking of not going. I wanted to ensure him he got my right thoughts. But DANG, now I thought I have NO privacy what-so-ever…. Over the years it turns out to be a wonderful thing!!! Seems out deeper and unspoken things move this way and we know.

    But I did have to curb many random thoughts about sex and negatives that I did not wish for him to experience. He also has a gift for manifestation too… if he needs it, it comes to him. I know our world is already so different due to the many types of children coming in. Thank you for sharing your stories!!!

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  5. I’ve been wanting to join a gym or do crossfit in recent years and have also always received a firm ‘no, not now’. Funny!

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