Raging Fire

The Kundalini has returned and this time with a vengeance. She is all fire this time around and not letting me wimp out apparently.

I was instructed to “anchor my energy” last night before bed. I saw what I was to do and so did it. I sat cross legged and put my hands over my heart like Bashar does and then set out anchors all around me – four of them. I was told the energy is only going to intensify and to be ready for it.

I slept well last night but it was during the night that the fire in my heart chakra spread to my lower chakras. Thankfully, I remained asleep through it all but I was lucid enough to know what was going on.

Dream: Raging Fire

It just so happens the main dream of the night had to do with fire. In the dream I was at my Mom’s house in the back yard at the exact point where I saw the UFO when I was 12 years old. There was a man who appeared to be young, maybe 14. He had  dark hair and tan skin and was either wearing a body suit or was completely naked. There was a fire all around us. I don’t recall how the fire was started but I had a part in starting it and me and the man were tending it together.

All was fine until the fire jumped to the top of a tree. I panicked and yelled at the young man to get a water hose. He smiled at me and took what seemed like a very long time to get the hose. Then he just held the hose, water barely dripping from it, and smiled at me. I felt he was taunting me in the dream and got desperate saying, “We have to put it out! We have to put it out now or it will spread!” He just kept smiling and standing there with the hose. I saw the fire spreading across the tree tops and was completely mortified.

The Fire is Alive!

Throughout the above dream and most of the night I had a raging fire in my mid-section. I could feel it moving. It felt alive and the more it moved, the more intense the sensations got. I have many memories intertwined with the fire dream of trying to satiate the energy that was moving inside me. I was not allowed, though, and recall distinctly being told this energy was different and to “leave it alone”.

To describe the energy is almost impossible. It is like burning, raging desire. I was literally squirming in my dream from the intensity of it. It was extremely raw and uncomfortable but at the same time passionate and tender.

Busy Night

When I awakened at 4am my entire lower back hurt around where my kidneys are located. My heart was still active and I had an intense energy mask around my eyes and forehead. Memories of the fire were very strong and it did not take me long to figure out what my dreams were about and what had been taking place during the night.

First off, I had visited the “ship”, the big one, the Seraphim. I recall being in a circular room with brownish-green walls. I could see panels in the walls that interlocked almost seamlessly and knew I had been in this room to be “worked on”. I don’t think anyone was actually present in this small room. It seemed like a chamber of some sort rather than a room actually. I believe the color of the walls was a reflection of whatever healing was taking place – like my current energetic imprint colored the walls.

In another memory I was joining a group of individuals. There were not many, maybe three, and they were huddled together. What is intriguing about this group is that they had no shape. Instead they were pure energy. Their energetic signatures were complementary – purple, aqua, blue. My first thought was, “They make a rainbow of indigo”. So beautiful!

There was one individual who resembled a purple or Indigo flame. He was spectacular and I was intensely drawn to him despite seeing the other two energy beings next to him. I say “Him” because I knew somehow his energy was masculine. My memory stops here, though, and I feel I was “removed” for consult.


When I awoke this morning I had an explanation of the process that I am going through. My Companion keeps telling me, “You are being reborn”. I awoke knowing this to be true. I remembered right away that in my dreams last night I was a child, probably only 7 or 8 years old. I instantly knew this is why my sense of humor has been so good lately. Children are playful and joyful and so have I been this last week despite all the strange changes taking place.

I also know that this process is the rising of the Kundalini and that it is literally burning through my blockages. I have had K energy for a while, so I am use to it, but this is unlike anything I have ever experienced. This is powerful beyond measure. I feel as if my body is being ripped apart from the inside but the “pain” is pleasant and intoxicating.

The reason I am experiencing such high high’s and then hitting exhaustion is because the amount of energy that is pouring into me right now. I can’t sit still for very long and eventually my body can’t take it and exhaustion sets in. This cycles through the day and I feel like a manic-depressive – high, low, high, low. The mania is wonderful. The lows are tolerable.

I am told I can do nothing to stop the process. I can only help it along.


I know this post is long, but I have to include this just because it is so synchronistic. Yesterday, while visiting my Mom’s, my daughter brought me a snake skin she had found on the ground right next to me. I had been in a daze, trying to somehow channel the intense energies running through me, so did not see it. She put the snake skin on my lap and said, “Look Mom, a snake lost its skin!” I saw it and was impressed but let her drop it on the ground at my feet.






6 thoughts on “Raging Fire

  1. truthcodex says:

    This is very synchronistic to my experience recently too. I know I had a dream about fire. Almost liquid fire… like lava but not. Not enough memory remained to post on it but I do remember the fire. And the energies at night have created hot sweats as well as intense spinal sensations over the last couple nights. Ahh, that Kundalini. An amazing force, it is.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. KLeigh says:

    Speaking of synchronicity; spent a large portion of the long drive interstate today contemplating the caduceus and twin snakes. 😉 Cosmic hug going out to you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] am experiencing is a full-on kundalini awakening. I actually have no doubt that is what it is after this experience the night of December 25th. I have experienced Kundalini before but it was not nearly this explosive […]


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