Beacons Activated

I finally got some sleep last night and this morning the heart fire is much less intense but still constant. When I initially awoke at 4am I was acutely aware of a change in my perception, though I could not put my finger on it. I was able to return to sleep easily.

Welcome to Ashtar

As I began to wake up the second time I stayed in the in-between for some time. Here I was approached by several smiling, familiar individuals who said, “Welcome!” One in particular looked very similar to someone I know via the internet. I could clearly see her blonde hair and cheerful smile. Her energy communicated, “friend”.

She said, “Welcome to __star!” I couldn’t hear the first half but believe she said Ashtar and I received a visual of a fleet of ships that resembled small stars clustered together. I saw the fleet in the sky cloaked behind a cloud and then shifting quickly into a formation of stars (ships).

I responded to the woman, “Thank you. Who are you?” She cheerfully said, “Bunny”. I said, “Bunny??” and put two and two together. Her name confirmed her identity for me.

Then another older blonde woman came forward and said, “Welcome!” Her hair was in layers and went down a bit past her collarbone. I saw her clearly and recognition of her brought me to full awareness briefly. Another internet connection revealed to me. Wow.

There were several men who welcomed me, too, though none stood out as familiar to me.

There Will be a Docking

I was reminded of a message I received some time ago. I was told “There will be a docking” and got the time frame of December and saw Christmas presents. I had several OBEs around that time where I saw Christmas trees and decorations and was even given a present from my Companion during one of these OBEs.

So this is the “docking”.

Beacons Activated

A flood of Memory rushed through me and I suddenly knew so much.

Beacons have been activated.

These beacons are Us – the first wave, the Wayshowers, the Lightworkers, the Starseeds, the Soldiers of Light – we have many names. The heart fire was the lighting of this beacon within me and others likes me who experienced a similar “fire”. Some experienced more intensity than others.

When the beacon was lit it opened a permanent communication channel. It will remain open. It connects us always to one another. The current connection is limited at the moment to certain members of our groups. When the others are clear enough, then they will connect also.

We are ReUniting. Isn’t it wonderful?


I experienced the communication intensely. It brought a set of instructions, though I did not see the instructions clearly until recently. It had to burn through Ego-related issues first and though these issues are not completely burned off, they have cleared substantially.

I can’t share my instructions. Sorry. I am “not permitted”. I am still receiving anyway, so they are not complete as of yet. I know enough now, though, to feel more at ease with the process. I am excited. It is finally beginning! Finally! I am wanting to shout at top of my lungs right now.

I will say that I asked where I was to relocate. Guess where? Southeastern U.S. Hahaha It was not where I expected. I saw northern Florida of all places. This makes sense, though, because my husband has a connection to Florida. What is funny is I could smell it -Florida. It smells like the ocean with a strange, earthiness. It was so pungent! I remember that smell from my many trips to Florida over my lifetime.

I will also say that our beacons effectively draw us together. Imagine our hearts lit up with a brilliant white light. Those of similar vibration will be drawn towards each other’s beacons. The pull is very strong; magnetic. This is the “summons” I felt in the beginning. We have been “Called”.

There is so, so much more but I am not suppose to share. What is funny is that there was so much before I started writing and now the prohibited information is blocked from my memory. Very cool but kind of irritating.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Edit:  After the message I got that said, “Welcome to Star” I continued to feel something was “off”. I swore I heard “fleet” with that but threw it out because I thought my conscious mind was inserting Star Trek terms. lol Anyway, in my search I stumbled upon a website involving Ashtar that finally resonates with me. In this I found that there is in fact a Solar Star Command and this is the term used now because Ashtar has been associated with the dark forces:

The Solar Star Command was previously known as the famous Ashtar Command. However, the name Ashtar Command has been assumed to be used and abused by dark forces to such an extent that the name can no longer be effectively used. It is important to know that there are many genuine Lightworkers still using the name Ashtar Command.








8 thoughts on “Beacons Activated

  1. Anne says:

    Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for this blog. I wake up every morning at 4:00 on the dot. Sometimes at 5:00 if I am lucky. Does anyone have an explanation?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Fully Resonating with the heart fire and the beacons being lit!!! It is so wonderful to share this experience with each other! ❤ Woohooo Things are really about to pick up speed!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cheers and Merry Christmas to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. kittyasmith says:

    I used to wake at 3:45, only recently I shifted to wKing st 5:30. Interesting. If you move to Florida we would be in the same state. I have felt a pull to North Florida. I am curious about that now…

    Liked by 1 person

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