If you haven’t noticed, there is an M-Class Flare hitting the Earth right now. The K-Index has been in the red for more than 24 hours now. Only just this past hour has it dipped into the yellow.

I was bragging last post about how wonderful I was feeling. Well, I’m not feeling so grand today. I have had a headache since last night when the K-Index was at a 6. I also struggled to sleep. In fact, I had been doing my nightly meditation and was brought to full awareness by my son crying. I thought, “Is it morning already?” I looked at the clock and it was closing in on 11pm which means I had only been meditating half an hour. Where did I go?? Somewhere where I was deeply engrossed in my work, that’s for sure! Ha!

There has been a strange shift in all my energy sensations since last night as well. At first it was a blazing, wide open, blissful feeling heart chakra explosion that shot up through my crown chakra – thus the happy, giddy, “I love life” feeling I was having. However, it quickly turned into a massive front forehead headache and neck ache and this morning and the heart sensations are spreading across my chest but not blazing. They are my more normal heart sensations, the kind that often send me into panic-attack mode because of the intense pull inward. My third-eye and crown are still active but the headache makes it hard to enjoy. In fact, I suspect my headache is the result of some kind of blockage of adjustment of energy in my head area.

So intense alignment in progress for me for sure.

It feels as if my Companion has gone into hiding – he says he “stepped back” to allow me to process everything and is “not allowed to interfere”. Um thanks! Why does that always happen during times when I feel I need his guidance the most??

He did appear last night, passing me a piece of paper saying, “You have a message” but I don’t have a clue what the message was. I then saw the Southeastern U.S. region and knew I would be traveling there again. Not sure why I am assigned there when I am all the way in Texas!


I will provide further data on the “reUnion” information that I keep getting. Yes, it is a “reUnion”, emphasis on the Union part. Apparently this gathering is bringing together different factions that have previously been out of contact with one another here in the physical. I have heard of similar reUnions in the past but have never reunited with anyone (that I know of ).

For me, this connecting with my group is quite a bit out of my comfort zone. I am comfortable in my little bubble. I have only one connection in the physical (who is on her way here to visit btw!) who I know is part of my group. Other than that, I am a loner, doing my “work” on my own in isolation. But now I am told this “no longer applies”. I feel a push to pick up and leave this location. It is subtle right now, suggesting a move is in the future but not imminent.

From what I can tell, others like me – perhaps members of my group only but I don’t know – will feel a “call” to join up. Not just online, though this applies as well, but in the physical face-to-face. The urges will be strong sometimes and I am told “do not be alarmed”. We do not have to act, we have free-will as you know, but I feel in these cases resistance will only create struggle and to “go with the feeling”.

So far for me I am doing okay with all this new information despite my Companion heading off to watch from a distance. I am too distracted by the intense chakra activity to get caught up in future questions.

Happy solstice energy surge everyone! Ride the wave the best you can.





14 thoughts on “ReUnion

  1. I ‘enjoyed’ a head ache and very stiff neck yesterday afternoon and evening myself, for the first time in quite awhile. Very active night, dreamwise, but nothing much stuck memory wise come morning which is normal. I find that when I need to remember something, I *do* with very little choice in the matter! 😉 I do recall an off-hand reference to some sort of marriage ceremony, someone else’s and not my own.

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  2. truthcodex says:

    So synchronistic to my dream last night… this is just. Wow. I’m half excited and half astonished. The team is reuniting. 😀

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  3. Mayra says:

    Lots of headaches and dizziness…latest dream was the union of two horses, male and female and when that process was complete it was as if the were overlapping one another…visual was so interesting😁

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  4. Mayra, NYC says:

    Twice I received a message…”When the birds fly, look up!”…first time upon waking up and the next within a dream itself…in the dream I did look up and there were many Light Ships…I became so joyful and started waving and saying hello…the excitement from the dream stood with me all day🙌…is this part of the ReUnion as well???

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  5. mollyb111 says:

    ahhh… both getting travel/relocation messages 🙂

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  6. KLeigh says:

    Been feeling ‘not all here’ like part of me is somewhere else, working on something… Blessed solstice to you… As above so below so whilst you enjoy the Winter solstice I am enjoying the Summer!! Love & hugs ❤

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  7. […] was reminded of the ReUnion message I got not long ago. There was Knowing that we were all going to come together and I had to […]


  8. […] understand of just what is meant by “ReUnion” has shifted over the last four months. December, 2015, is the first time I heard the word used by my guidance. At the time, I assumed it just meant that […]


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