Major Release and Mission Notes

I had a major release of some sort yesterday and through the night. With it came a happy, care-free feeling and a lightness that I have not experienced in some time. This began in the evening and continues this morning.

It did not surprise me when I looked on the NOAA website and found that there are active geomagnetic storms that began last night and are currently in effect. One reached a 6 on the K-Index. Here is the K-Index as taken from NOAA just now (8:52am CST):

noaa_kp_3d (1)

It is just recently that I found my energy surges and ascension-related “symptoms” tend to coincide with geomagnetic storms. I am also sensitive to gamma ray bursts. It should be no surprise that I am sensitive to these though since the Shift is directly related to such phenomenon.

Morning Messages

Upon waking at my normal 5:30am time, the messages began to inflow as is usual. I recognized that I had once again been working in my sleep, but the specifics of my activity was not revealed. I am OK with that, though, as I enjoyed the deep, restful sleep I received and do not need to be overly concerned with what my multidimensional Self is doing. I trust everything is as it should be.

On-going Adjustment and Alignment

I am in the process of a major energy adjustment. My solar plexus is the main concern. For those of you who are healers, you know then that when one chakra is blocked or needs adjustment, one or both of the chakras next to it is affected. In my case, both my sacral and heart have been off the charts with activity. In contrast, my solar plexus feels “dead”. lol


I was shown this morning an image that I immediately recognized but from where, I don’t know. It was an image of the outline of a person. I could see all the body systems, muscles, sinew, circulatory system, etc. There were four circles of energy alone each side of the human body (8 circles total). Each was of a different color and had an image inside that represented something. I don’t know what the images are, though, as I could not see them clearly. However, the colors of the circles corresponded to the chakra colors.

Above the head of the human body was a very large circle. It was a brilliant white and about three times the size of the human head. It looked like a starburst.

When I saw the image my first thought was that I needed to eat properly. I don’t know why I thought that. I was not corrected but told that the image represented me. My Companion told me I had made it to a certain level and this image represented that level. Of course, the image meant nothing to me as I have no idea what it represents other than maybe the 8 chakras I have previously written about.

I have searched the internet without success. If anyone is familiar with this image, please let me know.

Mission Notes

I was reminded of my mission, though I cannot relate it in words other than knowing that I am currently on track and will be expanding my “range”. There was special reminder to not be distracted; to stay focused on my present-time, karmic duties. This, of course, is my family and roles therein. There are karmic connections here, which I recognize, as well as lessons I have agreed to learn.

At the same time I am in a period of expanding my reach, at least that is the best way to explain it. Currently there is not much I am doing in this direction. However, I have this strong urge to connect to others with a similar purpose.

Finally, I was reminded that there is soon to come a great reunion of sorts. A reunion with my “family”. A reunion or gathering to prepare. For what? I am not sure. There comes with this “reassignment”. In many cases this means physical movement from one’s current physical strategic location. In other cases there is movement in other dimensions which does not directly affect one’s physical location. I feel a great anticipation of this gathering, but I doubt I will remember it for it will be happening in another dimension. Maybe I will get a glimpse of it.

So for those of you feeling the energy, the purges, the alignment, and/or the anticipation, know I am feeling it, too. We are all in this together.







9 thoughts on “Major Release and Mission Notes

  1. truthcodex says:

    There is an anticipation for what’s to come. It feels like it’s been building and building… like a wave growing and beginning to crest as it approaches a beach. I feel ready for whatever it is. But I still can’t say what it is.

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  2. tamyrah54 says:

    Perhaps it is related to the soul star chakra, the image you saw above your head. I too received a message Saturday morning regarding Union. These are some intense and exciting times.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been feeling it. I wanted to share with you what comes to mind when you spoke of the circles in your energy field. Im not sure if you’re familiar with the Group of Forty, or David K Millers teachings of the Arcturians? He has created a new planetary tree of life that is now called the arcturian tree of life and its a very helpful tool for us here. Wanted to link you to the picture in case you found it helpful. You can also see it on but Im not sure if you get complete access to the information if you’re not a member.

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  4. Kitty says:

    I too, felt like the soul star is the light above the crown.

    I have been drawn to you since I first found your blog. It is a feeling like you have cleared this path and if I follow you I will understand more quickly. Often your descriptions are very familiar to me, but I have not yet had any dream messages that I can relate or remember.

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