Shifting into 5D: What it Looks Like

I have so much to share with you all this morning! However, I am unsure how to format all of the information I received. I feel about ready to explode from what I have Remembered!

I am told to start slow so here it goes.

Shifting into 5D: What it Looks Like

Without going into my specific experiences which would be rather lengthy, I will break it down for you.

I am being allowed to glimpse my progression from 3D to 5D. Though far from complete, it is manifesting in me certain “symptoms” for lack of a better word.

Enforced Amnesia

For lack of a better description, enforced amnesia is a phenomenon I am experiencing and have been experiencing for some time now. It is escalating in intensity and becoming quite confusing to me. I experience it like this:

  • Lost dreams and conversations from dream-time. It is like they are plucked from my mind as soon as I recognize they are there. I am then left with complete amnesia. There is no way to locate even a smidgen of what was there. When it first happened it scared me and left me disoriented. Now it is not as disruptive and only causes me to feel disappointment for the loss.
  • Sudden loss of memory and connection to my current life. Usually memory is accessible but as soon as I try to locate what anchors me to this life (emotions which sustain and connect me to relationships within this lifetime) it seems inaccessible. This often startles me but this is immediately calmed by an inner Knowing.
  • Not recognizing myself when I look in the mirror. This is sporadic and accompanied by a feeling of being a stranger in my own life. I At the same time I am fascinated by my “new” face and inspect it with a new appreciation. This has only happened twice so far (thankfully).

I am told that the amnesia is the result of a change in frequency. My human brain is unable to process this frequency as of now and so the amnesia is the result. It is like tuning into a radio station using old, outdated equipment. My brain is in the process of being upgraded but this takes time and until then these amnesiac episodes will continue.

Shifting Timelines

As a result of moving into 5D I have gained the ability to shift into different timelines. Though this is a new phenomenon to my human consciousness, I am told this is nothing new and quite accessible to anyone who has reached this frequency level.

In fact, shifting into these different timelines is in essence what it means to shift into 5D.

Thus far, I have not retained memory of doing this but have instead been reminded and shown in visions (like a return of memory) by my  Companion Traveler. This new form of accessing memory is what I have been told will be my norm until the necessary upgrades to my physical body have been completed. My Companion is my direct link to 5D until I can establish it on my own.

Here is the process of shifting timelines and accessing 5D as I was shown:

A Link is established – I was shown several steps. The first is establishing a link. This was shown to me as a type of consciousness “jump” in which I shed layers of energy. It appears like shedding skin or taking off layers of clothing.

Travel to Relay Stations – This is hard to explain and really does not transfer well to human consciousness. However, the way I interpret it is travel to a spiritual hub where there is a group awareness of consciousness. When I arrive I link in to the consciousness, finding similar vibrations to my own and then move out from this hub towards a group destination. It appears like a massive, swirling, ball of colors and energy. There are lines of different colors – pink, blue, green, yellow, white – all swirling together in a great energy ball. These colors then stretch out along energy lines across space and time. These are like highways on which we travel. We are tuned into our specific “road” and so do not go off course.

Destination -From the Relay Station one moves onto other destinations. Some will have just one while others will go to multiples destinations. These destinations appear like balls of consciousness until one “arrives”. Once there, these consciousness swirls condense and separate into specific “locations” from which the individuals focus on their assigned task(s). I am told that these locations are the “vessels” or ships as identified by many who have brought back memories of their journeys to these destinations. The human brain cannot comprehend the experience and thus translates it into something identifiable and familiar.

Share to Expand Understanding

I was told that I am allowed to bear witness to my own transformation in order to help expand understanding of what it means to shift into 5D. There are many channeled messages out there which vaguely define 5D, yet there are not many actual accounts of experiences of such transformation. I am being allowed access to what, for most, is  behind-the-scenes information. Many, many are going through this transformation but are not consciously aware of the specifics of the process. They know the generalities and the impressions and images left in their human consciousness. I was shown that the “ships” or “space craft” are such impressions. These are not actual physical objects in space.

What I am being allowed to retain is the experience of my multi-dimensional self and the multiple timelines that exist. It is quite amazing and extraordinary. I was told much of it is beyond the reach of my limited human mind in understanding at this time. This makes me wonder if it will be something within my grasp at a later date. I guess we will see.

I will share my specific experience from last night in my next post.




9 thoughts on “Shifting into 5D: What it Looks Like

  1. truthcodex says:

    That’s awesome! Definitely keep us posted. 😀

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  2. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    Thank you, for those discouraged by timelines, remember you can shift them.

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  3. Zarah says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this! 🙂 The “relay station” sounds like what the Arcturians say about the Arcturian Corridor … a place where people going to and from other places can meet and exchange information. When I dreamed about this years ago, I saw it as something like a giant train station, or a place where you could purchase tickets and get information about travel destinations.

    The memory loss phenomenon is something I have experienced too recently. both with dream recall (exactly as you describe it everything is just wiped out as soon as I start waking up) and with stuff from everyday life. When I try to “remember” it I just can’t. Then later it comes back. It feels as if we will get the information in the Now, when we need it. But it’s a bit hard if you have appointments and have to reply to e-mails … I hope I will not miss anything. It’s definitely a shift that takes some getting used to.

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  4. Karin says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing!
    The memory loss has been mentioned in Adyashanti’s book The End of Your World. He wrote that many of his students had themselves checked for Alzheimer’s. It was so disturbing to them. But they didn’t have Alzheimer’s.
    It is also mentioned in an account in Sally Bonger’s Everyday Enlightenment. It seems that there is a loss of memory, and it seems scary, but some synchronicities will always make sure that the important tasks are being taken care of. This particular account was by someone working as a nurse in a hospital and it was vital that she did not forget to give the patients medication in time. So, the higher power of Source takes care of everything. I hope that eases the worries a bit.

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    • Dayna says:

      Interesting about the memory loss. This is the first I have heard of it in relation to ascension. I guess it makes sense, though, as we become more present-oriented and tuned in. Thank you once again for the book references. My list is getting longer. 🙂

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      • Karin says:

        I realize you probably have little time for books.
        But there are some links when you google memory loss and enlightenment or memory loss and ascension.
        Lightworkers call it ascension. Seekers from the non-duality department call it enlightenment.

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      • Dayna says:

        Kind of ironic that enlightenment would mean you lose your mind when I always considered that it meant you gained more understanding. lol

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